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D’s Really ARE for Diploma!


I type this now with the fingers of a high school graduate, a man who would eagerly brandish his flashy new diploma around jus as soon as he would whip out his ass. Four years lived, and another chapter written in the greatest story ever told. I stood with my Aragonian brethren and lovely ladies one last time before I walked the line. Family was there, I appeased the parentals quite nicely I’d say. I posed a bit with the second family and the Christa. Sometimes I forget jus how big my cranium is until I try to squeeze into headware like a fat man in a little suit.

When all the names were read, every speech spoken, every Yi, Chong, Yee, Yip, Wong, Wu, and Wee was announced, I hightailed it into the gym, snagged my diploma and hopped in grad night bus that would take us to the boat which was equally tremendous. The atmosphere was seaworthy and bittersweet, I’m still thinkin I have school on Monday.. I will definately miss some things, my homie Matty E. who got himself into Cal Berkely a school I can hardly spell, I’ll miss his behemoth ass. Speaking of behemoth. I won’t miss everything though. I have never seen Ian smile like this.. Overall I’d say the boating expedition was a winner, from Kashi jumping through the celing during kareokee to the hypnosis. Good times.

In the event that I was incredibly forgetfull and forgot to give you your DVD copy of the senior year video, I put that shit on google, enjoy:

Click here to see all the pics from Graduation Night

chillin I really must say “big ups’ to my man K-Dubb, not jus for the badass NBHQ shirts, but for lookin out for me and lettin me know about his righteous parties with assloads and assloads of people. I did the usual and scooped up the nearest cooperating female and yes, I was rocking an NBHQ shirt at the time. To say the least, “it was cracking”, Hey! CHAWLES was there too!

We went to Heidies Pies after to do some lines and huff a lil gasoline. Jus look what it does to Christa…It’s always good times with the broads.

Click HERE to see ALL pics from the Dubb / NBHQ party & Heidies Pies

The latest happening was our late night outing to the beach, in my car I carried the girl, the girl 2, and the bro of 14 years. I have greatly missed lighting everything on fire. CZIG was present, and we touched sticks, it was hot. Swell times meetin new cats and chillin with the oldies. Another buncha “big ups” to K-Dubb.

Heres some video footage of the fiery goodness:

NBHQ Needs Your Guidance

lisha Dear Bitches,
I need your expert opinion on whether to continue using the current photo gallery script or a new, redesigned script.

Heres the brief pros and cons of each script :

Current Gallery
– Simple
– Any old ape could navigate through it
– Doesn’t rely on databases so it can sometimes load faster, but lacks in organization

– EXTREMELY buggy, and unreliable, often fucks up entire batches of image files that takes hella long to fix.
– Not well supported
– Hard to customize
– Lacking in Bitchin Features

New Gallery
– Features a assload of bitchin features, as seen here
– Fully Customizeable
– User System, searching,
– Run on MySQL database, which means its way more secure and it wont fuck up like the current one.

– Might be hard for an imbecile to navigate

So what I need is some feedback, whether it be a comment or an e-mail to brady[AT], letting me know which gallery stays, or if you have any questions.

I’ll make a REAL post soon about Brett’s Birthday bash and the other 2 parties I plan on attending in the next couple of days.

Bay To Breakers : 2005

Woke up, got up near 7 O’clock threw on my runnin attire and BART’ed and MUNI’ed into the city con mi padre. For those unfamiliar with BART Train, MUNI Bus, and other archaic forms of public transportation lemme lay it down for ya illigits right quick : You have a tedious game of “tug-the-dollar” with the ticket machine till it shits out a lil blue ticket that grants you access to the BART train. I’ve never met this BART guy before, but I hope he knows people piss in his train and fart in his seats. As for Mr. Muni, he must be aware that some of his riders reek of P’tuli. Anyway, enough digression…We got off BART at a quarter after 8:00, which meant that we were 10 minutes late, years from the start line, and the Kenyans were prolly already halfway finished.

One of the coolest things about Bay To Breakers is the fatty tortilla fight ( video 7 mb ). This year I was sure to come prepared, oh and notice the bitchin NBHQ beater, custom made by my pops. Yeh thats right, my pops, slash running buddy, slash temp photographer ( he took all the pics this year, so if they suck it’s his fault ). After my 50 tortillas were hurled into the sea of runners like stones in a big smelly pond, I tried to penetrate the masses, and believe me when I say there was an assload of people, and by assload, I mean assload!, 60,000 easy. Everyone has bib numbers with mad digits, I was 39,361 and my pops was 39,362, the Kenyans had numbers 1-7…fancy that.

8:45 – we cross the starting line, tens of thousands of people in front of me, and tens of thousands behind me, including my dad ;). The first mile or so is really a crawl cause of all the drunkin staggering irish and slow batches that jus get in the way of me, Mister Speedy Gon-fucking-zales. Speakin of which, peep this broad throwin up the M-E-X, in yo face! Pope was there, he really is a down to earth guy, which is comforting to know cause…pope on a rope, thats why. Heres a guy on stilts, how bout that eh? Once again, my dad took these so… ;P. Once I broke through the “Human Wall” and got to the second mile or so I was makin some damn good time, passin bias up with the quickness, powered up Hayes Hill and carefully even ran down it, ( thank you to Eebs for the downstair training ). Mile 5 : I ran paste the buffalo in Golden Gate Park, thought I was trippin out after I saw a group of people in dead fish costumes dancing in unison. Gravity starts to push a little harder at Mile 6 and you can cook an egg on my tits, or hatch one in my armpit only to die by the fumes. After I saw the 7 mile mark I sprinted it, realizing that the Kenyans had probably finished half an hour ago and my dad was prolly callin a cab by now. And so I finished, came in 9855th place ( checked online ) with a time of like 1:50, but ya know…we dint really start till like 40 mins into the race…either way, my dad beat me last year, and this time round I beat him by half an hour and he got 19220th place. The student has become the teacher old man…

Went to Footstock afterwards, lookin to meet up with my LONG LONG lost dad, and grab some meat on a stick. Twas an eversweet reunuion indeed, poppa recollected seein some naked people and gettin the camera out to exploit and capture the beauty! He got himself a kick out of it, aint nothin but an old meng thang.

Kisses my stompers for gettin me through such a trek with minimal blistering, and picked some ORANGE flowers sweet like someone I know ;). Got on Mr. MUNI’s bus and headed home, to deliver some flowers ;).

Crasy ish with legos
Kelly Osbourne – Big girl
False alarm : Chappelle not crazy
German Addicting Game – Submitted by Gio
Click this for NBHQ

Come Friday

A week is has been…STAR testing, means bubbling for all, and muffins for some… As for myself, when in doubt I went with “C” and felt that the PTA let us down in the muffin department. For shame PTA…for shame…Bring back the chocolate ones, thems were the shit, and get those lousy “air-tasting” ones outta my sight. One numb ass, 145 minutes, and 14,000 or so bubbles later we get to go outside, grab sommore air muffins and come back in to my (still warm) chair.

In other news, my dog is real fat but she makes up for it in personality. This image is real crazy cause it depicts my rapid transformation from human being to E.T. perhaps it could be interpreted as an age progression thing, YOU TELL ME! As I type this, my very favorite tiki reminds me that there is homework to be done… There is yak on my phone but I’ll be sure to clean it before it is put to very good use ;). I’m reading super cool computer books again so that I can achieve the title of grandmaster in our D&D circle and more realistically get my A+ certification this summer so I can work the register at Micky Dees more efficiently.

As you can plainly see, there really aint much good goin on in the hood, nothin bad either, as always Friday will most definately kick a well portioned amount of ass, and this highly anticipated assload will most likely carry over into the weekend. Than maybe I can take sommore damn shots and film sommore crazy S.O.B’s eatin bugs and shit, get this damn thing kickin again.

Another Crazy Flash Vid
Beating Up Preschoolers
Quite Possibly the Coolest Belt Buckle Ever
Napoleon Dynamite Legislation?
New Street Figher?

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