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The ‘Ol Shoebox PC

This bad boy was put together a few years back by Pinky’s brother ( on the right ); a fully functioning computer built inside a shoebox.

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Drifting Session #2 : Joe’s Downfall


Click above to see the most recent drift sesh, submitted by one of our buds. Many of you are lucky enough to know and know of my brosef Josef, he’s known for making great choices and obeying the law, well this time as he put it so poetically, the law “fucked him in the ass with no lube,” an unfortunate truth for my brosef. So from what I heard it all went down like-a-this, Ben and Josef were a-drifting in a rather large vacated lot when the popo came a rollin in lights and all, catching Josef charging him with a misdemeanor. Bad times.

Only a few days prior me and that fine brosef were postin it at Fivestory marveling at our automobiles and Joe played with my headlights. Tee hee.

Winter break is over and my last semester of high school begins in the morning so I really better go and prepare my man purse with sufficient stationary and supplies for my busy day. See me driving bitches.

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Crazy prison story

You Know You Go To Aragon When

So I’ve been seein this lil list circulating around and around myspace like a venereal disease so I decided to give it to you. Keep in mind I have not written any of these so if some are rediculously lame, don’t blame me:


1. No one wears red and black on fridays except the spirit squad, teachers, leadership and anyone else who wants extra credit.

2. You think the whole “Asian Mafia” that sits on the other side of school is a joke.

3. The administration says don�t drink before dances�drink after

4. The whole Senior class is divided into 2 groups: The AP’s and the Partiers.

5. You’ve heard the story of Mr. Oling [the ex-dean] and his weed.

6. During lunch half the school is on myspace in the library.

7. The football field may suck but, our football team can whoop on yours…for instance Burlingame.

8. Half the school is under construction, but we’re all so used to it we don’t give it a second thought.

9. Seniors who want a parking space have to get there at least 20-30 minutes before their first class starts, and if you don’t…you just make up your own parking spot

10. Pretty much everyone walks down the halls with an ipod, ipod mini, shuffle, or nano blasting through their ears

11. People can be REALLY shady

12. You don’t really know what service commission is, but you all join it anyways because Mr. Valmonte is so cool

13. You�ve gone to Mr. Pickles on a minimum day

14. Upperclassmen sport the “S.E.E.E Crew” pins…but no one knows what they do, what it stands for, or why they would join such a thing

15. Freshman girls wear really short skirts even on cold days

16. There are literally like 200 people in the Recycling Club, but over half of them don’t even recycle (they’re really in it for the end of the year trip)

17. Looking out the window, watching cars get towed is a great highlight of the day in certain classes

18. The girls wear flip flops whether its warm or not, but no one thinks they’re crazy when they wear it on cold days because every girl does it anyways

19. By senior year, the class is so divided that in actuality you will probably only hang out with one person you used to hang out with since your freshman year

20. Your junior year is the shit if you’re not an AP kid; you’re life is HELL if you are

21. No one goes to the school dances, but everyone goes to Grid and Prom

22. Everyone thinks our school looks like a jail…and frankly it kinda does

23. There’s a fundraiser everyday at lunch/brunch

24. Everyone is obsessed with O.C, One Tree Hill, or Laguna Beach

25. Everyone wishes we had lights on our field, so we could get the real high school football experience

26. There’s not one single distinct style

27. There seems to be new people at our school everyday

28. You’re probably in the Key Club, Interact Club, Recycling Club, or all of the above

29. Literally EVERY single lock is black, you had to pay $5 to use you’re locker, and you don’t even understand why

30. Really the only cliques here are: the Drama kids and the Asian Crew

31. No matter, what you’re mostly proud to be from A-town

32. People talk about myspace like it�s real life

33. there is always some kind of drama going on whether its yu or yur frends or someone else

34. Pple wear red and black almost evry day EXCEPT FRiday wen yur SUPPOSED to wear it


35. lunch dentention with Valmonte in HELLA fun theres alwais something ot laugh at!

36. youve said PEACE UP A-TOWN DOWN at LEAST once

37. the only rallies worth watching are the “Dance Rules” rallies but somehow you always end up watching each rally until its over

38. dententions mean absolutely NOTHING to you if you’re friends with Gabe and Josea

39. you are aware of the fact that your Dean was kicked out of school 5 times

40. trouble is forgotten if you can beat Valmonte at basketball

41. you don’t use “Mr” or “Mrs” in the classroom, you call your teachers/deans/principals/counselors by their last names

42. Allekotte gives you late passes

43. 4/20 is a special occasion and if forgotten, its considered a sin

44. u no u can get susspended 4 farting on sum1 !! LMAO

45. you own a pair of converse

46. your english teacher is a complete skitzo/psycho/ JUST WEIRD IN SUM WAY! CUZ THEY ALL ARE! BUT THERE ALL HELLA FUNNI!!!

47. you noe whitch teachers not to say “GAY” in front of

48. you kno what “the pyramid” is

49. “NO OFF CAMPUS LUNCH” means absolutely nothing to you

50. you hate p.e.

51. the announcements always have a way of makin`you lauff

52. yu go to club/team meetings just for the free food

53. the parole officer told you to cut class instead of getting in trouble for being late haha

54. you kno the security guards by name

55. you or someone you kno lives close enough to cut to

56. When they play music at lunch and mostly everyone is either dancing or singing.

57. When the office messengers come in during the middle of your class and give you your detention for cutting in front of everyone.

58. you actually want to come back when u graduate just to hang with ur friends at lunch hour adn no one cares.

59. Everyone knows we have the best dance team and they rule over all other schools and squads!! and the captian’s are always bitches!!

60. Everyone goes to the rallies to watch the spirit squad performances.. Rally commissioners don’t relly mean anything to you..

61. Whether you bring food to school or not.. you always end up in the lunch line buying crap for food..

62. You know what groups hang out where.. who’s in them.. and who they get along with and don’t..(WE GOT THA PERAMID)

63. Everyone either smoked before school, smokes during passing periods/breaks, or is about to go smoke.


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