Month: January 2006

Dannys Raping + LaserTag

I haven’t felt this emo in a long fuckin time, thank god for my boys. Rendez vous at five story last night, everybody who’s anybody was there, even Danny who got gangbanged, blinded, and than group raped again by the whole lot of us. He then had Cahill meticulously crafted a duct tape banner on the side of Danny’s vehicle notifying the world of his fondness of the male genitalia.

We went to LaserQuest in Mountain View in our convoy of at least five fine automobiles mashing on 101 bumpin everything from Nikitina to Sinatra, flyin to the moon. Upon our arrival and proceeding at mission control and acquiring my cryptic codename of: Brady I went on to unleash my lasery reckoning upon my unsuspecting brosefs and other small children, needless to say I got second place because I’m boss with a laser.

Aside from engaging in laser massacres and group assisted sexual assault I been chillin with brosef Josef at his pad playin vidya games which I have a genetic predisposition to kick ass at thanks to my momma *Tetris Level 144 Champion 1992*. We also called had Barry call freshman chics and dryjerk in the process. When things ever started to get dull we would trek over to the water tower and Joe would test his balls attemping to climb the damn thing. Savass.

Nat Queen Cole wrote this lil some some for me, I dig.

I have this tall friend named Nick Brady
Whenever we chill, it’s all gravy
He has this great site
And some day he just might
Grow out his brown hair that is wavy
I have this great friend named Nick Brady
A wonderful friendship he’s made with me
He has this cute dog
Who’s nearly as fat as a hog
Although is better off than any dog could be
She’s surrounded by love
Brady gives to all his great hugs
And he’s quite respectful to his mommy
I write this poem for my dear friend Brick
Beacause soon really quick
This senior year will be ending
I’ll miss you a bunch
When we won’t be hanging out at lunch
And I wont see your camera flashing
So lets make sure to keep in touch
And hang out a whole much
And never forget where we came from
This town’s not so bad
And we’ll be pretty sad
But there’s so much in our lives to come
You’re a great friend, Nick Brady
And our times, oh yes, they are gravy

Funny Cyber Sex Logs
AFI Interpretation
Classic Nickolodeon Shows
Celeb Pot Heads
Zombies in my Neighborhood


All videos (including the drifting sessions) have been moved into the new gallery so old links might not work, click the above link to see all videos.

Expect a better post before Tuesday.

Drifting Session #2 : Joe’s Downfall


Click above to see the most recent drift sesh, submitted by one of our buds. Many of you are lucky enough to know and know of my brosef Josef, he’s known for making great choices and obeying the law, well this time as he put it so poetically, the law “fucked him in the ass with no lube,” an unfortunate truth for my brosef. So from what I heard it all went down like-a-this, Ben and Josef were a-drifting in a rather large vacated lot when the popo came a rollin in lights and all, catching Josef charging him with a misdemeanor. Bad times.

Only a few days prior me and that fine brosef were postin it at Fivestory marveling at our automobiles and Joe played with my headlights. Tee hee.

Winter break is over and my last semester of high school begins in the morning so I really better go and prepare my man purse with sufficient stationary and supplies for my busy day. See me driving bitches.

Shit you didnt know
Jessica Alba in Bikini
Aurora Boreilus Pics
Celebs Minus Makeup
Chuck Norris Art
Oddly enough, one of my favorite movies as a kid
Crazy prison story

Drifting Session #1


P.S. Ian likes to get stupid with freshman girls. That is all.

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