Month: September 2015

A Fair Bit of Awesomeness

THEFAIRTITLE When the fair comes to town, I get fucking overjoyed.  Nothin greases my gears quite like a giant $9.00 turkey leg, 1100 pound pigs named Wilber, and these fuckin’ feet jiggler things!  I’m not even kidding.  As tradition dictates, Pinky and I get extra covert for the first or second night of the fair’s week long run and do our best to sneak in because we’re partly wannabe ninjas and partly just cheap punkass tweeners and we dont wanna cough the $10 admission.  And as per usual it was a grand success and shortly thereafter we were reapin in the meat and enjoying the scenery. Dashowedoit.

Night 2 of the awesomeness was even meatier with Bearz0rs and hoesafe by my side