Month: January 2004

The Hunt Bia…

Scavenger Hunt Tommorow
Hit the cell if you wanna know more

And Shelly is friggin hillarious:

Kairon? A Sav? Really?

Ya damn right KAIRON is a Sav, jus LOOK at em:

Anyway check out his xanga that I made em a new banner for :D.

Layin down the tracks

Spent last night at the studio, hella floatin goin on, was breakin and rappin but mosta the time he was jus chillin in the hall. I was heatin up the mic while watchin Leo beat the shit outta the drums

Go HERE to see all the pics. and heres a preview:

More fans

Click Here Guy!

Leo and I made this too:

Go Here to get em.

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