Month: January 2004

It is impossible to sneeze with your eyes open.

Photographs section got revamped, you should check out, than visit emergency eyewashing station.

Hey wanna go to school tommorow?


I made a cool banner for and he had this to say:

Oh and I made a new banner for this site, j0o like eh?

And Shelley got new boots and she had this to say:


Added Downloads + Reviews

Go to the Downloads section to get yer hands on the latest new files:

WinAMP 5 Full
AIMFix (fixes profiles from that worm)

I finally put up some Reviews.

I made new links, added some pics, AND HUNT IS POSTPONED

Here are the new links I made use em on your site 😀

Added sommore PICTARS

Heres a Preview 😀

And the Scavenger Hunt is postponed due to weather…but it jus gives us more time to get setup…

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