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Butt Touching

tallfucks The NBHQ-cam made it’s way to the Aragon High School campus the other day, captured the incredible flying douschebag, not to mention an overly sedate Kyle thanks to his new whiteout habit which all the kids call “DubWhite.” Heartbreaking. This pic right here is what I think back to my bros in high school when I’m eighty and livin like Hef and what not.

Word on the streets is that my boy K-Dubb is gonna design the new NBHQ shirts, yeah I’ve seen what they’re gonna like, and yeh your torso is gonna beg to be covered with em. Please belee dat. Soon as K-Dubb shits the first batch out Imma start sellin em for like 6-7 bucks a pop whenever whoever. Except for Malchow. He can’t have one.

If your sick of NBHQ right now, your not alone cause it’s growin old on me and needs a face lift, with bigger boobs, and butt implants, and some big dumb fake lips for show. Expect a COMPLETELY new comin real real damn sonofabitch soon. One with faster loading and shit that makes you pee in puddles. Also, the gallery is a tad fucked up at the moment, I’ll fix it, jus deal for the moment.

P.S. – Malchow WILL get a shirt I was jus kiddin 😛

P.P.S. –

NBHQ.NET History

Photobucket, ImageShack, Kiss Your Anus Goodbye

That’s right bitches, all you MySpace whores and addicts can now upload your own photos to our very own gallery! Than you can stick em on your site. Face it, free image hosts like photobucket and that other one with the frog jus don’t cut it, they limit your filesizes, it’s a pain in the ass, and I poop on the service all together:

Keep in mind I jus came up with this idea last night, thanks to Brosef-Josef. As of now, all you have to do is REGISTER an account and have me activate it and you will have permissions to upload however many pics you want. If they are too big and they need resizing, I will do that. So there ya go. Enjoy.


All videos (including the drifting sessions) have been moved into the new gallery so old links might not work, click the above link to see all videos.

Expect a better post before Tuesday.

Back With a Bang Bang Bang

Here we are with a brand spankin new layout, its gotta be the millionth one I’ve pinced outta my anus in the 3+ years NBHQ has been around. I do apologize for my prolonged absence, I’ve been workin hard and hardly workin over at Network Artist, poppa’s gotta earn his bread for Kwanzaa gifts right?

The other day I have watched a man pierce both his nipples in 5th period weight lifting class with nothing more than a rubber band, a safety pin, and some extreme testicular fortitude, I will have cell phone photos of that pronto.

I took my woman of seven months to a fancy dinner followed by an informal viewing of March of the Penguins (I would LOVE to hug a damn penguin), kinda shocking how good we are together, than again, sometimes she spills shit in the kitchen…

I also made a little collage to celebrate the new layout, I’m not gonna say im 100% satisfied with it so I jus might jus make me another, but check out this one first and use it for your wallpaper or somethin.

So the new layout isn’t anywhere close to being done, but mosta the links work, so enjoy yourself bitch.

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Professional Farters
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