Month: February 2004

Friday Comes

Hells yeh, hells yeh, HELLS YEAH BIA!! Great week this week, cuz Im diggin the energy and im lovin her o-zone fireal. Nuffin to do now but sleep n dream, and live tonight. And this roach coach next to me is checkin out some school related shiznit.

Jus so ya know, the school still sucks, but I’m still sportin the wangsta gear. Anyway I was lookin through some stuff and I came upon Leo’s baby picture, isn’t dat CRAZY? Ya know many people don’t know that I can like hella bend like stretch armstrong. Like I could probably choke myself with my leg, I can put my right foot behind my head and poke my ear with it. Its pretty disgusting for me to be able to do that. Specially when I pull shit like this. Hahh
Yo Joe, that wassome good times yessaday, imma jack your ride onna these days you snuvuva bia.

This School Blows

Reinforce dress codes, mandatory donations night, testicle-reducing water filled pools? What the hell is wrong with this place, someone tell me if all high schools are this bad, I wanna wear my doo rags and turban , whatever I want , whenever I want! Shiznack bia, chillin in DCOM now, tryin to see if I can supe up this box enough to put a lil HIM on, hells yeah, and ya knows theres only one other voice I like to hear more than Valo HIMself and she looks way better too

Teletubbies rock, gotta love these chillins:
thats great

I Will Listen to “Fortress of Tears” 7 times for you.

I need one of these, a GASOLINE – powered hearing aid, ahhh yehhh. Imma have my ass fried today when I go to Bio homeworkless, but its not my fault man! I totally left the paper at school, and thought I probably wouldnt have done it anyway, it like to think I would. Yeh, Love is a Bulldozer.

Congrulate me on my TRIUMPH!

Dude I want a tat

Yeh man I want a tat, something meaningful and not so spur of the moment. I dont know, a spade or soemthin would be cool. On my arm, somewhere that I can hide at a job meeting or somethin :P.

Not on the wrist though, thats a lil more sadist than I’d like. But Kelsie seemed to like the idea.

Yeah I dint go to school today either.

Anywizzle, much love to the fans

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