Month: February 2006

Photobucket, ImageShack, Kiss Your Anus Goodbye

That’s right bitches, all you MySpace whores and addicts can now upload your own photos to our very own gallery! Than you can stick em on your site. Face it, free image hosts like photobucket and that other one with the frog jus don’t cut it, they limit your filesizes, it’s a pain in the ass, and I poop on the service all together:

Keep in mind I jus came up with this idea last night, thanks to Brosef-Josef. As of now, all you have to do is REGISTER an account and have me activate it and you will have permissions to upload however many pics you want. If they are too big and they need resizing, I will do that. So there ya go. Enjoy.

Aint That a Beach

beach It’s been way too long since I’ve felt hot sand under my feet, it’s been way too long since I’ve eaten a big schweaty wiener prepared by Malchow. I cut school that day so I could go to work early, get my hours in, fatten up my favorite leather wallet, and get off at noon so I could get to the beach boy-eeeeeee. I do have an affinity for our convoys that we travel in, I enjoy Cahill’s superior driving capabilities, and his turns sharp enough to cut yo mutha. Than again, I am partial to the ruggedness, the brauns, the compensating factor of Kyle’s big blue jeep. It was the last day of a freakish hot spell in San Mateo in the middle of fuckin February, but of course over in the asscrack of the Bay Area we could see our breath over in Half Moon Bay. So anyway after we downed our wieners and Kyle his sandwiches, we got to work on our goddamn dam and made fiya.

Malchow really is a hit with the ladies, he knows that the quickest way to a womans heart is through the wiener. Hah! So thats enough of the piere jokes. K wait, one more. K, done.

As if the land and the air wasn’t cold enough, I got in the water cold enough to make my balls retreat into my anus, but surfing on that tire was worth it. Same with the sail. I tried taking a bite of this big hunka wood and it hurt my teeth real bad, I wouldn’t recommend it.

Malchow was on Baywatch in case you didn’t know. Resemblance?.

What does this look like to you, and NO, you wouldn’t find em here.

Long story short…Ya’ll can’t do likeNBHQ. click here to see all the pics from the beach. And click here to see some BETTER pics

And the video:

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Damn It Feels Good to be a Don

girls Ian and myself lost our voices screaming at the Aragon/Hillsdale quad in which our good ol Dons shat on the Knights in a 4-0 sweep. We brought the E+A along, but only after we waited for them to assemble, prepare, blowdry, and pose. So when we got their and found seats where we were packed like sardines, but it was tolerable cause we were in close proximinity with the coolest twins ever. It was a hellova game good enough to almost take up nailbiting, not quite though. E+A, try as they might they couldn’t keep my eyes from the court, see?.

Shit-on-Hillsdale and have a good time night continued with my first visit to Condon’s House. I dug. First of all, I came, I saw, I Pimped, jus to show the other dogs who humps the legs of bitches. I learned things that night,

1. Charles has a kidney of steel and a is pretty much immune to intoxication, and he could prolly kick my ass through a wall even if he ever was drunk.

2.Sasha is Vodka’s sissy bitch. She turns into Emily Rose after her shots. Compare.

3. This girl is fucking crazy. CRAZY

4. NPC can’t handle more than one girl.

I forgot to mention anything of last weeks dinner with E+A+I that turned into a wet tee contest that I would have won if I was in it. I got picked up like a big fuckin fish. And I got cloned, twice.

I’m takin a day off school tommorow and goin to the beach. Expect more killer pics and a post made of pure balls.

P.S. I upgraded the Photo Gallery, it needs a lot of tweaking graphically, but it seems way faster to me, lemme know what you think.

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rr May I start this post by informing you all that I type this on my brand new box, put together with my bare hands. So last weekend was spent with the boys: J-Boy and I-guy up at Russian River. We spent our time driving my momma into a tizzy gettin thizzy and sippin on that potent oil. Brandy was our poison of choice and we did what damage we could to our brain cells and kidneys lickety split, Joesef on the other hand showed his true womanly colors and coughed up his first swigthrough his nose, but hey, what do u expect.

In the evenings we spent a lotta time shredding about 4 years worth of newspapers and lighting them on fire, People Magazine was spared.

Illicit tasks were carried out in the yard, tasks I am far to chaste to partake in myself were carried out reguardless, with the aid of some hot tunes no less. I love that song.

I tried to look like death in this picture, I’d said I succeeded, Ian fails, and once again, Joe is a —-.

So it’s cool to be on a bed with and a man and lay, even my poppa says that okay, but girls are better play, and Joe is a bitch if I do say.

Hope you enjoyed that stupid rhyme scheme and thats all the talking about Russian River that I can handle.

Last night I was working on this very post when I heard a rapping at my bedroom window, I knew without a second thought that it was Emily & Ashley on the other side…for months I have been the subject of their well executed pranks, everything from chalkings, to car saran wrapping to downright threats. This latest attack however, takes the win, lady pads covered in ketchup lined my walls…the pungent tomatoe-ey aroma was quick to suffocate any and all fresh air out of my walkway not to mention the visual atrocity of feminine hygeine products that have no place on a boys wall. I don’t think I am alone in thinking that had to be the nastiest prank of all time. Thanks beezies.

Yeh and I got some videos up:

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