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Halloween – No Bologna

Friday night my head hit the pillow at 8 oclock so I could be rested to run across the golden gate at 6 the next morning. Saturday night my head hit the porcelain throne after a hard hitting eve with Eebs, Dallas and the boys, photos of our act would be more than incriminating so I used my better judgement and didn’t post any. For the most part, I dedicate this post to Halloween; one of the best damn holidays besides Kwanzaa and Good Friday. Halloween at Aragon high school is usually a most enjoyable day for anybody who enjoys eyeballin females in neccesarily skimpy attire and what not. My eyeballs however got their jus from eyein m’lady in this hot lil number. By the way, I was a frickin nurse, and by the way, I had a following. I was a little disapointed at the number or costume wearers this time around, I guess I’ve been spoiled from years past. I like cowgirls, that Amber gal on the left of yours truly delivers a powerful massage, and all I could remark upon her costume is that her hat looks really expensive. E+A were plumbers, boy oh boy they could plunge my shitpipes anyday. And if your a man of crack, I suggest peepin this and / or >.

At lunch I did what I normally do when I have a camera at lunch and pass out free mammograms to random beezies, milfs, and giant mounds of pubic hair. I did a little bencpressing while in full costume. Shoemaker broke a weight in half thanks to his superhuman brut force. And thats what that was about.

When the sun went down, the midnite crew assembled and we took to the streets. Now I’m a man of moral, one who believes that thou shall not fuck with another man or womans automobile and I will shun any peer who disreguards my firm belief. Egging, keying, and/or hurling bologna on someones car is fucked up and a half, Nick Brady would choke a bitch if I had a hunka fuckin meat on my hood. Anyway, we didn’t do too much, drove around, scared some little kids pretendin to be security at a middle school, miss Emily, threw shaving cream, than I threw it and it exploded with the desired result. By the way, tell me Em herself doesn’t look exactly like Ville himself in Ian’s wicked ass beanie. Food for thought.

Also, download the newest hip hop club session: numero dos

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You Know You Go To Aragon When

So I’ve been seein this lil list circulating around and around myspace like a venereal disease so I decided to give it to you. Keep in mind I have not written any of these so if some are rediculously lame, don’t blame me:


1. No one wears red and black on fridays except the spirit squad, teachers, leadership and anyone else who wants extra credit.

2. You think the whole “Asian Mafia” that sits on the other side of school is a joke.

3. The administration says don�t drink before dances�drink after

4. The whole Senior class is divided into 2 groups: The AP’s and the Partiers.

5. You’ve heard the story of Mr. Oling [the ex-dean] and his weed.

6. During lunch half the school is on myspace in the library.

7. The football field may suck but, our football team can whoop on yours…for instance Burlingame.

8. Half the school is under construction, but we’re all so used to it we don’t give it a second thought.

9. Seniors who want a parking space have to get there at least 20-30 minutes before their first class starts, and if you don’t…you just make up your own parking spot

10. Pretty much everyone walks down the halls with an ipod, ipod mini, shuffle, or nano blasting through their ears

11. People can be REALLY shady

12. You don’t really know what service commission is, but you all join it anyways because Mr. Valmonte is so cool

13. You�ve gone to Mr. Pickles on a minimum day

14. Upperclassmen sport the “S.E.E.E Crew” pins…but no one knows what they do, what it stands for, or why they would join such a thing

15. Freshman girls wear really short skirts even on cold days

16. There are literally like 200 people in the Recycling Club, but over half of them don’t even recycle (they’re really in it for the end of the year trip)

17. Looking out the window, watching cars get towed is a great highlight of the day in certain classes

18. The girls wear flip flops whether its warm or not, but no one thinks they’re crazy when they wear it on cold days because every girl does it anyways

19. By senior year, the class is so divided that in actuality you will probably only hang out with one person you used to hang out with since your freshman year

20. Your junior year is the shit if you’re not an AP kid; you’re life is HELL if you are

21. No one goes to the school dances, but everyone goes to Grid and Prom

22. Everyone thinks our school looks like a jail…and frankly it kinda does

23. There’s a fundraiser everyday at lunch/brunch

24. Everyone is obsessed with O.C, One Tree Hill, or Laguna Beach

25. Everyone wishes we had lights on our field, so we could get the real high school football experience

26. There’s not one single distinct style

27. There seems to be new people at our school everyday

28. You’re probably in the Key Club, Interact Club, Recycling Club, or all of the above

29. Literally EVERY single lock is black, you had to pay $5 to use you’re locker, and you don’t even understand why

30. Really the only cliques here are: the Drama kids and the Asian Crew

31. No matter, what you’re mostly proud to be from A-town

32. People talk about myspace like it�s real life

33. there is always some kind of drama going on whether its yu or yur frends or someone else

34. Pple wear red and black almost evry day EXCEPT FRiday wen yur SUPPOSED to wear it


35. lunch dentention with Valmonte in HELLA fun theres alwais something ot laugh at!

36. youve said PEACE UP A-TOWN DOWN at LEAST once

37. the only rallies worth watching are the “Dance Rules” rallies but somehow you always end up watching each rally until its over

38. dententions mean absolutely NOTHING to you if you’re friends with Gabe and Josea

39. you are aware of the fact that your Dean was kicked out of school 5 times

40. trouble is forgotten if you can beat Valmonte at basketball

41. you don’t use “Mr” or “Mrs” in the classroom, you call your teachers/deans/principals/counselors by their last names

42. Allekotte gives you late passes

43. 4/20 is a special occasion and if forgotten, its considered a sin

44. u no u can get susspended 4 farting on sum1 !! LMAO

45. you own a pair of converse

46. your english teacher is a complete skitzo/psycho/ JUST WEIRD IN SUM WAY! CUZ THEY ALL ARE! BUT THERE ALL HELLA FUNNI!!!

47. you noe whitch teachers not to say “GAY” in front of

48. you kno what “the pyramid” is

49. “NO OFF CAMPUS LUNCH” means absolutely nothing to you

50. you hate p.e.

51. the announcements always have a way of makin`you lauff

52. yu go to club/team meetings just for the free food

53. the parole officer told you to cut class instead of getting in trouble for being late haha

54. you kno the security guards by name

55. you or someone you kno lives close enough to cut to

56. When they play music at lunch and mostly everyone is either dancing or singing.

57. When the office messengers come in during the middle of your class and give you your detention for cutting in front of everyone.

58. you actually want to come back when u graduate just to hang with ur friends at lunch hour adn no one cares.

59. Everyone knows we have the best dance team and they rule over all other schools and squads!! and the captian’s are always bitches!!

60. Everyone goes to the rallies to watch the spirit squad performances.. Rally commissioners don’t relly mean anything to you..

61. Whether you bring food to school or not.. you always end up in the lunch line buying crap for food..

62. You know what groups hang out where.. who’s in them.. and who they get along with and don’t..(WE GOT THA PERAMID)

63. Everyone either smoked before school, smokes during passing periods/breaks, or is about to go smoke.


It’s So DAMN Hot! & I Saw Green Day

green day Oh for the love of jeez! It’s so hot my balls are stickin to my knees! Good thing Green Day was off the sheez, for reez. It’s true, thanks to my main mayonaise Ebert, for hooking it up with two tickets for me and my swell gal pal to a attend a marvelous rock and/or roll concierto. The lineup included Jimmy Eat World & Floggin Molly, and there was fire too and fireworks. We drank beers. The show got out around midnight, and we headed over to Ian’s abode, free from parental supervision, with plenty of those kettle chips handy, salt & pepper is what I like. Colin Crawford plucked his 4-string with a blistering vengeance *you can bet that pun was intentional*, Eebs played that 6-string and took us all to Funkytown, Ian…hit drums with drumsticks. Good times. Lame Post.

My computer is proper fucked. My installation of Windows XP Pro that lasted me more than a year finally kicked the bucket, all hail the mighty Microsoft. Anyway, I’ll be rockin the Mandriva Linux till I sell the box all together and start afresh.

Nick Brady (me) is officially employed and has been deemed the title of IT guy @ Network Artist, a computer networking company in Redwood City, and it pays way more than your mom.

No links today…Bah humbug bitches. The next post will kick the asshole of this one.

A Candle Lit Goodbye & A Lighter Note

A long day of painful mourning and grieving ended with a tranquil candle lit ceremony at the local safeway where Nick worked. The atmosphere felt upbeat and laughter resounded througout the crowded parking lot rather than the shedding of tears. There were smiles and smirks and pre-sneeze shots. I’m sure the Baron family appreciated the support from the immense crowd, each holding a candle in remembrance of our friend Nick. It’s inspiring to see the compassion displayed by those we love and care about in this time of grief and sorrow. It’s incredible witnessing the vast sea of supporters, unified by our burning lights, raised, guiding lights for our brother, Nicholas Anthony Barron.

Well as a bunch of you already found out, I had a little get together the other day, I have yet to post about the good times because the days following the festivities were plagued with “less the good times” and I felt it would be inapropiate to speak of during these hard times. Not to say that there are no more hard times ahead because of this tragic event that conspired, but I feel that it’s neccesary to restore a sense of normalcy within my viewers; anyway without any further adieu, ( and big words ) I post about my pawty:

Like a true boss, Cahill was the first to show, takin me for a insane little trip in daddies turbo charged Jetta, up and over the humps at speeds that would make your jowls flap. So, he was deserving of unveiling the monsterous 3-foot long sammiches. Than this ‘G’ comes rapping at my chamber door, rockin his pink lady robe and black and mild hangin from his pursed lips…Fantastic! I guess after that people jus kinda multiplied and began consumption process playin video games with hella crazy graphics, and makin me plates which is cool cause a cracka needa eat. So before you could say “Nick-or-ette,” there was already a schmokin section assembled in the patio, and yes I do enjoy saying “patio.” Brett got comfy with my poodle, JoJo sulked over his broken black and mild while dawkness schmoked his black and black. Ruff enjoyed sniffin a whiff of my dirty pillows and Kai got all up in it. Meanwhile, Pinky was nowhere to be found, a search led us outside where we found him, crouched beside a garage talkin all 6’s and 7’s to a gal pal I’m sure. Weird kid. But as I expected, it was damn crackin, the couch was packed and the love was flowin We then sucked it in and put on our scandilous bikinis and hopped in the wah wah. The chickenfights, the power struggles, the poolside posing twas good times. Brett was made bitch by all, including himself, Ally and Reise’s pieces got hella frisky, Randy musta slept through that. Anyway, a song was sang, candles were blown, and amidst all the hub-bub I raised my arms in excitement only to have both wrists sliced off from the ceiling fan. E+A made my cake look pretty darn disgustering , and so and this looks like a scene out of a german shizzer video, or maybe I’m thinking of something else. Sucked to see everyone leave, but at least we got some fantabulous shots out of it, and this one where i’m looking away, this one of jus the honeys, this more than flattering pic of Meg, the guys and of course, me and the super swimsuit model. The sandwich was good while it lasted.

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