Month: December 2004

Global Fruitball, Big Sodas, Scary Chainsaw Movies, and Ping Pong

My boy Jeff made this for me in math class, kids pretty handy with writing utensils:

Fruitball, the badass game that started a revolution, finally, the gap between produce and athletics was filled! A new sport, for the people, by the people, using the people’s fruit! Well it’s gettin big now baby, rearry big. We are now featured on Alldumb, Jaggle, and TTR2 which are all pretty bigass sites. See?. So basically we got like 150 thousand more hits overnight, and I’m predicting more. Wowee!

Headed over to Eberts house last night for a little late night pong ping with the fellas. Well that shit was shortlived, Mattyboy went chasin after some female tail shortly after my arrival, and that was that. Took the remainin fellas back to my place, sipped on dis, watched the old version of Texas Chainsaw, and than they passed out. Thats that.

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Mornings with Maury

Stayed home again today, I really didn’t need to, I think my mom wanted to sleep more than me, whatever im not complainin. I called my dad up round noon, told em it was a snow day and school was closed. He bought it, and we headed to the recording studio my pops rents out. Good times, some homeless dude yelled at us from across the street, said my “boots needed to be filled right away,” I thanked him for the kind reminder and headed in. The coolest thing about the studio is that we get to use all the other people’s stuff without them knowing, so I was killin shit on my dads telecaster and some dudes fatty marshall, and hell yeh I played Voodoo chile on the wah wah.

Well I came through on some of the site upgrades I promised all ya’ll jive turkeys, click here for the brand spankin new guestbook and click here to sign it. Also I added a buncha new tracks to the Radio tracks like all six from the Linkin Park / Jay-Z record, among other things. Well I hope you find this random creation by Nick M. to be to your liking:

Random topic: Does anyone know of a website, or local vendor that pumps out custom bumper sticker / t-shirts? Like if I make the design, they poop it out onna shirt? That’d be great if you do, comment if you do, comment if you don’t.

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Leaky Beek

No school for me today, woke up with a drool soaked pillow, and yellow snot encrusted on both nostrils. I woke up at 7:56 and went back to sleep until 2:30, woke up tired with a headache, tried to wash it down with somma that good ol Cafe D’vita but it nagged on. Iono what I got, but it’s one big kick in the ass.

Anyway, I updated the Runs section with pics and commentary on both the Portola run, and the Run to the far side that I did last weekend. Speaking of running, this condludes my second consecutive day without a run, maybe tommorow? I don’t know Davey…I don’t know.

I did a little tinkering with the way the news is spit out, kidna nice how it fits the spot right? Kinda makes the comments look kinda sloppy though, whatever, function over cosmetics. Oh by the way, you guys need to comment more, for chrimany sakes, 10’000 different people go to this site every month and I cant get more than 2 comments a post? Whats the deal ya little mutes?

Well tommorow’s Thursday, which means it’s practically Friday, and my first items on the neverending site agenda would be including a buncha new tracks on the Radio, maybe installing a new guestbook, among other things. Thats that than.

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