Month: December 2004

“It Cant Rain All The Time”

First and foremost:

Went to Megs the other night, good times, good hugs, good people. Dint bring my camera so I dint snap any shots, but I can tell ya the next time I do, I will packin and snappin with this handfull of purestyle. That’s right homies, the next photos you see will be completely ass-shattering compared to those takin by this hunka junk. I suggest you take a step back and try to take that in before you keep reading…

Night before Meg’s I went (R)ollin around town in (R)andys (R)egal, creepin up hills at drive-by speed, bumpin all kinda crazy beats from his trunk fulla twelves and watts. Tinted windows, body black as night, a growl of pistons and cylinders enough to give anyone a fright. So we made our rounds around 94402 and got back to my place, giving Randy jus enough time to get on my computer, and work on his dumb myspace, all the while I was strummin my 6 – stringclosin my eyes while slipped away”. Yeh and before I could slip anymore, Randy had busted the shit outta my desk, so I type this to you now with my keyboard on my lap and mouse on my knee, thanks Randy.

Forgot to mention we got a dog in the family now. Now before I go any further, what kind of dog comes to mind when you think of “dog”? More importantly, what kind of dog do you think I would end up with? Wull before your head combusts from that surge of suspence, I’ll jus tell ya, I got a poodle. That’s right, I..own a poodle. Does that make me any less of a man? Maybe. Does it mean estrogen will soon consume me? Probably. All I know is I gotta walk this little ball of curl, and watch it sleep on my bed. It’s a she, and the name “Tina” had been given to her sometime within her life (shes 6) so I can quote Napoleon Dymanite freely now :D. If you don’t understand that last sentence, you deserve to feed my poodle.

Oh by the way, NBHQ is on its new host goin hard, with 5 gigs of space to move around and 100 gigs to dish out to the fans. I’ve already done a lot of updating to the radio in particular, adding a buncha songs, added the Facts and Phobias sections, both great time killers. I updated the music picks section and put in my current song of choice. It’s all good I sware. Well thats all for now, I gotta go pet my poodle. Enjoy my stuff.

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What’d You Get For Christmas?

I think I scored this year, raked in a buncha loot! I got: this windup bug thing that spits out sparks when it crawls over stuff, I got strangling kit that I can use to work out I guess, and a bigass ball that I can use while gettin tangled up in myself. I got little tiny board games that use magnets so jus in case I fall off my ball, my pieces wont fall! Got Meet the Parents DeeBeeDee that I can watch while chewing one of four types of gum. I got that my zia stole from her office, maybe I can use those on my Mach V! Who knows? Either way I got the biggest stocking you’ll ever see.

After the last present was opened and the last curly Q was hurled on the floor we all left for the Hyatt hotel for a X-Mas brunch. I don’t know why I brought my camera, I’m sure people thought I was some kinda poor white trash in awe of the lush surroundings, but whateva, at least I didn’t try to sneak some melon balls home in my pocket. Food was good, made my Uncle lick his chops and my gramma enjoyed it too. All the while my zia was talkin into her imaginary microphone. So on the way out I was helpin my gramma down the escalalor when I took a second look at those little brissel things that kinda line the botton of it. I was jus wondering what the hell those are for. Are they to clean your feet? Are they super cool noicemakers? I may never know! So if one of you fools knows what it is, be sure to comment and tell me.

Got home, my uncle hadda belly fulla brunch so he tooka nap on my gramma’s shoes. So I ‘d say it was a good Christmas, had it’s moments, my uncle napped, I sat, I stood, I can’t believe I dint have to use my A.K., today was a good day.

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An Evening With Mr. Campilango

Went with my family into the city to go see Jim Campilango play at Bruno’s. Pretty weird place, one of the strangest menus I’d ever seen, I still no idea what the hell a “Maque Choux” and I’m not totally sure if I ate it or not either, the water was fantastic though :P. Took a while for the food to come, the plates kept shinin in my eye. Seeing Jim play was definately one of the high points of the week, watchin a guy play a guitar with such finesse, watchin his fingers glide from chord to chord, instills a image that I want to aspire to someday become. Anyway I was havin a good time watchin em play until this guy comes and stands in front of me. Why did the only guy taller than me in the whole place hafta come stand in fronta me? Hmm? This guy had to be like 6’8″ / 6’9″ easy, not big tall, kinda giraffey-tall. Whatev, I got to hang with Jim for a sec after the show and I met his parents too.

So after the show, bout midnite my dad and I hit up the studio and put on a lil show of our own he was pluckin the bass while I did some funky guitar work. Was fun, this poster made me laugh, and so did this, oh and this was cool too.

Sites been doin good, got more than 1.5 million hits this month, over 20,000 uniques, and the javascript errors were fixed thanks to my good bud Gerry from new York, and I added alotta content. Well thats that, merry christmas em effers.

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Hard Rock Livin

Got my first night of real sleep last night, all the rest didn’t count, this morning was a different morning because I counted it. One down. Hard rock music is how I’m feelin today, give me the tones, feed me H.I.M. and Finch is a good band. I got up pretty early and ate some shitty cheerios for breakfast in one of those dwarf boxes. Washed it down with some Chrys. Ruffles himself came over this mornin sportin his third car inna month. This onesa popo mobile complete with eight cylinders and a cool blue coord thingy and hard beat. Too bad he crashes all his cars, and almost ran me over when I tried to take a pic of em. Pretty sweet ride though, luxury interior, illegal tinted windows jus like Randy’s.

So yesterday, my pops picked me up to go to Hitwall so I could rock the guitar lika mutha fuckin killer. He slapped the bass around while I made my six string cry out loud. Got a nice lil session in before another band came in and gave us dirty looks for using their amps :P. Anyway I wasn’t about to get in a fight with a guy who speaks fluent klingon and probably carrys a phaser so we got outta there. Oh wanna hear somethin funny? My dad went through a carwashatta gas station, and halfway through it a chunk of bumper fell off. Pretty funny huh? Oh and his antanne snapped off too, hah frickin hah. Well if that dint make your serious ass laugh, maybe this pic of my cousin will.

Oh and also, ya know how I’ve been goin to the gym almost nightly with Eebs? Well the only reason I get it is because he flashes his card real quick and tells em I’m his brother Grant. So I try to kinda keep my head low and not make eye contact with the guys at the desk and get into the lockerroom ay-sap. Wull that worked for almost 2 weeks till last night, one of the new fucks musta looked Grants pic up on the computer and asked “Whens your birthday Grant.” Busted as fuck, had to pay the TWENTY DOLLAR guest fee, which I still owe him. Aint…thatta..bitch. Jus thought I’d share.

Now if you’ll notice on the right side of the site where it says how many people are online, its been over 100 almost all day peaking at almost 200. If your wondering what thats from, its the fact that our shoebox system section was featured on the legendary CollegeHumor. That also put NBHQ over the 1,000,000 hits mark. Ahhta way! Until next time bitches. Merry Christmas ya filthy animals

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