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Weather is Sweet, Make You Wanna Move Your Dancing Feet

Well, well, well, thought I was gonna leave ya’ll high and dry, postless and weeping! Ya’ll thought wrong and clever and covertly I deliver, while you are all dreaming and sleeping. Luau dance last night, symbolizing another year of high school coming to an end. Encouraging students to celebrate their last hoorah accordingly and “emphase butt to crotch, or crotch to crotch” dancing skills while gettin our “grope” on knowing full well that “hands should remain off the floor during dancing.”

Miss Ashley was kind enough to offer her abode as a beautification location and even supplied us all with mouth-watering, sausage ( jus what Eebs ordered ). Though it was far from a sausage-fest, lassies out the ass! Why heck! I dun even got me summa dem ladyfolk to dun do my dew so I don’t look like no foo. Meg looked constipated, but dashing nonetheless, Ryder musta rode in on the pretty train cause she looked nice, Natalie, shown here soon before she kept shit fresh with Sugar-Free Orbitz gum. Don’t think we didn’t pose though, cause we did, I’m talkin a lot, like…amultidude of pose shots. I posed with that Meg girl, I posed with my boy Eebs, posin everywhere…

Dusk was soon upon us and we began our short stroll up to the school, taking bitchin pics along the way, of course. Eebs and I employed our sheer size and imposing demeanor to power our way to the front of the line, ensuring our female company wouldn’t have to wait so long thus having more time to shake what they mommas gave em. The line was were it was at anyway lotta familiar faces, you know im down with NPC, ( cause you know me ), my boys : John & JoJo, oh and, you remember the rumors about this guy at that one dance? — There true. Damn Greeks.

After shootin the shit with my buds and buddettes for some quick minutes, we made it inside the outside, caught up with my comrade Cahill and his gal, Joyce, spotted Pinky’s girl, and even took a second pic that would put picasso to shame. Hella heads last were there I do declare, Carlos rated quite high on the pimp-o-meter, as did my boy, Fej. The setting sun made for some pretty righteous shots. Twas a nice dance indeed, I dig Luaus, and pigs, and hot straight-haired girls ;). I gotta say, it was a good dance, and I have a confession…JoJo emptied his piss gun on your lawn, sorry bias.

So I was gonnna make a whole post about this some days ago but lazyness got the best of me and here I am stuffin your little faces with it here and now. So CSM / College of San Mateo, hosted a free lil concert open to anyone who could afford the price of a ticket. They call it the Electronic Music Show cause it was kinda like a presentation of all the final projects of students enrolled in Electronic Music 101, which is cool, cause, I like things. Of course I invited miss Nat Queen Cole, and yes she is the same girl whose cholar bone I busted :S. The real reason I went was to go see Carlos’s band, Extinction or somethin, I wanted to get those guys on film. Instead, I ended up filmin a bittle lit of a bunch of the acts and I share the video with you now :

Oh, remember how I said I ran the Bay to Breakers? Well, in case there are any skeptics, check out the proof. These pics were takin with the cameras mounted at the 6 and 7 mile marker along with the finish line. Heres one more of me tryin to rep the NBHQ beater as hard as I can, and I do think those people behind me are nekked. thats my pops. This is a duck-billed platypus and thats a naked ass bear.

My pools heated, Pinky brought his sunburned ass neck over. He had the new Star Wars flick on DVD, so we watched that, I thought it was lotsa awesome. Although I’m not as big of fan as Sanchez here I made the nastiest smoothie ever, strawberries and milk…you’d think that be like…a milkshake or somethin right? Well no one told me it jus turned into chunky pink liquid ass. Ya live and learn. Anyway, one of Pinky’s many hidden talents is his insane ability to beatbox, like no one else that I know, so we made lil flick to showoff his skills :

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Lady Dons Go Out Strong

I’ve always been a fan of the ball of base. Chewin seeds, watching intently as the batter clicks his heels, blows a bubble, kicks the dust off the plate, winks at the ump, blows a kiss at the first baseman, backs out of the box, than takes a minute to tie his cleats, takes a few practice swings and repeats. Plus, what other sport has a seventh inning stretch? If that does’t wet your chops than I’m sure a sit in at an Aragon Varsity Softball game will do you right.

Friday night was the biggest game of the season, our ladies squared off against the cattle from Hillsdale. Spectators galore, crowd goin wild cheerin for Aragon High School? Or ASHley? You decide. Either way, Meg added exclamation to the proclamation and hollered hardcore. I don’t know what inning it was because Mr. Chateloupe (of Chanteloupe field) forgot to pay his PG&E, but Ash’ms herself belted that soft lil sphere into deep right and ran around a buncha bases, all the way home, sav to say the least. This guy immediately got on the horn, probably to inform everyone in town about Ashley’s monsterous HOME RUN. Meg and Emily took a quick break from the intense cheering to pose for a quickie, and…if you look closer you’ll notice a Hillsdale Knight Varsity softball players waste size amount of of familiar faces. Hellova Night.

Welp, got Bay to Breakers in the mornin, gotta get my rest if I wanna beat me a Kenyan tommorow. Lookin forward to seein a buncha old, sweaty, naked dudes runnin around me and maybe I’ll run into this cool cat again. I can only hope tonight and cringe tommorow.

Fixed the news sizing / alignment issues and also tidied up the comments form so it looks all nice and clean, hopefully encouraging some of you mutes to spit some ish on NBHQ. So why dontcha try it out after you munch of some links:

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Come Friday

A week is has been…STAR testing, means bubbling for all, and muffins for some… As for myself, when in doubt I went with “C” and felt that the PTA let us down in the muffin department. For shame PTA…for shame…Bring back the chocolate ones, thems were the shit, and get those lousy “air-tasting” ones outta my sight. One numb ass, 145 minutes, and 14,000 or so bubbles later we get to go outside, grab sommore air muffins and come back in to my (still warm) chair.

In other news, my dog is real fat but she makes up for it in personality. This image is real crazy cause it depicts my rapid transformation from human being to E.T. perhaps it could be interpreted as an age progression thing, YOU TELL ME! As I type this, my very favorite tiki reminds me that there is homework to be done… There is yak on my phone but I’ll be sure to clean it before it is put to very good use ;). I’m reading super cool computer books again so that I can achieve the title of grandmaster in our D&D circle and more realistically get my A+ certification this summer so I can work the register at Micky Dees more efficiently.

As you can plainly see, there really aint much good goin on in the hood, nothin bad either, as always Friday will most definately kick a well portioned amount of ass, and this highly anticipated assload will most likely carry over into the weekend. Than maybe I can take sommore damn shots and film sommore crazy S.O.B’s eatin bugs and shit, get this damn thing kickin again.

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It’s Like That and Like This, and Like That And Uh…

I do apologize for my lack of posting as of late, and thanks to Natalie for “kindly reminding” me to “get that shit updated” everyday 6th period. So I guess this ones free since it took me so long, and its lookin kinda cold, but hey man heres what I got, something pretty nifty to BEHOLD:

Randy turned 17 yesterday, festivities were held for him at the local Chevy’s, seven seats taken, 42 enchiladas consumed. While we were waitin for the table, curiosity warranted a visit to the neighboring “Dollar Twenty-Five Store” where we tried on nasty ass shades that made Russel look like emo trash. Vinny tried on this really cute hat that made me blush, Ruff found a great deal on crazy knockoff cereal, than Vinny posed with a ceramic primeape. Mexican food is the shit, bigass sombreros are the shit, and the agua con lemon is real real bueno tambien. That’s that.

I took my camera to school the other day, took time to stand with mi amigas, I rubbed this Fu’s head, felt great too, brings me good luck. I saw my Fijian amigo, Leonard in the halls, gave him the nod, and you better believe he nodded back. I was content to be greeted by my brudda Jahred and Ana was hella jealous but she still managed to sneak in the picture with Angela and the babies daddy Tony. Paid my daily respects to Whamo, holy moly he’s a cool cat…Not long after, we took some of the baddest G-D- M & Effin Crew shots, shit man we even took a third one to grow on and take notice of Jason’s hand location and that of my right nipple…Creepy to say the least. But uh if you wanna see all the photos I’ve takin at school, click this.

I guess it was the same night as all these pimpass photos were takin at school some peeps ended up at my pad..At first it was jus me and the Pinkster, we were up to no good really, bustin the shit outta lemons with wimpy baseball bats, but all Pinky could do was try to ram his bat up my arse but whatever, I wasn’t even complaining really…Kelly Natalie, Ashley and Eebsies came over too. We went to go Jam outside at the church, maybe even get a lil jammin in but I dint want the females gettin all cold and shivery and what not and they did insist on rockin my old water polo jacket so I let Kelly rock it while Natalie and I resorted to “reverse sagging” a fashionable technique I perfected quite some time ago and still stands the test of time. Matt and Kelly got close like Rosie Odonnels thighs for a sec long enough for me to snappa pic, than I plucked my lucille behind her back, she liked it. Kelly and Natalie frollocked and skipped across the wet church grass in the dead of night to conjure the most evil of spirits cause they’re crafty like that. Welp..than it was time to say goodbye to Miss Kelly and Miss Natalie, except..oh wait..silly Kelly! your car is covered in saran wrap!, surely you mean not to drive with such an obstruction! Ahh yess the whole S.O.B. was covered from head to tire that shit sucks, funny to look at though.

The next day you ask about? You mean that scenic drive we took in Matty’s god damn Lexus? Is that what your referring to? Where we stopped up top near the most scenic of views, crept up next to my ear and whispered “hey look over there dude“? You want me to speak about how nervous I felt passing by this gang of assless chaps-wearing, flem spewing, motorcycle riding ladies and gents? Talk about how Ebert pointed his finger at that old lady in the distance? Cause if your asking me all that, than your crazy if you think imma answer :P.

Well nows the time in the post when I realize that I totally neglected to stick in all the pics we took and I make a mad dash to shove everything in. So here goes: This cat climbed up on the roof I give a very little fuck about how its dumbass gets back down. Meg frickin met Jack Johnson, Julia shoulda, so imagine my shaking my fist in very disaproving manner. I got much love for the Arias’s Juans mi amigo for sure. Pinky made this, and Natalie wrote this

No morestuffs today, just make sure you check out ALL the videos esp the Jam, the pool jumping into and the Fruitball. That it all.

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