Month: June 2004

Now is Then

Member when I said I’d fill ya puckas in on who to do and what to say? Well, well, well…gather round chillins! As I said last weekend I took my baby to Chinatown, that was good oriental fun for the whole family! Oh it maybe scary at first, the cuisine looks like its something us normals might need some getting used to. I would have taken more pictures of the eatables that lined the shelves and floors of the narrow sweaty little shops run by discruntled medicine men, but this thirsty ferocious friend was having none of my antics on that very day! In the distance, we heard the somber bellows of a those chinese…violin…things that seem to be all the rage for asian senior citizens, it was than when idea struck, my sugah thought “Her!! A nerkel erta shert herm erp” “Good thinkin sweets!” And so it was. We would insert our loose change in the coin slots of many of the various street performers that one chinese day than we ran into this one dude who exclaimed “YOU WANT ME FUCKING MAKE BURN YOU?!, we scidoozled, but I still found time to get my gAnGsTa lEaN and…those lil dolls are spooky as all get out. And thats all I got the gas for tonight folks.

Sunday was the day of the father and my dad and I ferried ofta good ol Angel Island, the immigration station of the of the West Si-eed. It was cool stuff, but if your into islands, and insightful poetry I jus sorta pissed around while I waited for my dad to catch up. Click here to see pics of the Angel Island Run.

Ok so back to the nature at hand..Keep in mind im talking about shit that happend over a week ago because …jus because..anyway I was doin a little power sanding on some old weights that I sorta got handed down to me, I think they were my great-grampas, so think about it fellas and foolas, the weights have gotta be at least a hundred years old, but weights are weights, and my mom says she doesnt want me lifting her anymore. Whatev. Anyway I was tryin to get somma the excess rust of those sons a bitches cause no one likes dem gritty weights. As im doin all this, shits flyin everywhere, sparks, fragments, the werks. Keep in mind I wasnt wearing any kinda protection at this point cause I couldn’t find any goggles that would match my outfit, so sure the fuck enough, as im doin this, one bigass spark shoots right in my eye. I didnt think much of it at the time, but boy howdy, when it came time to set from geep, I was hurtin for certain. Next day went to eye doc, told em what happend, they looked and said I had a rather large chunk of oxidized iron lodged in my eyeball, so they gave me this super cool patch so I type this now, my eyes are patchless, but dialated as fuck for the second day…the lil dialating solution is supposed to last for like… a few hours right? Not…like 48 hours? Weak shite for me. ‘sall dandy.

Lets see..what else has been gerin ern…Oh went to my girls Junior Olympic qualification tournament over in, Moraga, CA, which is a little shy of … somewhere.. a little..farther. Anyway she played 3 games. Oh wait wait wait, before I go on, lemme tell ya how my hardcore my girl is ok? Alright. So probably…3-4 weeks ago, she breaks her finger, doing what you ask? Well playing water polo of course! Jermed it perty herd. Lemme jus say…shes pretty tough and perty hot. Anyway, she broke her finger, and insteada stayin out fer a bittle lit, she ferkin has still been playin, hard and good I might add, jus the way ya mutha likes it. It was pretty nasty injury at first heres anerther pic er ther injery. Crazy eh? Anyway she did crazy good at the tourney and now you can say that shes a Junior Olympian. Yes indeed.

So im jus reminding everyone about how from the streets I am in this pic reppin 650 as hard as I can without anymore more strain on my eye, or ginourmous pupils.. My sugah looks hardcore enough next to her dream ride but I must say… when it comes to automobiles I guess I seem to have better taste.

Well thats all I hafta say, cause my vision is 100% blur-i-fied, Ill try to update more from now on, and uh..oh few quickies fore I depart to summerschool:

Nathan Gill
Your ability to lick your own titty will forever astound me and take my breathe away, it shall be the force from which I absorb strength from. Your a cool cat, and..dont piss Leo off cause he’ll shock ya ass.

Matty Ebert
Have we fallen out of touch? Or have we jus not touched enough? Whichever it is I think its time we warm our asses in your sweet ride and cruise and sing some freebird rounda fire…GOC is coming sir.

Stephan Romeyn
I’ll find the wallet soon enough shitglue.

Randall Scott Hoppes
One hellova cook, with huge forearms and biceps, oh Randy…(*sigh*) your my heroooo.

Margaret Harbison
What the shit? Did you know she moved to Florida already? Cerz Nerk derdnt@!

Ashley Slocum
Goin to some camp for a bittle lit? (3 weeks?) Iono bout you guys, but I know I cant go 3 weeks without one of her crazy webshots, so this should keep ya busy for …3 weeks:

Im sure I prolly forgot some people, but are you gonna yell atta blind man? Or a man who had a obtuse foreign body abrase his cornea? Dint think so bia.

Im a One – Eyed Monster

Lotta stuff happend in last few days, like goin to China Town wiff my grrl, summerschool, runnin at Angel Island wiff my pops for faja day, and getting a large foreign body composed of iron-oxide logded into my eyeball, so now I type this post with one eye patched. 😛 Itll be fine but I gotta go to fuggin school lookin lika pirate for today :P. Yeh Randy cooks a mean Omlette, and Imma make this a real post as soon as I can. till than…one eye pride

Lil Less Hair, Lot mo…attitude…bitches

Good times good times, my homeskillet Pinky and his grrl Caitlyn picked my up from the depths of summer school today at 12:25, yeh…12:25, they have me caged in a ghetto ass portable at Mateo High from 10:15 – 12:25! In one mo puckin class! My teachers got gold fronts, peolpe steal back their own wallets, and this white dude wont shut the fuck up with this “What the heezy” bullshit, how…eezy up on the heezy my light skinned aquaintance..Crazyness..

Damn it was a bitch gettin into the backseat of Caitlyn’s ride, Pinky’s barkin at me “Fuckin I get back there all the time, no problem, suck it up dickass,” now..what Pinky fails to recognize is my freakishly long legs can only bend so far behind my ears…Yaya…

Got home, got Sugah, got grillin bia…Now everyone that knows Pinky, knows that hes a pro-fucking-fessional grilla, marinates the fixins in lighter-fluid. My my, he can grill, yessuh yessuh indeed. Yeh so Pinky was in charge of the grillin, I was to make sure that he dint indulge in his pyromaniac tendencies, while the ladies had the complex task of gettin all the stuff to dress the meats wiff, Sugah totally launched tomatoe after tomatoe at my mom in the kitchen while Caitlyn took cover under a nearby washing machine. Little did Sugah know that she had fired the tomatoe heard round the werldd..momma follwed er with a tomatoe on a pen, Sugah strolled away in utter fear! Momma got the bigger guns and Sugah tomatoe-fied.

The eat-fest began, Pinky and I did most of the eating part, and Sugah…well Sugah ate most of her drink :D. Gerd eats.

So Pinkys grrlll ( Caitlyn ) is an aspiring cosmotologist who jumped at the oppurtunity to trim my tangles. I was sorta reluctant to lose my superpowers that are in my hair, but this hot chic talked me into it. And besides, Catilyn is a total pro. It was kind of rough at first but I found my groove right quick, and plus..that hot chic I told ya bout was still there…

Ok im at Randy’s now, tryin to finish this splickity lit, so ill jus show ya the pics up front from the BBQ that happend days ago.
Pinky shows his loinsI drank hair waterMonky Face

Oh and we hit our all time high record of 17 users viewing the site simultaneously! Whooty – woo, I got hella more pics to put up today when I get home or tommorow, somethin like that. Heres my proof:

Jah Suhm Tings

Don’t call it a comeback, ive been here for days,
Been layin low, keepin my song silent in so many ways,
Coastin on this ride, gliding on this wire
Whinin to the chief, reason has yet to inspire

Sorry I havent posted inna yiddle yit, been busy with
the better things, but I been keepin it real. I like to apologize to mah boy Eebs and my sista Ash’ms cause they be numero uno fans of my hanus site, and for their loyalty and utter devotion to me, I am grateful. Don’t know why im so tired right now, but im kinda stickin to this leather chair and its startin to smell somethin fierce.

Speakin of smellin somethin fierce, howzza bout Eebs sportin the lobster-smellin new ride. Thats right bitches, Matthew Ebert jus bought his very first car, is it sick you ask? Is it sexy? Does it melt in your mouth? Does it fit in your hand? Neh my friends, well…it is sexy, and sick and it does melt in your mouth, but that thing I said about it fitting in your hand, well…that was jus mindless slander. For that I apologize… Anyhoo, Eeb’s ride has many-a-perks, for example, premium boston acoustics soundsystem, with a 10 disc CD changer in the rear, right were my boy Eebs loves it. Its got automatic everything EVEN WINDOWS, and heres the killer…are you ready? For the killer? Ok enough warning here it is…Martha fawking SEAT WARMERS!. Are they good? They ask me..are they good? Well my friends let my expression speak for itself. Sweet ride Eebs

Yeah, did I mentioni hafta go to summa school? No im not takin advanced classes to broaden my horizons, no im not getting a headstart on the lil bitches behind me, no sir, for you see…I am the little bitch behind YOU. Let my GPA speak for itself. So I guess Harvard can wait. But summer schools a drag man, no matter what way you look at it, everyone there speaks tongan, everyone is packin WAY more heat than I am, and..for me…2(3x + 5 -17x) + 34 – 3x still equals I DONT GIVE A SHIT even in the summer, so…you can take that juris-my-diction garbage, and cram it up your ass.

If ya notice in the runs section, there havent been any updates since Bay to Breakers, the reason for this, is that I havent been runnin with my dad, and hes the camera man, so…I go solo. I run everyday, around CSM, sometimes a few times, take the backroads home, and go wee wee wee all the way home. Man oh man, I tell ya what though, my feet still have the dead layers of skin that were hangin off my foot around mile 6 of the Bay to Breakers. Nastee.. Luckily I got these lil puppies that give my lil piggies a well deserved break, yes indeed. Yes…indeed.

One more thing before I go, I have been keepin my ear to the wall lately and may I jus say…Velvet Revolver you rock my fuckin world. In case ya dint know, these guys are Guns ‘n Roses without the ego / Axl Rose. And in case you really dint know, GNR totally rocked, and they rock even more without the glittery diva / Axl Rose holdin em back. Its great stuff. Slash still knows how to work it and that cigarette still never manages to fall out of lips no matter how hard he bangs his head. Slash is a true pimp.

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