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Stars Round My Head

Woke up on a brick pillow and Mexican jumping beans in my belly not to mention the fist beatle in my throat and if you don’t speak phychadelic, it means I woke up feelin under the weather. All day man jus felt lika big ball of mess, my hair straigtened itself out and got all greasy with usually foretells bad scoobies, and every light in the house is way to bright today. Slept all day, woke up, watched some old Batman tapes, looked through some old photos, good times. Anyway, daytime TV sucks and so does the new TV guide channel, tommorow will be better.

Anywhoo, me and Kai hit up the quad game against Mateo, hellova game, Aragon won by 5 or somethin, I forgot to take pictures but I did take one of our shitty cheerleading squad to show that we have four cheerleaders which further shows we have neither quality or quantity. Eeb’s got his ride back, it’s gettin up and goin better than ever, and he’s quite grateful to have it back. Went to Matt’s again too, sat in on a nice lil jam session with Kai behind the set and Eeb’s rockin the little wing. Good times all around Ruff came by tonight and did this to this young lady funny enough to make me laugh twice.

Hush sent this nutty ass shot of houseflys makin the whoopy and one of some guy who looks familiar tonguing something…I got wierd friends in boring places 😛

To Kairon, thanks for commenting babe

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What More Can I Say?

This day is far from a day, in fact it might be a night in disguise
They say the world is still turning but its hard to see with lovestung eyes
Step after step through this infinite heavy
Sharpening every thought, while trying to keep steady
Moonlit tales and starlit pearls,
The familiar dream with the golden curls
The song has yet to change though this verse is new
The meaning is full, the words are few
Drown in this pain, paddle with your heart
If theres no need to end, why restart?
Surrender to this love and fight the fight, live to redeem
It’s the skys that are weeping, for they have lost their queen
The clouds are starting to sink, we can’t be saved now
Time is the cure my dear, and she begs to know how
Whats more is gone, whats less is the feeling
What more can I say?

Hopefully my verses can be a consolation for my lack of posting as of late, sorry fellas and ladies, I’ll be gettin on my eyes soon, (lemme stretch first). Anyway one reason why I haven’t posted (among so many more important things) was because my elderly keyboard was all outta wack from being dropped too many times *COUGHRANDYCOUGH* so the [ ENTER ], [ BACKSPACE ], [ LEFT ], and [ 1 ] keys were all not working so I jus picked up a new one today. Along with shellin out twenty bucks for a very regular keyboard, I went runnin with Randy in Foster City. Probably the best one I’ve ever done, we ran a buncha miles, along the water, under the San Mateo bridge, through the thick soup fog, with my best friend Randy. Its a hell of a thing to know someone since preschool and to be runnin alongside him twelve short years later. It’s a hell of a thing.

New Years Eve Party at Matt’s was good times, lotsa heads showed up, probably peaked at about 30 or so, and I was deeemd bouncer, although I didnt really bounce too many people. Beer bongs were used spontaneous hugs were issued the formal dress code was followed. Was good times though, those guys from Serra (all dude school) were good people, this chic is cool too, too bad she got super blasted and required me carryin her outside to “water the bushes”, and when I saw water, I mean..the act of regurgitation. This chic couldn’t stop calling more people over so *I threw her out on the street and told her there were rules in life…* So heres a pic of the host with the most Matty Ebert himself! And if your wondering how you can view ALL of the pics of that night, go ahead and crick here * That was total bullshit I made up *

Finals are near, and I was looking into something when my boy Curran sent me here, made me chuckle but than I went back to pretending I was looking into something. Finals suck.

So of course I have to say something about the Tsunami, I think it’s horrible and shouldnt be taken lightly, so thats pretty much all I’m gonna say, and I am amazed at the courage, tenacity and unity of the human race, check out this footage of a tidal wave comin towards a hotel, that must have been absolutely terrifying…Anyway click click here to donate money to the relief fund, I’ve put in 2 bucks at my school, every bit helps.

Keep on keepin on, I’ll be runnin, and we’ll be flyin again soon enough girl.

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“It Cant Rain All The Time”

First and foremost:

Went to Megs the other night, good times, good hugs, good people. Dint bring my camera so I dint snap any shots, but I can tell ya the next time I do, I will packin and snappin with this handfull of purestyle. That’s right homies, the next photos you see will be completely ass-shattering compared to those takin by this hunka junk. I suggest you take a step back and try to take that in before you keep reading…

Night before Meg’s I went (R)ollin around town in (R)andys (R)egal, creepin up hills at drive-by speed, bumpin all kinda crazy beats from his trunk fulla twelves and watts. Tinted windows, body black as night, a growl of pistons and cylinders enough to give anyone a fright. So we made our rounds around 94402 and got back to my place, giving Randy jus enough time to get on my computer, and work on his dumb myspace, all the while I was strummin my 6 – stringclosin my eyes while slipped away”. Yeh and before I could slip anymore, Randy had busted the shit outta my desk, so I type this to you now with my keyboard on my lap and mouse on my knee, thanks Randy.

Forgot to mention we got a dog in the family now. Now before I go any further, what kind of dog comes to mind when you think of “dog”? More importantly, what kind of dog do you think I would end up with? Wull before your head combusts from that surge of suspence, I’ll jus tell ya, I got a poodle. That’s right, I..own a poodle. Does that make me any less of a man? Maybe. Does it mean estrogen will soon consume me? Probably. All I know is I gotta walk this little ball of curl, and watch it sleep on my bed. It’s a she, and the name “Tina” had been given to her sometime within her life (shes 6) so I can quote Napoleon Dymanite freely now :D. If you don’t understand that last sentence, you deserve to feed my poodle.

Oh by the way, NBHQ is on its new host goin hard, with 5 gigs of space to move around and 100 gigs to dish out to the fans. I’ve already done a lot of updating to the radio in particular, adding a buncha songs, added the Facts and Phobias sections, both great time killers. I updated the music picks section and put in my current song of choice. It’s all good I sware. Well thats all for now, I gotta go pet my poodle. Enjoy my stuff.

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What’d You Get For Christmas?

I think I scored this year, raked in a buncha loot! I got: this windup bug thing that spits out sparks when it crawls over stuff, I got strangling kit that I can use to work out I guess, and a bigass ball that I can use while gettin tangled up in myself. I got little tiny board games that use magnets so jus in case I fall off my ball, my pieces wont fall! Got Meet the Parents DeeBeeDee that I can watch while chewing one of four types of gum. I got that my zia stole from her office, maybe I can use those on my Mach V! Who knows? Either way I got the biggest stocking you’ll ever see.

After the last present was opened and the last curly Q was hurled on the floor we all left for the Hyatt hotel for a X-Mas brunch. I don’t know why I brought my camera, I’m sure people thought I was some kinda poor white trash in awe of the lush surroundings, but whateva, at least I didn’t try to sneak some melon balls home in my pocket. Food was good, made my Uncle lick his chops and my gramma enjoyed it too. All the while my zia was talkin into her imaginary microphone. So on the way out I was helpin my gramma down the escalalor when I took a second look at those little brissel things that kinda line the botton of it. I was jus wondering what the hell those are for. Are they to clean your feet? Are they super cool noicemakers? I may never know! So if one of you fools knows what it is, be sure to comment and tell me.

Got home, my uncle hadda belly fulla brunch so he tooka nap on my gramma’s shoes. So I ‘d say it was a good Christmas, had it’s moments, my uncle napped, I sat, I stood, I can’t believe I dint have to use my A.K., today was a good day.

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