Month: January 2005

Aint Nothin But a Gangsta Pawwwtyyy

Holy moly a hellova time was had last night too bad Matt Ebert was in D.C. shakin hands with the prez or something…misssinnn outtt bro. Luckily my boys Kai and Jojo could attend so my ride was kind enough to pick those guys up. Of course the dog was ridin along but JoJo dint seem to mind. Got to Kelly’s, she ice cream and other tasty treats waiting, Colleen was doing her homework and no one else was there yet so we drove over to our place for me to buy the bizooze, 3 bags and fitty dollas later we were back and the things were getting warmmm. Em and Ash showed their fancy faces, Ryder was in la casa Rob musta drank a bottle of sav before he came over because he was reakkinggg of it, my boy doug showed and even my cousin Colin came and he was packin heat too as you can tell..Maybe I forgot to mention some people…or a lotta people but hey wha ya gonna do? Hugs were givin out for free while others were charged. No fights, jus some “my man aintcho babies daddy” between Em and Ash hard for me to regulate anything or summon my bouncer powers only because gravity seemed to be kickin my ass..and after that sippa paradise things jus started to get a lil trippy and from there it was all flashes and poses. Good times though, Kelly knows how to lay it down thanks for another action packed eve girl.

So I joined up at the YMCA the other day, kinda shabby but the weights are heavy enough and the price is right. Lotta naked saggy ass in the locker room and the aisles are narrow, you do the math..I’m keepin my boxers on, my junk heavily guraded, those smirks better not be for me…The whole place kinda smells funny, maybe its old guy sweat or maybe it’s young guy sweat, either way its pretty haggard.. Nice to workout somewhere besides the school though although they’re about the same in terms of everything, cept the weight room at school smells more like dust than geiser/youngster sweat.

Check this thing out that Kai put together in his calculus class. Pretty attractive if I do say so myself hes got the talent, hes got notion hes got what it takes to satisfy every emoootionnn hes the sneaky little ninja that cuts num chucks your mind, hes got style hes got grace and hes also very kind.

So as for the site, I’ve been promisin and deliverin a little, hopefully that will change soon, but maybe it won’t, seems like all the biggie sites that were around when I started the game and downsizing and goin the way of the blog, don’t know whether to stand strong or cave lika lilll bitchhh..Either way imma try to stay above the rest and deliver what I got better than anybody else, till than, you gotta go sign my guestbook

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IKEA : Evil Furniture Store From Hell

I want a new thing to hold all the shit in the corner of my room, a simple L-shaped book case / shelf thing would been nice, shoot I’d settle for a stack of bricks, anything but how it is now the leaning tower of swag. Anyway I’d never been to an IKEA, and I hadn’t known that the nearest one was in East Palo Alto which was coincidentally the murder capital of the U.S. in the mid nineties, thankfully I didn’t run into any scary dudes.. Anyway the place is easy enough to get into, it’s about fitty flippin stories tall and about tree football fields too wide. When you first stroll into the place it looks sorta like Costco after it was invaded by Switzerland, boastin products like the “HENSVIK
and the “ENETRI shelving unit”, personally I was kinda taken with this farout CD tower named Benno. The showroom level, where you go check everything out in its natural habitat is all put together in this endless spiral that kinda leads you deeper and deeper into a place that looks exactly like the place you just got out of.. This kinda gimcrackery went on for an hour probably, passin Benny…or Benno, (whatever) every ten minutes. When I was set on leavin the place things got pretty Swiss pretty damn fast, trying to get to level one from level three by using an elevator that had about seven buttons on it, none saying one, and an escalator that only went up. I’d go down only to come right back up and be greeted by the same obtuse gent inna blue vest as if he had’nt seen me get out of the same elevator ten seconds ago.. I could bore you with the details about how I made my great escape but it’s really not that interesting, jus know that if you ever plan on goin to IKEA, plan on wasting time and comin out the emergency exit only to find a a big black crackhead who wants to ruin yer shit.

Monday and Tuesday no school, I been muy en fuego as of late, sportin a temp of 104 the other night, I yakked this mornin and coughed up a lung on my poodle, and I probably have the worst breath I’ve ever had in my life, I don’t know what to compare it to but I suggest that no one come near me until I can be thourougly disinsmellified.

I took some pics the other day at school, but not that many cause I forgot I had my camera with me :P. heres one of dallas takin like a mile away thanks to my badass camera and its infinity zoom. heres someones eye prolly Currans cause he always does that shit hah. Fej here shown hustlin bitches for juice at a bucka pop gotta respect a buisnessman. heres a close shot of dallas so close in fact that it might fool the eyes into thinkin that hes sportin some crimson red lipstick or somethin, Kai couldnt believe it!

Oh by the way I added a few more tracks to the radio. Imma add sommore content and shit to the site sooner than later so gett ready..

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Napoleon Dynamite Soundboard
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!Fright Night Con Mi Amigos!

Started out like any other day, Leo was over eatin my food, and hoggin all my dogs attention…Then! Randy gives a ring says he’s on his way over. Hopped in his rrrrregal and headed towards the abandoned insane asylum, no reason really, jus wanted to see who would piss themselves first. Leo and I were the first to venture out of the car…past the fence…past past this scary shit to this bridgey lookin thing. Oh did I mention there were ghosts? (Here, this one is easier to recognize ). Anyway when we came to the door it was pretty freaky cause whoever had formerly occupied it clearly had little or no reguard for sanitation!. Jus shows how ruthless they were cause there was clearly no shortage of trash receptacles. Windows were all busted…man that was some scary shit, we gonna go again next weekend fo sizzla though :D.

School tommorow bitches, iono bout you guys but I will out partying with this guy while you learn about numbers or whatever. Cudos bitches!

Drum for weezer!
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Seperate the balls..
Would you like a roundhouse kick from these badboys?
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Frickin Awesome
I made these when I was a boy
Fat chics in Party hats

Stars Round My Head

Woke up on a brick pillow and Mexican jumping beans in my belly not to mention the fist beatle in my throat and if you don’t speak phychadelic, it means I woke up feelin under the weather. All day man jus felt lika big ball of mess, my hair straigtened itself out and got all greasy with usually foretells bad scoobies, and every light in the house is way to bright today. Slept all day, woke up, watched some old Batman tapes, looked through some old photos, good times. Anyway, daytime TV sucks and so does the new TV guide channel, tommorow will be better.

Anywhoo, me and Kai hit up the quad game against Mateo, hellova game, Aragon won by 5 or somethin, I forgot to take pictures but I did take one of our shitty cheerleading squad to show that we have four cheerleaders which further shows we have neither quality or quantity. Eeb’s got his ride back, it’s gettin up and goin better than ever, and he’s quite grateful to have it back. Went to Matt’s again too, sat in on a nice lil jam session with Kai behind the set and Eeb’s rockin the little wing. Good times all around Ruff came by tonight and did this to this young lady funny enough to make me laugh twice.

Hush sent this nutty ass shot of houseflys makin the whoopy and one of some guy who looks familiar tonguing something…I got wierd friends in boring places 😛

To Kairon, thanks for commenting babe

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Tader Vader
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