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A Day at the Zoo


Grabbed my gal pal and zoo key and drove some miles to the San Francisco Zoo. I really came to see my penguin friends, but most of em were bein kinda timid. The same could not be said for the local peacock who was jus chillin around the premises, needless to say, Julia chased after it.

We ran into two creatures that I had never heard of, the duiker and the dick dick, both names made me giggle a little bit.

I think these are baboons or some other kinda monkey with the big red asses. Speakin of dem monkeys, I would be the alpha male and this would be Ian. For real though those gorillas are god damn swollen, jus check out those glutes gorilla booty rockin everywhere!

They even had your mom on exhibit.

Opening Day at the Stadium


Big ups to Ian and family for lettin me come to the Giants’ opening day game on Thursday insteada school, it’s been a few since I’ve sat in good ol Pac Bell, SBC, Someother thing AT&T
. I bought one of those frozen malt things that you eat with the little wooden stick for 4 bucks cause its tradition for me to empty out my wallet at sporting events.

Ian and I missed the broad singin the anthem cause we were buyin teh popcorn but I still caught a glimpse of the oversized flag and the bitchin blue angels roarin around in the sky. So I’m not bein boastful or anything but Brosef & I looked bashful in our Friscan attire, although that’s rather self-evident in the pic.

One of the cool things about the park is all the crazy crap they have setup for the children, the kiddies, like this lil tee ball field thanks to my will power and self restraint I didn’t hurl anything on the field or ask to play :P.

I proposed to Ian during the game using the alias Shane, and everyone knows when I don’t call him Ian or Susie I call him Jen. Evidence could be spotted on the Jumbotron we still gotta work out the prenups.

As expected Giants donkey punched the Braves 6 – 4 and good ol Barry was 0-4 with 2 intentional walks that beckoned 42,000 boos and no homerun for baseballs roidboy, but helllova game reguardless and I thank Ian for makin it possible.

Spring break starts Monday and I threw up last night for the first time in a long time. It’s the worst feeling when you get all clammy and white right before and you can feel that upchuck jus makin its path. Nasty ass ish to say the least and I hope never again to have such a close relationship with my toilet.

Another Weekend, Another Empty Tank

bdayash Saturday night was spent at el casa de Ash’ms in celebration of her 18th, I forgot her present and scored several dousche points, than Joe and me left early to get to Hot Import Nights but when we got there Joe and I realized that we got the date wrong, and the location. That upped our dousche score once again. So here it is 9:00 on a Saturday night rollin around in the Hoesafe Mobile with a lack of destination and a dwindling gas supply. Aint that a bitch.

Earlier that day I took my chic to a cave cause I’m hella romantic n shiot some guys take their ladies to dinner or a movie or somethin, I go the cave route. Baller.

So I figure all of you guys would pretty much take a bullet for my great website so why not show some love by tackin on this classy piece on your MySpace and / or personal webpage etcetera :


Misty Mountain Hop

null The bro Eebs lumbered over to my pad and scooped me into his grand jeep vehicle with hungry with an apetite for the outdoors. We cruised 4-wheeled skyline till we spotted a trail that seemed to present an ample challenge and proceeded to conquer it for the next 2 hours or so. Advice: Do not attempt to wear sandles while attempting to hike. Over the course of our adventure Matty and I came across the guy that does the Geico commercials, den I picked em up and Matty rubbed his belly, felt kinda like a wet fat kid might. So like I said, around two hours; against the elements, and at their mercy all the way my cold and exposed toes would have surely detached and regroup in my throat in a strangle attempt had they the chance. But you know me, I keep my appendages in check. Anyway, manly pictures were takin, us with our walking sticks (not visible due to shrinkage affect). My final words on that matter with Matty: twas a good time that beckons a sequel that will be posted and photographed. G’times Matty Boy.

girl I spend my weekends with dudes. That’s my story lately, I think I might play that gay card except when it comes down to the cooking and my skills or lack thereof , that and the boobs and da heiny. I also enjoy singing.

Heres a picture of Josef after his cocaine snort, it might have been powdered sugar though, we’re looking into it, either way his puny balls could not handle the sensation. Ian spilled V-juice on the chair cushion, and you can probably guess what happend next…Joe lapped it up like a kitty and her lil milk saucer, cept less cute and more alcoholicy. Joe makes funny faces after he sips on his potent oil as apparent here and meow. I tend to look more like this.

We are the responcible lads and take to the streets as opposed to vehicular transportation, nor do we operate heavy machinery, cept for our penises, which are unbelieveably large and heavy. Joe got stuck under an overpass kinda like a retarded mosquito catcher who finds his way into your bathroom while your taking a shower and than melts on your ceiling.

Ey, ey resemblance? compare dis, with dis.

Joe pissed outside McDonalds, and I laughed accordingly. Then a mysterious woman in a truck came and stuck it in the arse of Joe causing a little bit of hurl to climb up my esophagus, no biggy. The night ended back at my pad with some old times NES Action and some

Pussy Fights


NEW TOURETTES GUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Juggernaut Video : CLASSIC
Kind of a crappy double guitar solo
Bass Solo
Simply Tickling

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