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King Me

You fuckers nominated for prom king, you fuckers are nice as hell, so take it a lil further and vote for me for prom king. If you do vote for me I promise to install more soda pop and candy machines around the school, I promise to turn into a hardcore beastality site, I will kiss your mother and grandmother, and I will like it.


Voter intimidation never rang so true

Also, my boy Dario issued out the following threat to any willing takers:


So remember to vote for me bitches, much obliged ;).

Butt Touching

tallfucks The NBHQ-cam made it’s way to the Aragon High School campus the other day, captured the incredible flying douschebag, not to mention an overly sedate Kyle thanks to his new whiteout habit which all the kids call “DubWhite.” Heartbreaking. This pic right here is what I think back to my bros in high school when I’m eighty and livin like Hef and what not.

Word on the streets is that my boy K-Dubb is gonna design the new NBHQ shirts, yeah I’ve seen what they’re gonna like, and yeh your torso is gonna beg to be covered with em. Please belee dat. Soon as K-Dubb shits the first batch out Imma start sellin em for like 6-7 bucks a pop whenever whoever. Except for Malchow. He can’t have one.

If your sick of NBHQ right now, your not alone cause it’s growin old on me and needs a face lift, with bigger boobs, and butt implants, and some big dumb fake lips for show. Expect a COMPLETELY new comin real real damn sonofabitch soon. One with faster loading and shit that makes you pee in puddles. Also, the gallery is a tad fucked up at the moment, I’ll fix it, jus deal for the moment.

P.S. – Malchow WILL get a shirt I was jus kiddin 😛

P.P.S. –

NBHQ.NET History

Damn It Feels Good to be a Don

girls Ian and myself lost our voices screaming at the Aragon/Hillsdale quad in which our good ol Dons shat on the Knights in a 4-0 sweep. We brought the E+A along, but only after we waited for them to assemble, prepare, blowdry, and pose. So when we got their and found seats where we were packed like sardines, but it was tolerable cause we were in close proximinity with the coolest twins ever. It was a hellova game good enough to almost take up nailbiting, not quite though. E+A, try as they might they couldn’t keep my eyes from the court, see?.

Shit-on-Hillsdale and have a good time night continued with my first visit to Condon’s House. I dug. First of all, I came, I saw, I Pimped, jus to show the other dogs who humps the legs of bitches. I learned things that night,

1. Charles has a kidney of steel and a is pretty much immune to intoxication, and he could prolly kick my ass through a wall even if he ever was drunk.

2.Sasha is Vodka’s sissy bitch. She turns into Emily Rose after her shots. Compare.

3. This girl is fucking crazy. CRAZY

4. NPC can’t handle more than one girl.

I forgot to mention anything of last weeks dinner with E+A+I that turned into a wet tee contest that I would have won if I was in it. I got picked up like a big fuckin fish. And I got cloned, twice.

I’m takin a day off school tommorow and goin to the beach. Expect more killer pics and a post made of pure balls.

P.S. I upgraded the Photo Gallery, it needs a lot of tweaking graphically, but it seems way faster to me, lemme know what you think.

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Hella Fabulous
Useless Facts

We Got 6 On It

This will be the last post that I, Nick Brady, Junior at Aragon High School, will throw at ya. I’ts true, i’ts true, summer is again upon us, keep an eye on the bonfire, Pinky’s off probation, keep an eye on your woman, Cahill’s a free agent, keep checkin NBHQ.NET for summer-time follies. Better watch out though, cause next year, the NBHCrew will be seniors, and the school is ours! Bitches. So the first thing I gotta give to you guys is a lil video I put together commemorating a school-year’s worth of g’times, fiestas and all :

Download the Divx version here ( 25.1 mb ) or get the Windows Media Player Version ( 17.9 ). Note : If the video does not play, install these codecs first, if that doesn’t work, go get a new computer, yours is broken.

Seriously though, check out the video. Not much else in the way of happenings…“Turtle squad” struck again last night when they coaxed me into eating a penny infested cookie, yes you heard me right, I bit down, and to my suprise felt my grill clank on a hunk of fuckin copper, well done ladies…well done. Other than that…I strummed my 6-string Stevie Wonder style, while Pinky and Tina waltzed

I brought my camera to school last Thursday, and plan on bringing it for the last few days of school ( school gets out Thursday, June 2nd ), and in doing so, I captured my homie Josh, looking quite civilized. In the weight room, Jordan put up some mad weight, neck beard and all. A bunch of us tried to show off and curl the 45 plates, Carlos couldn’t quite pull it off. Pat made it look easy, I hit it, and Whipple came damn close and almost shit out his intestines. See the rest of the pics here.

So I got called to do another video game survey, one of those gigs that pays a hundred bucks while some paid suits feel you up for your opinion. My problem is that I don’t have an opinion cause I don’t spend my free time sweatin over a joystick into all hours of the night poppin Jolt shots and Red Bull, I’m postin bullcrap for you bias to read instead. Anyway, for the second time in a row, they didn’t need to use me, which is cool because I can only lie so hard for so long, and two hours of bee essing my opinion might not have gottan me the hun bills in my pocket. Long story : short, my pops and I took some rads shots, like this one of me pinching a street light. Heres jus a few of the ones I took, you can check all of em and more out here.

Well thats pretty much it for now, sorry this post is a little watery aside from the kickass video. Gotta go study for my weightlifting final and shit, I will take many pics this week, so try to dress as cool as this smooth operator, ok? Oh and, I have begun the preliminary stages of developing a new layout for NBHQ, I don’t think it’ll be anything fancy, a lot like this layout, jus different theme, gotta busy summer ahead ;).

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