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Look to the Clouds

In an effort to satisfy the innate affinity one has to scan through stacks of photos in hopes in catching a glimpse at their own narcissistic mug I have spent the lamer part of 2 hours coding and tagging in the gallery to bring you : 

With this lil beaut you can simple stick your name in the gallery search field, take for example, the pink one himself : – that mofo shows like like 200 times so chances are you are too. Have a go.

New Hostz0rs

host guard
Got ourselves on a freakin new host, so say goodbye to slowass load times & hours of downtime and hello to everything zen and lovely.  Do please give time for normalcy to ensue, and besides, you got HOURS left of summer so go to your county fair and spend too much money on shit you dont need.

Some More Loyalty

If you wanna be on the frontpage here and be seen by a quadrillion people, shoot me an e-mail with a pic of you and your nbhq sign somewhere to

Real post tommorow…

NBHQ Shirts

The first batch:

More to come soon, many thanks to the artist K Dubb

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