Month: June 2004

And Brady Said:

My heavens low but the songs the same
seems I’m always looking when I hear your name
you’ve been away but don’t leave this side
seen all of your faces you’ve tried to hide

Yeh it was a crazy party at Leo’s, yeah it was insane and dramatic, and thats more barf than I’d seen in a long time, thanks to reminding me what chunks looked like babe. 😀 Yes indeed. Well I’m not gonna say anything more bout what happend, if you think you missed out, I’m sure brotha dawkness will be havin another “get together” sooner than later. One thing I really remember bout that night was how much my friends were there. So before I go on I gotta give props to the following buds:

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you soooooo much for lookin after my girl, thank you for holding the bucket, thank you for reasuring the bajeesus outta me, thank you for makin sure we left ok, thank you for bein the great person you is.

I don’t remember what you did, but I remember being hella grateful, cause you some kinda pimp Mr. Clinton, yes indeed. Yes…indeed.

Randy and Tom
The bouncers, thanks for offering your service, means a lot, thank you Tom for showing me anything is possible if you put your smoke on it. In case you don’t know what I’m talkin bout, Tom ripped the fuck outta the bitches jay till it was deader than the roach we lit on fire. And in case that didn’t make sense to you, lemme jus re-iterate, Tom repeatedly inhaled the marijuana cigarette until it was deemed “unsmokeable” by his peers. Randy who showed me pimps don’t need pimp juice or pimp sticks to have a pimp times. G’times fellers.

Anyway, that was Saturday right? Yessir I think it was, Sunday I got my axe back frerm me pops, and if you know shit about shit, you will notice that its a 1967 Fender Telecaster, kind of like the Marilyn Monroe of the guitar world, “beauty is timeless my friend.”

Now any sane person knows to stay away from the weirdo freaks in the jogging community who come out sportin the lemon-ish reflective from head to toe speed suit. However, I think I mighta one-upped those guys, cause I come home and see some kinda blue getup on my desk, so naturally I try it on, and proclaim myself : BLUE BULLET!!

Yeah enough of that jibba jabba. Now I gots to give yas what yall dun been waitin for. Matthew Eberts Hella Crazy Car Crash.

Cruisin down the alameda in his ’04
jockin the jocks and gropin his friend moes
he was goin to Brady’s to get the scoop, with his apparatus on the side of his hoop
but den, but den he dun HELLA flipped his shit
g’lord, g’luck that his friggin paw was the only thing he hella hit
good thing he had the good insurance and is invulnerable to being scammed
too bad this fatty truck was the one thing he rammed

Yeh, and jus so ya’ll be knowin, wasnt my boy Eeb’s drivin the automobile that was clearly decimated, twas his boy, who is my boy through the great chain of being…Anyhizzle, their both ok, but the cars still in the hospital. And thats the end of that chapter.

Now heres some funny shit to keep yall on your funny toes:

Oh yeah and, Nuhrrrrrrr
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