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In an effort to satisfy the innate affinity one has to scan through stacks of photos in hopes in catching a glimpse at their own narcissistic mug I have spent the lamer part of 2 hours coding and tagging in the gallery to bring you : 

With this lil beaut you can simple stick your name in the gallery search field, take for example, the pink one himself : – that mofo shows like like 200 times so chances are you are too. Have a go.

Yo Quiero Mexico Ese! – Beach Mishaps – & More

I’ve been meaning to share my opinion on Mexico for some time now, you guessed it you little brats…todays the day. First second and thirdly for all…Mexico is the shit. Period. No, I’ve never been there, nor have I studied the countries history in dept, but yes I have eaten more burritos, enchiladas, tamales, and quesadillas than I can count in Spanish. Every Mexican fella and chica I’ve ever met have been good people, and wont someone PLEASE think of the tamales? So effing bueno.. Oh and Horchatas? Don’t even get me started on dem; creamy cinnamini nectar of the gods! Holy smokes! And the marioches? Latin tunes? It really doesn’t get that much better, I mean sure we got some funky shit in thats in our own native tongue but we don’t have Eddie, the salsa freak. All that said, let it be forever known that I endorse Mexico…pinches.

This would be the first post I’ve made since returning to school since our spring break days, and boy howdy, it was definately super dooper seein everyone schlappin hands with my bloods and mah crips. Now some argue that our fellow Aragonians (schoolmates) aren’t all they’re cracked up to be, I myself, I got love for everyone at our school, and even some from your school too, there is plenty to do in San Mateo, California and dontcha ferget it. Please excuse / disreguard that ramble.

Last Sunday was supposed to be a big beach get together in Pinky’s hometown of Pacifica, suppose to see a fair amount of lads and lades show, supposed to be a nice time round the fire with some S’mores cookin on sticks and what not..What we arrived with was a backseat full of ladies chompin at the bit to chew on some delicious graham-chocolate-mallow goodness, one crazy ass kelly, a miho, and charizard. The beach was cold, made my nose runn fast, made me run and hide in the car, made me laugh when Natalie dug hole tryin to start a fire on a coldass beach. However, a note, for future reference, raw S’mores aint too dang shabby, and Note #2: Natalie sucks at fire starting, and Eeb’s has people skills. Thats all I have to say about that. Oh and Emily fuggin ripped my chin off cause she was really pissed.

As I post this today, Thursday the seventh day of April the two thousand fifth year, let it be known that it was a little bit of a no good very bad piece of shit day. It started with the aching of a skull, continued with the unknown exposure of the fly, and onto jacking on my lunch and ALL the way to fiff period when I got no less than SIX days of em effing detention. Before I go on, I must give a prelude to this re-god-damn-diculousness…I gots the weight lifting class 4th period right? Before lunch it is, and ya’ll know I be pushin mad iron over my head and offa my chest so proper hydration is essential in sustaining an optimal workout knaw mean? So everyday I come equipped to schoo with my gallon jug of wah wah and gate-rade and down dat shiot like it’s foliage to Grant. Needless to say I gotta empty my piss gun every so often so I don’t drown in my own bodidly secretions, so I gotta badger my teaches to go to the jon. I ask my fiff period meng to go pretty much on the norm, he usually grants such a request but I guess he left his midol back in the Miata and left me denied and ridden with the dreaded pee shivers. Anyway, my testicular fortitude took over and I strolled outta class whether the raggin teacher liked it or not, it was either that or an afterschool trip to the mall to buy new pants…I come back in and bang bitch…6 days of detentions? I ask you, now…my peoples…comment on this one, should I serve these sons-a-bitches?

I haven’t quite gottan ALL of the content back up yet but I got some of the important shit up; AIM icons are up, heck, I even got some new ones up. The April Fools MySpace page can be accessed and two more brilliant motion pictures in the Videos section. 1. Storytime with Shrek ( 6.8 mb ) and 2. Pooping Joe ( 1.9 MB )

Hey? Six Days and Seven Nights Anyone? Cmere 😉

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Spring Break ’05

Oh how I missed you all so very much! Spring break set a new standard for what is “the shit” and what quite frankly…no longer is. Example? beer pong is the shit, bobbing for diet A&W inna tub full of ice…no longer is. But I’ll get back to that..Now how many of you can say that you and your buddy fuckin tripped it a buncha hours and even more miles to Cal Poly to stay wiff his brudda and his frat fellas? Cause…I can say that. Musta been about five or six hours my ass was lucky enough to plop down on Eebsies heated, reclinable, leather seats in his smooth sailin vehicle. Ten CD’s and two Double-Doubles later we arrived at the SAE house and were greeted with quite a view not to mention this chilled out herbivore that goes by Grant. Lotta shallow days and hollow night spent at this pad, video games were played, bombass steak was eaten, and Eebs and I both got to know Brooke the dog. Oh yeh, they had a goat in the backyard too. AND an outside couch that pictures were takin on, hell, Eebs got one in as well. That’s really all the photos my conscience will permit me to put up, we got reps to uphold knaw mean? Let the imagination soar on that one 😉

Onwards to Santa Barbara, home of the sexy ass beaches and very laid back bicycle riders (as oxymoronic as that sounds). There we stayed with Eeb’s sister, in her amazin abode that she was inhabited by her fellow sorority sisses. They didn’t have a goat or anything but they get to walk in their backyard every morning and look out onto this. Santa Barbara seems to be a hellova place, did I mention the beaches? and Matty boy got down jus about every night but our biggest night had to be the Santa Barbara Houseparty…It went like this: two keggers chilled by Mr. Kegorater, mucho sausage, females looked like they were facing extinction cause I only saw a couple, and by a couple I mean one and two. I forgot to catch anyones name at that fiesta..but by the end of the night they had all heard of Brady and Eebs, the rugby playing Yale students visiting family in Santa Barbara. I made buddy buddies with terminator, these guys, jesus, these bias, shit man, even made frisky with Eebs himself. I duwanna list anymore peopole so I wont. Few hours into the wild and crazy rumpus we departed and made our many unfaltering steps down the street, past the bob marley house, stopped so Eebs could water a bush, and took a picture mid-sneeze. 4:30 rocked and rolled around, our bellies ready to foam back up any minute, so we fell asleep in the car. End of story. Morals? Park close.

Got home last night and took immediate advantage of my newfound bronzey glow and headed over to my ol pal Sasha’s, she’s the one who was rockin the soda filled ice tub, dint stay too long, in fact…I kinda jacked some of her guests and brought em back to my place for popcorn and lemonade. Room was pretty full but we made do. Natalie made an appearance too, with her busted ass cholar bone. Buncha the ladies threw together some flyass fan signs, Melissa made one, Natalie did one, and even this girl did one (whos name escapes me..)

Oh by the way did you happen to notice the April Fools MySpace page? Eh, eh? :D. Good junk eh? Jeez some of you fools take some shit hella seriously, I got about four assloads of e-mails from my most concerned of viewers and angered bias who swore to never come back to NBHQ and even some creepy emo fools who wanted to swap pics. Ixnay on the emo trash, thanks anyways. Love and peace sweethearts.

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Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, I Cant Rhyme, Neither Can You

Happy Valentines days you stupid jerks! Up until this year this is a holiday that has always been dreaded by yours truly, this year was an exception got some very wonderful cards from some very wonderful people, the candy gram that never reached its destination made it all happen though ;). “I wanna get you flowers, buy you a garden, I wanna give you the sky to dive in” that’s for that special one :). Plus nobody I know got killed in South Central, LA, today was a good day.

Ok so before I get carried away with some holiday, lemme jus ask you this: Are you ready to rock? Cause I am mutha fucka! So after my late afternoon powernap, I was jus chillin with my dog while chatting with hot babe online, so much so that it made me glow! Anyway, pausing the babe chatting, I had to get ol tina equipped to handle the rain! I gotta say, she looks pretty damn funny inna poncho, iono why she got so pissy

So the Grammy’s eh? Ehhhhh?? Yall see my boy Kanye jack all those trophies? Did you see when he grew wings? How many red bulls? And me and Eebs are in agreeance that he gave the most badass acceptance speech of all time “People askin me what I would do if I didn’t win this year…I guess we’ll never know.” Whatta savage beast! And I know you all saw mi amigos, the Los Lonely Boys, and I’ve been tellin you they’re good, and did I lie? NO! And if you are still denyin their greatness…than tenemos carne…

Man no one drinks more water and more milk than me..I go through 24 packs of agua weekly! Gallons of milk..cause thats how the big boys do it, strong bones, and watery bellys. It’s very possible that I may be craving this because I might be pregnant…im 16 years late! 🙁 …Anyway this is turning out to be one of those weird posts I spit out every once and a while..dunno if it’s a good thing or a bad thing. Humm, you guys can send me an e-mail at if you have some kinda cool thing you want me to post, or put on the site somehwhere..I gotta few ideas up my pants but not many, send me an e-mail bia. And Sign the guestbook, after you comment of course :).

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