Month: July 2004


This ends my 5th week of summer school, 25 days of getting up at the shitcrack of dawn and gettin my alebra on. But tonight, I tell it goodbye, and Sugah and I are goin to Santa Cruz till Sunday, which also means I prolly won’t post till I get back. Who knows, perhaps you’ll be greeted with the illustrious words of Pinky of Ruff Himself! Iono daddio, cross yer fingies.

We gerna hit up the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk in the warm Californian sun, we gerna hit up the Santa Cruz superfreaks, and we gerna hit up the uhhh…whatever I left out :P. The forecast for my little weekend getaway: Light awesomeness, with a slance slight chance of bitchin. Till I return this is Nick Brady tellin you to water your plants, obey your mother, and feed your fuckin hampster Stephan. And don’t forget to sign my guestbook

I’ll have plenty of pics when I come back.

My Mind is on the Blink

Well, I hope the wise words of Pinky kept everyone entertained and I hope it acted as a consolation for my haitus from posting. But im back bitch! Postin from Randy and Ruffles house, and oh yes…Randy did indeed cook once again, eggs and snausage cause hes so pimp..cookin for me 😀 Thanks Big R. Its 9:56 AM and school starts at 10:15 AM, and Im starting to continue not wanting to go…”starting to continue” thats a good slogan, you can use that if ya want.

Anyway, my weekend you ask? Oh.well. it was the shit, thanks for asking. Took my girl onna my yacht that was conviently docked at space numero siete but before we got ther, we were chillin in the back of a truck and got our foot play on, and that carried her off into a deep slumber, and she was all asleep keep in mind, we had more than junk in the trunk. Anyway, it was a pretty wonderful watercraft, if you have the means, I highly encourage picking one up, they are so choice! Something I didn’t about those kinda boats that u live on is the pooper, apparently you can put any toilet paper in therr, so you gotta toss in lil garbitch. Thats powerfull gross huh? Well heres the rest of the pics I took on the boat : PoseMoonlight PhotoLate Heat

That was good times, but wait it gets better! The next day she came over again before I got home, and cleaned. My room you ask? No bia! The whole mo puckin house! Damn bia, you shoulda seen the front room after that. Great. Anyway, anyone who really knows me im shit scared of spiders, well my girl was cleaning under my bed and she found two of these bitches. Thats powerful scary.

So uh, I was pumpin the mad iron ya know, reppin about 265 pounds in that picture, and ya know thats why daddy makes the big bucks. My personal bat trainer looked on. Than he saw me checkin out batgirl and yelled at me.

Yeah so this uBeR 1337 haX0r totally fax0red with my guestbook so I had to start fresh and install a new guestbook, its the same kind, its jus newer and more secure. Anyway I lost like 120 posts, so please please please SIGN THE NEW GUESTBOOK

A Look Back

First of all this is the 200th news post, so thats powerful exciting! So Imma getta little nostalgic on ya’ll jive turkeys! Exclamation marks are cool!!!

So theres a look back at all the grande times we once had and the few-chah wer gerna herve.

I updated the rants section with 2 new ones from Pinky, and the NBHQ Radio is back online with some new tunes. Playlist is updated too with all the songs I got. Oh by the way, I am looking for new affiliates, so if you are interested in trading links, e-mail me at [email protected] or fill out this form.

The Haps You Ask?

Party at Megs last night, was well, powerful well till the coppers came and sent us runnin. Meg is a true player, this I know for a fact, deciding to never let Leo hit me witha pillow again…thassa pact baby. Saw some old faces and even Jamie showed up! Boy howdy! Than I came home. Leo / Usher spent the night, and we went to his gym in the mornin, had ourselves a time with his personal trainer.

Missin that Sugah girl, ill tell ya that right now. I got lonely during the night and the sleeping Theo seemed like a satisfactory piece of ass, look what I did to him. Its ok, we made up after we made out. Jus playin yall. The ginourmous gaping hole in his boxers is 100% real though. Leo went home to tend to his wounded undies, and I bid him farewell.

Oh my mom had surgery on her hand and now it looks like this.

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