Month: March 2005

A Noche Con Mi Homies

Spring bah-reakkk babyyy, a time for relaxation, a time for lustful fixations, and a time for CELEBRATION BITCHES! Better believe I brought the NBHQ Cam to school on Friday, Tony must have been tipped off or something cause he came to first period rockin that badass Chevy’s hat…We too thisthis really cool pic too, and if that doesn’t cure your erecticle dysfunction nothing will..cept maybe this…, which would be the nasty ass sinks that our science class which also act as a convienant trash receptacle. Alex is the only kid I know that can sleep standing up, while making that rediculous bird face. As usual, third period Electronics was the shit, had a pot luck of ginormic proportions, Matt did the truffle shuffle (1.7 mb), and got thumbs up from Tyler and my number one fan John, but not long after the rasing of the thumbs, my fan numero uno and Tyler went back to their supercool sword catalogue, try not to chop off a thumb guys ! (good one) Fast ass forwarding to the joyful trot from my last class to clear out my locker for the break I was fortunate enough to witness the ritualistic pre-spring break wall rub, but than they saw me so I was obligated to join in , sadly it didn’t last long and the entranced ladies dispersed and Emily stuck it to me. I’m thankful that I lived to tell about it and be a part of sucha cool photo. Check out all the photos from school by clicking here.

Night fell, the moon went up, liquid remover of my inhibitions slowly foamed out of my cup, and man oh man how the evening was great, how it was loud, how the one smile turned into a crowd, and the head in window turned out to be friendly, it turned out to be smug, the four lips combined followed the curve while they both cut up the rug. I mean…these sons a bitches came to my place of residence, so did this guy, and this one oh and don’t forget the ninja. Brett schmoked about twenty-seven black n milds and even got momma Brady hooked…shit man Brett man was all up on my momma, that made both Kairon and me put on our scared faces. But if you think about it..Brett man was all up on Tina too…soo…anyone like emo’d out pictures? How bout pictures that turn from dark to light fast enough to trigger your dormant case of epilepsy? Hey, brett blew chunks, embarassed yet fufilled Chunks left shortly after, (if you don’t get that joke check you are deserving of a kick to the colon). Heres the video of Brett yaking – Here ( 2.7 MB ). Needless to say he passed the fuck out
and spent the night on my couch and I bet he smoked about fourteen more black n milds in his sleep. That was that. Oh and doesn’t it look like Kai is playin the air keyboard here?. Check out all the good times that were had by clicking here.

Check out the badass drawing that big trav spent like two weeks on. And YES that is supposed to me on the floor passed out with an “NBHQ” shirt and Kai behind the fishtank. Oddly enough you can spot both the Virgin Mary and Hay-zoos himself painted and framed on the wall, which is supposed to be the “irony in the piece,” Trav the sav.

One more day till the 17-year old Eebs and I depart for Cal Poly and Santa Barbara so we can thourougly “review some campuses” and what not. But in that day prior I give ya my word I will do my more than least to try to get the majority of the content uploaded so the 404 guy can get his come uppins! Hey do me a fave? Sign the book

Pimp my tank!
So cops cant get your plate number
Sideways Room
picture of the infamous fingertip in the wendys chili
how to tell a kid his parents died
Roids anyone?

And Heres To the Next 300!

Here we are, post number THREE HUNDRED, and almost three years after post numero uno still kickin strong, still gettin stronger bitches. It’s crazy to look back in the archives and read somma the crazyass jibba jabba I used to write…A year ago (to the day) I was tellin you guys to say “I won a math debate” five times fast and was giving “props to Shell Fish for turnin me onto Atmosphere,” damn how bout that? That was probably boring enough for you guys to read this first time :P. So anyway I take this time to share with you some of the funny / good time shit that made these past 300 news posts memorable:

Now you and I both know I left a lot out, it would impossible to do a full recap on more than three great years of NBHQ’ing, so I suggest you pay more attention this time around for the next three and beyond my bretherin and sistahly sistahs. I thank you all for the hundreds of great comments you all have left, I wish my arms were long enough to hug you all at the same time.

I am quite sorry it’s been so long since my last post, and I am quite sorry if this isnt quite the comeback you expected but its like lovin…It’s what I got. Went to the Pepper concert the other day, or week, or something :P. Pepper kicks ass, they played “Bulls on Parade” by RATM, and even Smells Like Teen Spirit, that’s pretty darn cool in my book of whats cool and what isnt, and if you’ll turn the page you will find that your cool enough to be taking up most of my mind! See now im starting to ramble, this post sucks.

I wanna finish getting all the content up so when you click shit it does’nt give the 404 page, so I’ll try to get that up very, very soon. So far I got the lovers and friends page up that has a link to jus aboot everyones frickin MySpace. Added about 10 new songs to the radio, some good listening. As for the videos, they got featured on CollegeHumor and that’s quite cool if you ask me. And I got these up to, click em:

Well that’s I have to say, spring break is upon us, I am Cal Poly / Santa Barbara bound, it’ll be good times galore, and I’ll be sure to snap a few shots. Enjoy yourselves.

Bush likes heads?
Peter Griffin Soundboard
George foreman goes fuckin crazy
The Mosh Girl
Crazy Keyboard Player
Crazy ass who thinks hes a mermaid
Haha nice picture

P.S. Happy Birthday Chuck

Got A Devils Haircut…In My Mind

Well among several other things, I got my locks cut, my character removed, my haircut…I think it kinda looks like Greek or somethin like this, yeh or maybe not :P. I’m thinkin I’ll be rockin the caps until my shipment of rogaine arrives. Many people may not know this, but my hair is the source of all my powers, without it I can no longer…do supercool stuff. I no longer have computer hacking skills, num-chuck skills, nor my skills with a regulation sized bowstaff… Sad but true…Cause I wont be deleting anymore “Rapid Hair Growth” e-mails for a while..Dot dot dot…

Hell yeah I brought my camera on Friday, took this pic of some freaky ass freshman tryin to spoon in center court, although it looked more like forkin to me! And pardon the blurryness, I was zoomed in by like..INFINITY thanks to my camera that kicks the ass. This guy… who knows. Tony is HELLA black, that’s all I gotta say about him, and don’t tell him I say that..cause he’d prolly kick a little bitta shit outta me. Shown here is my brudda Rich…Here we got a half-assed crew shot together before the masses grew restless and started burnin and lootin. Fej ate his board. The End.

Friday Night. Fellas over, my brosef, Josef attended, even Pinky reared his pink head, and flipped me his pink bird in my direction. Caitlyn drove us everywhere, and made scary faces. Poker was played, a can was kissed, and basically…good times were had…Pinkster prepared breakfast, served me up some cracked out waffles. Matt took emo ass photograph of himself with his eyes closed, cause THATS cool, but it musta caught on cause Ashley did it too, maybe we should make that into something. Maybe…

So heres the new layout, it’s not even close to done, but I was jus so tired of the other one, I tried to make this one brither, and by golly I think I succeeded. Thats all I have to say for now, be sure to comment and tell me what u think, or e-mail me at

The Game…
cracked out simpsons shirt.
old ladies can party hard too
world beard champions

It’s Like That and Like This, and Like That And Uh…

I do apologize for my lack of posting as of late, and thanks to Natalie for “kindly reminding” me to “get that shit updated” everyday 6th period. So I guess this ones free since it took me so long, and its lookin kinda cold, but hey man heres what I got, something pretty nifty to BEHOLD:

Randy turned 17 yesterday, festivities were held for him at the local Chevy’s, seven seats taken, 42 enchiladas consumed. While we were waitin for the table, curiosity warranted a visit to the neighboring “Dollar Twenty-Five Store” where we tried on nasty ass shades that made Russel look like emo trash. Vinny tried on this really cute hat that made me blush, Ruff found a great deal on crazy knockoff cereal, than Vinny posed with a ceramic primeape. Mexican food is the shit, bigass sombreros are the shit, and the agua con lemon is real real bueno tambien. That’s that.

I took my camera to school the other day, took time to stand with mi amigas, I rubbed this Fu’s head, felt great too, brings me good luck. I saw my Fijian amigo, Leonard in the halls, gave him the nod, and you better believe he nodded back. I was content to be greeted by my brudda Jahred and Ana was hella jealous but she still managed to sneak in the picture with Angela and the babies daddy Tony. Paid my daily respects to Whamo, holy moly he’s a cool cat…Not long after, we took some of the baddest G-D- M & Effin Crew shots, shit man we even took a third one to grow on and take notice of Jason’s hand location and that of my right nipple…Creepy to say the least. But uh if you wanna see all the photos I’ve takin at school, click this.

I guess it was the same night as all these pimpass photos were takin at school some peeps ended up at my pad..At first it was jus me and the Pinkster, we were up to no good really, bustin the shit outta lemons with wimpy baseball bats, but all Pinky could do was try to ram his bat up my arse but whatever, I wasn’t even complaining really…Kelly Natalie, Ashley and Eebsies came over too. We went to go Jam outside at the church, maybe even get a lil jammin in but I dint want the females gettin all cold and shivery and what not and they did insist on rockin my old water polo jacket so I let Kelly rock it while Natalie and I resorted to “reverse sagging” a fashionable technique I perfected quite some time ago and still stands the test of time. Matt and Kelly got close like Rosie Odonnels thighs for a sec long enough for me to snappa pic, than I plucked my lucille behind her back, she liked it. Kelly and Natalie frollocked and skipped across the wet church grass in the dead of night to conjure the most evil of spirits cause they’re crafty like that. Welp..than it was time to say goodbye to Miss Kelly and Miss Natalie, except..oh wait..silly Kelly! your car is covered in saran wrap!, surely you mean not to drive with such an obstruction! Ahh yess the whole S.O.B. was covered from head to tire that shit sucks, funny to look at though.

The next day you ask about? You mean that scenic drive we took in Matty’s god damn Lexus? Is that what your referring to? Where we stopped up top near the most scenic of views, crept up next to my ear and whispered “hey look over there dude“? You want me to speak about how nervous I felt passing by this gang of assless chaps-wearing, flem spewing, motorcycle riding ladies and gents? Talk about how Ebert pointed his finger at that old lady in the distance? Cause if your asking me all that, than your crazy if you think imma answer :P.

Well nows the time in the post when I realize that I totally neglected to stick in all the pics we took and I make a mad dash to shove everything in. So here goes: This cat climbed up on the roof I give a very little fuck about how its dumbass gets back down. Meg frickin met Jack Johnson, Julia shoulda, so imagine my shaking my fist in very disaproving manner. I got much love for the Arias’s Juans mi amigo for sure. Pinky made this, and Natalie wrote this

No morestuffs today, just make sure you check out ALL the videos esp the Jam, the pool jumping into and the Fruitball. That it all.

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