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Some More Loyalty

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Real post tommorow…

In Joy & Sorrow

Well I should be at the Warfield right now watchin this guy sing, and these guys play rock n roll music, I should be raisin my torch to “Fortress of Tears” I should be rockin hard to “Siginum Diaboli”…nope nope…not tonight, nor tomorrow night. POSTPONED!! Now usually when you think of an event being postponed, you think it’ll take place maybe a week, maybe even two weeks later right? Right??? Hoozaa boot FEBRUARY 28TH!! Why I ask? I don’t know why it’s postponed, probably overestimation of ticket sales, so if you live in the bay area, I suggest pickin up some tickets

Well asides from that, I gave my debate in english today, had to give my affirmative rebuttal on sweat shops, I wasn’t as nervous as I should have been, I’m not really sure how I did, Leo said, and I quote : “You sounded like…hella smart and shit at first, than uh…your shit got all retarded”. Gotta love critics right?

I didn’t go running today, first time I skipped it in weeks, I ended up sleeping from about 3:30 to 6:00, boy oh boy powernapping is my new sport. Woke up to screeching and ringing, from either inside or outside, I don’t know; the fucks outside were working hard “testing out” every single alarm my top of the line apartment complex is equipped with. So as I drifted in and out of sweet, sweet slumber I was greeted with a sampler platter of different shrill blips and clammering bells, fire alarms to that idiotic power outage alarm I told you about, and as if the stupid alarms weren’t enough you could hear the screwballs yelling back and forth to each other, “Ey bobby whats this one do?” I wanna be an alarm tester when I grow up.

So Kelsie sent me a link to this amateur photographer’s website, who has been snappin flashes at our girls water polo team for a few years now and he jus developed his latest batch, I share them with you now: Our dashing goalie, Alexa blocks the shit outta some other pug fugly opponenet, I don’t know about this shot but it kinda looks like Julia is drownin somebody, heres my girlgetting almost out of the water almost to her ass level, a physical impossibility for most, Meg pumpin shotty at the non-hotty, and heres another of meg, heres Michelle shootin, heres one of Asuka. I was lookin at some of the other schools this guy took photos of, and I gotta say we probably have the most attractive girls water polo team in the universe, jus take a look at the competiton

So its December already, November was cool…was a great month for NBHQ we were jus short of 10,000 different people that visited, hopefully we can hit that this year, got about 895638 hits thats damn close to a million! So be sure to spread the word bout the site, send me pics, send me funny shit, so this shit can get bigger. E-mail me at [email protected]

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You my boy, blue

I went to a memorial for my grampa today, nice to see all the family. Thing is, I usually hang out with grampa in these family get together sorta things. Miss that guy. My gramma had a bunch of pictures of my grampa spanning througout his lifetime, one thing I noticed was that he always hadda full heada hair. Hope thats hereditary :). Got semi-dressed up for the occasion, I couldnt believe how hot it was in the city, which is usually carpeted in fog it was all nice.

Ya damn right im tired, but that wont stop meh :D. Now ‘scuse me while I kiss the sky.

Sincerely Crazyboutchu:
Mac Daddy Brizzady

For all the haters:

A Fair Bit of Awesomeness

THEFAIRTITLE When the fair comes to town, I get fucking overjoyed.  Nothin greases my gears quite like a giant $9.00 turkey leg, 1100 pound pigs named Wilber, and these fuckin’ feet jiggler things!  I’m not even kidding.  As tradition dictates, Pinky and I get extra covert for the first or second night of the fair’s week long run and do our best to sneak in because we’re partly wannabe ninjas and partly just cheap punkass tweeners and we dont wanna cough the $10 admission.  And as per usual it was a grand success and shortly thereafter we were reapin in the meat and enjoying the scenery. Dashowedoit.

Night 2 of the awesomeness was even meatier with Bearz0rs and hoesafe by my side

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