Month: July 2004

Segundo Anos para la NBHQ!

Thats right my Latin-American friends! celebrates its one year aniversary witha new logo that in no way looks like its predecessor. 😀 One year ago to the day man…to the day! I payed 60 bucks to my great host and it couldn’t have been a better decision. Well there ya go, you can expect more updates to the site soon, and if you have any ideas or suggestions, e-mail me at [email protected]

So uh…my girl left for Tahoe this morning so im pretty much Kelsie-less for a week or so..but thats ok cause its only like 7 million more seconds :D. So today was pretty eventful I listened to some CD’s counted my change, played with mymonkey while admiring my guitars. Pretty fun.

I was at Randy’s this mornin, his mutha made us french toast, it was scrumtittyumptious, and the almightly, legendary, baddest sonuvabitch rUFF is supposed to come home tommorow morning, cross your fingies fellas.

Also, since it is our one year anniversary I give you the very first episode of the NBHQ Show, featuring some bia from New York! (You’ll need quicktime to view it, click below to download it)

Yeh and my very cool uncle whos one smooth operator took it upon himself to completely rent out Daytona on one of his days off, heeza stud in pull-ups, and hes even badder when hes actually in the car, if NASCAR drivin looks like a profession u might wanna get into, think about the 7$/Gallon price for pure super-duper premium gass-oh-leen.

I don’t care for bush, I can overlook his republican attributes and primeape like physical features, but I can’t overlook the fact is heeza stupid poo poo caka head who can’t run our country.

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