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Pirates of Suburbia

bosses What’s better than pirates and a chilly keg eh? Yarrrr. Well this girl in the middle here hosted herself a full on amusement park-esque pirate theme party, complete with authentic pirate firearms, blades & plastic red cups. FTW. As usual, I rolled with the brosef Ian, but on top of that, big fuckin Randy the most thuggish, bossiest, hyphy train conductor of them all came through like a fuckin lightning shit storm from hell and sweat out hyphy juice from every pore on his manly body. And let me tell ya…he shook dem dreads alright, hard enough to look like “IT” from the Adams Family. The booty was up to pARRRRRRRRRRRR!!! Now, normally I rock out with my cock out for theme parties and come adorned in whatever the evening warrants, but on this eve, I felt that some mardi gras beads and a ass rag on my head would suffice. And it did.

This gal rocked my site on her arm, I wanted to bite it off and save it. Usually, I would say that the phrase “get a room” is overused, and a tad cliche, but in the instance of these two I’d say they need a room of a large accomodations.

Joe took a shot of god knows what, piss and vinegar maybe? Anyway, he cried like a bitch and died. The end.

During the latter part of the festivities I felt compelled to super lift miss Ryder into the night ago, not once but TWO TIMES!

Boxliftin, Football Spectatin, Slang Bangin Bia

First of all that drawing is badass, took me far too long to get it posted. So I dint go to school on Friday mainly because im far too fainéant and because im to fainéant to pronounce fainéant. So I spent my early hours sawin logs till my pop pop came by and called for my boxlifting expertise. He had 1600 pounds worth of African brochures to deliver to…Africa or somethin, so I helped em move what there was left. Filled the trunk with the shit, took about seven years offa the suspension and than we achieved white trash status when we bunjeed the shit together.

That wasn’t very funny or interesting was it…? Well neither is this: Central Coast Selection (CCS) Championchips for football were on Saturday, and by dang we were in it! Thats right honey bunches of Dons! Red and black coated the field against our baby blue and spoiled cream white opposition. Aragon VS. Serra, clash of the rich and richer. May I jus say that I was jittery with excitement, but that could have also been attributed to that shitty energy drink Kairon gave me. The game was pretty damn close the whole way through, till we went into overtime and packed the fudge outta the Serra boys and their spirit boys. We won, they lost we won, they baked cookies.

As for that Kelsie all the fellas tip their hats to, well she got invited to a team sleepover party where there were alledged accounts of massive hot tub abuse, and …well I guess thats all she told me about. Anyway I jus had to comment on that cause the invitation was jus too darn cute to overlook! Allah knows how much I like cute sundries. Oh and did I mention I took a pic of Kelsie’s ATM machine?….Oh.. I didn’t?

Funny lookin kid
Pepsi Twist
My idol
My pal and I
Anti – Bush Game
Another Anti – Bush Game
Download Eminem – Encore Album
Download new Beastie Boys Record
Download Evanescence’s shitty record
Local news: Bout that San Mateo guy who drives around in the truck with the abortion photos aka the sonofabitch guy
NBA Riot Footage!!!

Make it Loud Biaaa

Im jus flowin witcha baby…

Let the words ring
let your breath sing
(tell me what I see)
let your smile shine
lemme show u mine
(tell me what I see)
make it loud
now see me proud
and tell me what u see

My sorries go out to Big Joe today, gettin the speedin ticket n all. Thats some bad times my friend, hope eggg fooo young gooo heppp uuuu. Ive been playin guitar so much lately finally gettin the calouses back on my fingers. Jeebus im hungry lika mo pucka. “U taka bita my sammich?”

More red pics

Mumm meI MUG U

G’damn Tests Bia!

Yeh das right, no more sittin in the gym for 5 hours slavin over a million bubbles and tryin to figure the fuck out which statement is true about sumdum graph. Back to the regular slaving in regular kick – u – in – the – ass classes.

Anywhoo, swimming is still a pain in the ass, like 6 people on the team so it leaves little room to jerk around like we did last year. Makes me wonder if swimmin back in forth inna ghetto ass pool is even worth it… Cahill is still lovin it, so is Curran.

Coach 1 and Coach 2

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