Month: January 2004


Yahups, practise sucked a lotta of balls but I took em all like a shman. e-Props to Kelsie for sacrificing her warmth to put her deck coat on top of my stuff so it wouldnt get wet. Lovin it.

Ill post more tommorow I sware.

Locker War?

Yeh biotch, me and fellas did it again, check it out

Speakin of cool shit, some guy sent me some skating movie, he told me it was really good. I dont know, doctor says if I like rolling on wheels I should stick to my wheel chair, but whatever, here it is : Download Here

Drew Murphy is the man…

I dedicate my week to Andrew god damn Murphy. This is why:

Sorry bout yesterday

So I e-mailed Sandra, the head rep at my hosting company, said the server im on gettin hammered by a buncha script kiddie phucks. Its people like that, who give hackers a bad name. Anyway, seems like the site is sorta gettin back on its feet, if its not super fast for ya today, than hopefully it will tommorow. Anyway..

My schedule got changed, and im stuck in this weak ass DIGITAL COMMUNICATIONS class, learning how to check our e-mail and shutdown computers. I could teach this shit…

Also its Jess Jess’s 18th birfday today, click here name to msg her a happy birfday.

I first met Jess Jess when we both lived in Compton, heres what I used to look like.

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