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A Look Back

First of all this is the 200th news post, so thats powerful exciting! So Imma getta little nostalgic on ya’ll jive turkeys! Exclamation marks are cool!!!

So theres a look back at all the grande times we once had and the few-chah wer gerna herve.

I updated the rants section with 2 new ones from Pinky, and the NBHQ Radio is back online with some new tunes. Playlist is updated too with all the songs I got. Oh by the way, I am looking for new affiliates, so if you are interested in trading links, e-mail me at [email protected] or fill out this form.


Love ya Grampa

My grampa passed away today, he taught me a lot, knew what mattered and how to protect it, Im gonna miss em, but I’m glad he wont hurt anymore. Thats all I wanna say about that..
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