Month: January 2004

To Stephan:

I would like to revoke every mean statement I have ever made about Stephan, he gets a clean slate. Why you may ask? God damn JEDI MIND TRICK, that is why. Stephan told me bout these guys, and there like…Hieroglyphics with even more insane beats n shizz… You frizzickin rule Stevo!

Now I gotta have more love for the fans!:

Much love guys

Tell me

Tell me why it gets harder everyday to get outta bed
Why it takes 9 years for the pool water to get outta my ear
Tell me why the pool can send my testicles packin one day, and sinch off the hair the next?
Why teahcers feel that its neccesary to give out more homework on Thursdays??
Tell me why im not jus postin funny ass pics instead of senseless rants?

I dont know…

Dedicated to Stephan

Deleted this post cuz Stephan threatened to fry me or something. Sorry capt Stevo

Chew on this instead:

27% of U.S. male HS students believe life is a meaningless existential hell.

Started swimming yesterday…jesus christ that shit was nipply and a half! Ghetto ass school prolly has people under the pool runnin around with zippos tryin to heat the shit. And yeh I got swim practice till 4 and then I got water polo practise at Burlingame from 5 – 7.

Anyway..when I get home yesterday, do a lil defrosting, and peruse sparknotes hopin to getta quick summary of a chapter or two in Great Expectations, I come upon this flashing chunk of knit hitting freak. What the hell??

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