Month: January 2006

Merry Christmas & A Blurry New Year

new years Ohhhhhh what a night it was at the ol Adam pad, the crowds had indeed gathered, I stepped in with E+I, we wouldn’t visit “A” till later that fateful eve. A party ketel of one was waiting for us, morale was high, and Clint & Iwere ready to rough a buddy up if they intended on breakin the mood. My brosef Ian seemed to be havin himself a time pimpin one girl after the next. Big ups.

This guy with the Citrone is my newest friend, and we both share a liking for the “west side.”

If you dig scmokin dude Luke and dude 2 and dude Max.

Plenty-o-females, that one on the left was tryin to tackle me all night. Fantastic. Heres the Wang, this was the only pic she allowed me and other press to take; she threatened to nun-chuck my balls. There were nice girls too though.

These SOB’s came sportin wine bottles, fuckin hookah heads. Anyhoo, things got a little hazy for me around the time of that last pic, kinda self evident in a pic like this anddddd this.

At some point we ended up leaving with our DD Emily and drove safely over to Ashleys , watched the ball drop through sinking eye lids, blurry vision, and slurry speech, and if that’s not attractive I don’t know what is.

I think it was about 2 in the mornin when we departed and headed back to Adams to take care of unfinished buidness, things were still a-crackin thugs were still a-thuggin, Beck was still fucked up and thizz faces were still bein thrown around. Thank you Adam, thank you.

I forgot to wish all my peoples a Merry Christmas the last time I spit somethin on this thing, I myself had a gay old time in Pacific Grove, chillin with some dogs my wonderful gramma and an uncle with a new monkey, oh and hey what do you think of hat?

I sold my computer so I write this on my moms craptop, I plan on building a new box soon enough, and when I do I will add a shitload of new videos including Dan’s Nipple Piercing Clip, Umpy’s Firebreathing, and the Drift Session. My babygirl gets in tommorow though, so consider me busy biotch.

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