Month: February 2004

G’damn Tests Bia!

Yeh das right, no more sittin in the gym for 5 hours slavin over a million bubbles and tryin to figure the fuck out which statement is true about sumdum graph. Back to the regular slaving in regular kick – u – in – the – ass classes.

Anywhoo, swimming is still a pain in the ass, like 6 people on the team so it leaves little room to jerk around like we did last year. Makes me wonder if swimmin back in forth inna ghetto ass pool is even worth it… Cahill is still lovin it, so is Curran.

Coach 1 and Coach 2


Justin is now the man

See the bowl? The nipple slip! Oh good golly miss molly, that was the shiznit. Justin Timberlake former whipped ass bitch was quoted by saying “imma have u naked by the enda this song” and with that, reached over, and had himself a little play. Indeed. Whatta game, oh yeh and the Patriots won too…guess I shouldn’ta bed against my uncle Tom…

Props to Drew for findin me a much better pic :D.

Click HERE to download a bunch of other pics of the titsident.

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