Month: December 2004

Ba Rumpa Bum Bum

Today is officially the first day of our winter break, and there are officially five days till Christmas! Hope everybody is havin good times with friends and family, and not spending time readin this :D. I got to sleep at 2 last night and woke up energized at nine. Kinda odd hmm? Well I got a lot of work done on the site, got the Nostalgia section up and updated the music picks section after months of collecting dust. Erected the new Shoebox Systems page, which is some pretty crazy shit Pinky and his bro came up with. Archives are up, so now you can go check out every post I’ve made since September 2003! The Radio got some new tracks that I highly suggest you give a listen cause they’ve been keepin my eyes a-ringin fer days and days. I jus found the photos from my Summer Tahoe Trip, so if you dint see em when I put em up the first time, check em out now. Notice how my hair was super straight? And normally its…not…That’s the Tahoe altitude baby…altitude. If you’ll notice on the right hand side I added a little drop down menu thingy for my buddies who are sportin those super cool xanga/livejournal pages so if I forgot yours lemme know by e-mailin me at [email protected]

Oh and one more thing, I finally made some linkback buttons that kinda match this layout, I show them to you now:

So if your looking to affiliate with me ( and I am always looking for new cool sites to plug ) hit this page up. And sign my puckin guestbook ya little jerk!.

I’m off to Boston Market for a homecooked meal, gym later tonight, chill session with the fellas maybe on the menu as well. Shabat Shalom mother fuckers.

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Picture Me Rollin

Hands tick not and this time stands still
The arms stay stiff, I think this clock is ill
The moon shines bright but this night is dead
Movie still plays but I can’t picture the frames ahead
The weight is heavy and it strains the soul
Path is clear and yet I strain to see the goal

Well I’ve seen better weeks, but I’m still here keepin on keepin. Better than keeping, I feel revitalized and refreshed witha renewed interest. Past few months have been foggy with bad scoobies, and this break jus parted the clouds. I think I’m finally snappin out of a lotta shit that held me back and pulled me away from the people I love a lot. So now all I can say is, sorry for the bullshit and thank you to all of my buddies and girlies who were there to dish out the free hugs. Everything seems to be gettin better, gotta jus step back and watch the stars shoot I guess.

So anyway I’m sure your all wondering jus what it is I am up to these winter days. I been keepin busy, running like crazy, probably 12 miles in the last 2 days, lifting with Matty at his rich people’s gym. Went cruisin with my number one partner in crime Randy in his superfly ride, bumpin beat, rollin around town watching people scurry back inside their houses. Stopped off at our old friend Brendon Beck’s pad who’s in town for a few weeks till he goes back to Canada for his hockey school. Now I don’t know if any of you guys remember this cat, but he hasn’t changed a bit, genuine cool guy, grew a bittle lit and still has all his teeth.

The other day after a doc apointment I was walkin up the street to grabba coffee when I saw three modest older ladies huffin and puffin trying to get their furniture off the moving truck and into their new place. So I offered my assistance and made a few trips with a few couches and loveseats up some stairs. No biggie it only took like 20 minutes and the coffee would stay hot. So anyway as I was bidding my adou and wishing the best for em, one of the ladies reaches in her purse and INSISTED I accept twenty big ones. Yeh homie, 20 bucks for twenty minutes of voluntary services, hell yes. I don’t know why I mentioned that but I was one of the more interesting parts of my day.

I went to a interesting party the other night with Mattyboy, it was more of an all male get together to eat hotpockets and watch The Might Ducks on VHS and I’ll admit I was skeptical upon arrival. I didn’t know many of the fellas cause they all went to Serra which as we know is an all sausage population. Anyway all skepticism diminished after about 30 minutes into the movie when the guys were adding in their own commentary and hoots and hollers in tribute to Emilio Estevez. Goes to show ya how even the hottest of hotpockets can make you slap your knee.

So as I’m reading this post over I realize that you must be a little disapointed that this is all ya get after my five or however many days of absence I had. Wull shioi it is about 2 in the morning and I hadda busy day so you jus gotta let me let u let yourself love me and my post. But I do have a lot of content that I wanna put into the site and I also plan on buying a new host right after new years so the site will be hella faster and more spacious. So if I were you and believe me I would love to be, jus keep checkin in daily cause believe me I do plan on posting everyday again over the break and blieve that they wont be as shitty as this one. But heres a stupid funny ass pic to laugh at and a large assortment of links too:

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Scotty Dont!

Live no more that is, as the jury voted that he be be put to death on the 17th I believe. Take a look at the crowds reaction! I don’t know man, what would you do if you were on that jury? I’d shoot for the life sentence, cause a lifetime of guilt jus seems just for sucha horrific crime. But I cause the death penalty is kinda like the fast lane version of the life sentence. Whatever meng, I wouldn’t be laughin if I were the guy, thats fer damn sher:

Heres a log of me and Pinky commentating over the issue at hand:
[22:26] Stephan: why in fucks name is he smiling
[22:26] KING nicky KID: seriously
[22:26] KING nicky KID: fuckin asshole
[22:27] Stephan: dude
[22:27] Stephan: the last time cali killed somone was in 78
[22:27] Stephan: death now is just like lif
[22:28] Stephan: sept for less privliges in the prison
[22:28] KING nicky KID: i think life in prison would be way worse
[22:28] KING nicky KID: fuckin
[22:28] KING nicky KID: scottys asshole would be in constand danger
[22:28] KING nicky KID: cause
[22:28] KING nicky KID: hes the asshole who killed a god damn fetu
[22:28] KING nicky KID: s
[22:28] KING nicky KID: with malice intentions
[22:28] KING nicky KID: abortion is diff
[22:28] KING nicky KID: cause
[22:28] KING nicky KID: theree gods
[22:28] KING nicky KID: seriously
[22:28] KING nicky KID: if i get rich
[22:28] KING nicky KID: imma donate to planned parenthood
[22:29] KING nicky KID: but not that much
[22:29] KING nicky KID: cause ill be greedy
[22:29] KING nicky KID: and rich
[22:29] Stephan: yes
[22:29] Stephan: yes you will
[22:30] Stephan: but dude
[22:30] Stephan: the deatth penalty is just like life in prison
[22:31] Stephan: well actually i think life would be worse
[22:31] Stephan: because hed be a bit free-er in the prison
[22:31] Stephan: so it woul dbe like running backwords throw a corn field
[22:31] KING nicky KID: 😛
[22:31] KING nicky KID: that’s a shitty life
[22:32] Stephan: i still think the gaurds will like
[22:32] Stephan: have like little 15 minute “go for it” sessions
[22:32] Stephan: get as many dongs in as possible in fifteen minutes
[22:32] Stephan: lol
[22:32] Stephan: and no one will care if he complains
[22:33] KING nicky KID: oh god that’s gross
[22:33] Stephan: lol
[22:33] Stephan: very possible thoguh
[22:33] KING nicky KID: ey
[22:33] KING nicky KID: imma post this online
[22:33] KING nicky KID: lol

Well Kairon drew that for me about a week ago and I had misplaced it until now, I think it’s pretty straight to tell you the truth, kinda reminds me of Batman.

That’s all I have to say, heres a couple of links:

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Bada Bing

Tremendous is my word of the day, my dad was late pickin me up to go runnin which was cool cause I got squeeze in a few more hours of zees. You can click here to check out the pics of the run. We went pretty close to home behind a bunch of hotels and across from an airport. Ran through the ruins of an old drive in movie theatre and across this bridge. Nice run.

On the way back from our run, my pop’s belly tank was runnin on empty and he had to stop at jack in the crack for nourishment, funny thing was how he paid for it. So while he was buyin his .99 crap sammiches, I was next door at the ol donuts and chinee food place countin my pennies for a cuppa coffee in the mean streets of downtown mateo. Anyway this is my expression after tasting that coffee, up until today I didn’t know you could brew ass. Whatever man I still got my nuts.

So remember how I said my computer crapped out last night? Yeh well it din’t talk me long to figure out that the power supply was to blame so I got over to Fry’s and picked up a flippin sweet 430 watt replacement, with dual fans and all that crazy jazz. Got the job done and I’m back online aren’t I?

Well since this week is gonna be dead week, I’m not plannin on doin much aside from makin time for my girl cause she’s gonna be spendin her christmas with her family in West Virginia so I’ll be sugahless this Christmas. Anyway, I’m hot and stinky so imma hit the shower, go and sign my flippin guestbook!

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