Month: October 2006

Local Noise

e94 Element94 is comprised of a 4 dudes from Belmont who rock socks off with well put together riffs and songs rich with universal meaning. Singer, John Lewis, belts out angst ridden lyrics telling of everything from missed romances to the denouncement of formal education. Element94 flourishes now from its once, humble roots back when their sound was nearly synonymous with that of a tourettes sufferer hijacking a microphone. Thankfully, E94 is no longer considered noise pollution but rather, the quintessential garage band turned local pop punkers from the peninsula. Check them out on MySpace, give “Every Little Bit Helps” a listen.
kdaThe KJA Pack, a title I bestow upon them only because they are formally untitled. The KJA Pack is comprised of K-Dubb, Jeff (or Fejj as I normally refer to him as), and Adam. Adam is the new addition to the mix, he brings yet another serving of Caucasian into the equation and he drives a Supra so I’m down with that. I’ve raved about these guys before, telling of their mastery on the mic, the flawlessness of the flows but I tell of them now as matured craftsmen of the clutch worthy of your listen. Check them out on MySpace, and give a listen to “Fresh Melon Smellin.”
Rauls Son Raul’s Son, my boy, former slayer at Aragon’s hip hop club. The once timid high school junior with curly fries for hair has transformed himself into a confident lyricist with vocab for days. Raul has refined himself into a eating and spitting hip hop powerhouse utilizing his weapons of mass construction, Raul pumps out lyrics like an overactive colon. Check him out on MySpace, listen to “Killa.”

Honorable Mentions

Extremely Relaxed Animals : Barry from Element94 & Hoesafe combine their collective string plucking skills and harmonize in their rendition of Taking Back Sunday’s – A Decade Under the Influence.
Bird Announced Land : A melodic pair of ladies whose musical talent is only surpassed by their immense vernacular. Their one and only song is a tune I have yet to get over, I don’t know what it is about, but I think of it as audio ectasy. Check out their MySpace and listen to “To the Shore”

Man Laws

macho manAs men, we abide by a unwritten, informal code. This code dictates ethics, morals, and actions. Amendments can always be made to this code in accordance with the times and social climate. In the neolithic era, it went against the man code to borrow a fellow man’s polished stone instruments without asking, and when borrowed, they were to be promptly returned following the archaic task. What I share with you now are the contemporary, practical applications of the Man Laws and how they can be used and followed today.

  1. Thou Shall Not avenge any wrongdoing of another by damaging his vehicle. i.e. Keying, denting, slashing etc.
  2. Thou Shall Obey the “shotgun” rule within reason. The exception to the rule : if said company stands 6’4″ or taller the front seat shall be reserved with appropriate legroom granted.
  3. Tickling is never permitted.
  4. Thou shall not speak “ouch” as an exclamation of pain.
  5. Whoever smelt it hath delt it.
  6. If thoust has committed to an act thou must carry it out unto completion. i.e. Designated drivers, and the act of urination.
  7. The duration of a handshake must never exceed the time it takes to say “anal penetration”
  8. He who does not kick down for given meal is to be granted ONE exception in which he can dine with his endowed brethren, however once used the tightwad is to be ostracized from the dining scenario.
  9. Gas money is never to be expected if the ride in question was offered.
  10. The level of manliness is to be gauged by the amount of hair on the ass.

I Voided Myself

o_noes.JPGIt’s damn near dusk on a weeknight, nine hours of class and work powered through, Randy gives a call on the ‘ol mobile and proposes a nice little jog for ‘ol times sake. I happily oblige, and pick out the popular local trail. I can’t run on an empty stomach so I down a water bottle and a handful of beef jerky for good measure beforehand. I drive us over and we lace up and begin our lovely little prance down the initial straightaway, goin at a steady trot-waddle. As we see and pass each half mile marker the sky gets darker and darker and we get further and further from the bathroom at the start. The days worth of liquid consumption was starting to catch up to me and my piss gun was rather loaded… It was damn near black out, and aside from the possible presence of mountain lions, rattle snakes, and deranged serial killers lurking in the vast brush that surrounded us, Randy and I were pretty much alone. I paused from my vigorous running to drain my lizard right there on the side of the trail, allowing mother earth to reclaim my urine.. Now keep in mind I was wearing a somewhat long wife beater and gym shorts throughout this little run.. As I let my peck flop out and great the night sky, going into auto pilot and not using my hands (a skill I have perfected over the years), I let it flow.. What I did then was something senior citizens fear and toddlers take for granted, I did not hear the satisfying echo effect of my piss juice hitting the gravel, nor the dirt. No, what I felt was more of a warm damp sensation slowly spreading across the bottom of my shirt, and ya know once you start you cant stop, so I pretty much stripped away all hope for that shirt ever being white again, not to mention cover myself in my own piss throughout the process. Yeh so the run back to the car was a damp one, Randy almost choked on his tongue laughing, I hope no one important reads this post, but I jus feel everyone else should know that I pissed myself. kthxbye. R.I.P. shirt.