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It’s So DAMN Hot! & I Saw Green Day

green day Oh for the love of jeez! It’s so hot my balls are stickin to my knees! Good thing Green Day was off the sheez, for reez. It’s true, thanks to my main mayonaise Ebert, for hooking it up with two tickets for me and my swell gal pal to a attend a marvelous rock and/or roll concierto. The lineup included Jimmy Eat World & Floggin Molly, and there was fire too and fireworks. We drank beers. The show got out around midnight, and we headed over to Ian’s abode, free from parental supervision, with plenty of those kettle chips handy, salt & pepper is what I like. Colin Crawford plucked his 4-string with a blistering vengeance *you can bet that pun was intentional*, Eebs played that 6-string and took us all to Funkytown, Ian…hit drums with drumsticks. Good times. Lame Post.

My computer is proper fucked. My installation of Windows XP Pro that lasted me more than a year finally kicked the bucket, all hail the mighty Microsoft. Anyway, I’ll be rockin the Mandriva Linux till I sell the box all together and start afresh.

Nick Brady (me) is officially employed and has been deemed the title of IT guy @ Network Artist, a computer networking company in Redwood City, and it pays way more than your mom.

No links today…Bah humbug bitches. The next post will kick the asshole of this one.

Lady Dons Go Out Strong

I’ve always been a fan of the ball of base. Chewin seeds, watching intently as the batter clicks his heels, blows a bubble, kicks the dust off the plate, winks at the ump, blows a kiss at the first baseman, backs out of the box, than takes a minute to tie his cleats, takes a few practice swings and repeats. Plus, what other sport has a seventh inning stretch? If that does’t wet your chops than I’m sure a sit in at an Aragon Varsity Softball game will do you right.

Friday night was the biggest game of the season, our ladies squared off against the cattle from Hillsdale. Spectators galore, crowd goin wild cheerin for Aragon High School? Or ASHley? You decide. Either way, Meg added exclamation to the proclamation and hollered hardcore. I don’t know what inning it was because Mr. Chateloupe (of Chanteloupe field) forgot to pay his PG&E, but Ash’ms herself belted that soft lil sphere into deep right and ran around a buncha bases, all the way home, sav to say the least. This guy immediately got on the horn, probably to inform everyone in town about Ashley’s monsterous HOME RUN. Meg and Emily took a quick break from the intense cheering to pose for a quickie, and…if you look closer you’ll notice a Hillsdale Knight Varsity softball players waste size amount of of familiar faces. Hellova Night.

Welp, got Bay to Breakers in the mornin, gotta get my rest if I wanna beat me a Kenyan tommorow. Lookin forward to seein a buncha old, sweaty, naked dudes runnin around me and maybe I’ll run into this cool cat again. I can only hope tonight and cringe tommorow.

Fixed the news sizing / alignment issues and also tidied up the comments form so it looks all nice and clean, hopefully encouraging some of you mutes to spit some ish on NBHQ. So why dontcha try it out after you munch of some links:

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Guy Time

I been goin to Pinky’s after school a buncha times this week, the times? They were a-rad! If anyone asked me what I do when im chillin with P-Boy I prolly wouldn’t know how to respond other than “we were jus dickin around downtown”…so I guess that means I do know.. 😛 If I wanted to get into the details I’d prolly mention about how we take snapshots with cool anti-bush guys, I’ll be orderin up some jo, window shopping / statue molesting. We chill at the park, so Pinky could light one up, met up with some peoples, they took more pictures of us than we did of them. So basically I was jus put the moves on Pinky the whole time while we were making shitty poses while the peoples took our pitcha, I think this one looks pretty coo. So after everyone smoked their handfulls of cigarettes and blew it all in my face we headed back to Pinky’s, and on the way back, we spotted this dumbass plate..Anyway by the time we got back to his place it was gettin kinda late and I left so he could sleep on his hottub/bed. And that was the end of that chapter.

I brought my camera to school on Friday, and got some shit some the teacher when he saw all the flashes goin off, sayin how minors can’t shots of minors or something? To which I proclaim: “What the puck ever.” And with that, I snapped sommore and took some pics of Tony and Ana, and rockin the lowrider beanie, why heck! I even managed to get a shot of Jeff. And here stands Alex lookin lika cool cat once again, and speaking of chill felines, how bout Eebs sportin the NBHQ shirt for the rally we had that day. Oh and the rally? Easily the weakest fifty eight minutes of my life! Losely based on the great Napoleon Dynamite which I’m sure half the school didn’t even see so it prolly made no sense. All our speakers are blown to hell and no one could hear any of the lines cause there was so much feedback from the mics, the bball players missed their dunks and I even heard a cheerleader fell on her ass! HAH! Don pride bitches.

So I guess thats all for now, too bad I forgot to put in that photo of Senior Seydel, or even that delightful snapshot of San Juan himself! And tell me why I neglected to include this stunning side profile of Emily, and by the way whos sun glasses are those?? 😛

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Booo Finals

Got that badass camera I was tellin yas aboot, it’s pretty flippin sweet. Why heck, even the box is purrdy. When I first laid eyes upon it I was all like YESSS, this guy thought it was cool, this chic kinda dug it, and my boy was all for it. I was pleased at all the commotion, so I took some shots of my guarddog and one more.

Oh and I also ordered one of those bitchin shirts. I threw it on right quick jus to model it, and I think everyone should buy one. If your local, call me up or talk to me at school, if I can find 15 or more peeps that want one I can sell em for even cheaper, ( I got 10 so far ). Buy up fuckas!

So the other day me and Ruff went to go see Meet the Fockers the other night in Redwood City (not a bad city), now he parked a good 4 minutes away from the front of the theatre cause heez got sucha fine Caprise he dint want anyone fuckin with his goods. Anyway, we get out of the movie, headin towards the car and we find that someone has penetraded his ride’s seemingly impeccable security system. Now whoever did it had to have been dumb as wood cause they busted his entire window only to jack his 30 dollar deck and a stack of burned CDs. They left his bass controller and neglected the two 12 inch subwoofers in his trunk. Well 4 days later, hes got a new window with matching tint and a brand spankin new deck, not too shabby Ruff, not too shabby at all.

Oh and check this out Wong put together today:

Anyway, that’s all for now ladies and gents, expect another juicy post tommorow.

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