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NBHQ Needs Your Guidance

lisha Dear Bitches,
I need your expert opinion on whether to continue using the current photo gallery script or a new, redesigned script.

Heres the brief pros and cons of each script :

Current Gallery
– Simple
– Any old ape could navigate through it
– Doesn’t rely on databases so it can sometimes load faster, but lacks in organization

– EXTREMELY buggy, and unreliable, often fucks up entire batches of image files that takes hella long to fix.
– Not well supported
– Hard to customize
– Lacking in Bitchin Features

New Gallery
– Features a assload of bitchin features, as seen here
– Fully Customizeable
– User System, searching,
– Run on MySQL database, which means its way more secure and it wont fuck up like the current one.

– Might be hard for an imbecile to navigate

So what I need is some feedback, whether it be a comment or an e-mail to brady[AT], letting me know which gallery stays, or if you have any questions.

I’ll make a REAL post soon about Brett’s Birthday bash and the other 2 parties I plan on attending in the next couple of days.

My Site Kicks Ass, Your All Bitchin

null So this is the new layout, I wouldn’t say it’s completely finished, but the main page is up and that shit counts for somethin. Second week of my last year of high school already, and my birthday is tommorow followed by a crackin ass reception on Saturday which I will definately take pics of. So I thought I’d finally take some time to recollect the classics that made / make NBHQ.NET what it is. For example, remember when Kelly’s car got seran wrapped like Matty’s carrots in his lunch. Or how bout that badass drawing Travis did that he spent everyday on, every period for almost two weeks. Heres an old shot of me and Ash in Eeb’s ride back when it was new and I still had really, really spectacular hair. Heres what Dawkness’ boxers looked like after he was brutally ass raped by this beefy fellow. Than there was that one summer when my buddies and I hotwired a lawn mower and toured the country. I remember back when Pinky lived in his old crib, we’d stroll up and down the El Camino, stoppin to chill with this opinionated gent, and of course, being liberal ass Cali-forn-I.A. ians agree with him. We also honk if were horny. *MEEP MEEP* It’s important to show your momma some love sometimes, specially when she puts up with your shit, and does your laundry, and makes your lunch with 18 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches cause your a growing boy. Than there was that car show some years back, where Eebs, Cahill and myself checked out some altitude challenged breezies and some cars probably too.

And who could forget thefans, the ketchup squirting, chest dedicating, artsy fartsy sons a bitches. The pink ones, dawk ones, tall ones, and the unsure ones. I love em all

A quick word : click my google ads on the right and bottom of the page, it makes me money so I can buy the NBHQ shirts I’ve been talkin about for you guys. Feel free to check the cool new navigation thing out but don’t click anything quite yet cause none of it is uploaded except for the radio and guestbook, which I suggest you listen to and sign. Thank you that is all, peep these links:

Bobbing fo Crack
Wonka is MJ!
NBHQ Google
Listen to Saturn
Glowing Boobies

Hold Tight

And we have another manifesto from the slayer of words, yours truly:

Im half past hysterical, yet my vision is clear
365 “I love yous” made this a hell of a year
See now my eyes are at half mast and my hands are cold
One shitty chatper in the greatest story told
This book isnt finished so dont even pretend
That there wont be a sequel, that this is the end
For a time the fog was thick, with no sign of blue
When the grey would only brighten when I would dream of you
Your tears never drying came flowing through cause
Every drop a reminder of my abundant flaws
I’m on fire baby, I’m burnin for you
The neverending sweetness, how our brilliant flames grew
Sleepless nights of “what ifs” and “remember whens”
Gotta live rough if you ever wanna live again
One more line and the hole gets deep
Two familiar gillmers greet me in my sleep
Morning never really comes and Im left to drift in this comfortable numb
You plus me honey, will always be my favorite sumMoral of the poem?


Other than that, I have VERY little to say, I haven’t gotten that new digital camera yet, but when I do you can expect more of the same mediocre photos but gushing with megapixels. I’ve been makin everyone buddy icons, shit I’ll make you one if you want, jus message me at king nicky kid on AIM, I don’t know if theres spacin in that or not, I’ve never had to message myself :P. I also sorta got the Personals section up with Alexa and Nick M. interviewd. If you wanna be on there e-mail me at [email protected] I also added 4 new songs to the radio and did sites for Pinky and the marauders. Oh and if your really bored, go go read some facts. Heres my south park guys:

Badass Ride..
Ashlee Simpson Boo’d Offstage
Buy a damn shirt!


Welcome to NBHQ.NET, my own private slice of the interweb, come, stay, enjoy, savor this shit cause you’ll be seein plenty of it in the years to come.

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