Month: November 2005

Remember When Ashley Made Out W/ Michelle?


Brosef, Josef, and myself politely asked my mother to give us a ride to a beer pong event in the highlands. Upon arrival, we saw The ‘M’ sweet talkin the cockatiel, and The ‘A’ mashin face with Michelle which is cool if your into hot girl on girl action. I’d say Joe and Ian brought their pimp game with ’em, I am not a man,I am dynamite!.

Anyway, back to the tongue twisting of the females which was totally and completely voluntary, as was Elise’s song and dance. As you also might have inferred, both Emily and Ashley had each become seasoned professionals in the sport of beer pong before our very eyes, its a hairy sport indeed, and sometimes people pass out on the sidewalk and end up biting my finger with a reptilian ferocity.

Oh by the way, I have a new favorite pic

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Cops & Robbers

Surely, you are acquainted with the host with the most, Mr Fuckin Beck, knowin how to throw the show and have a shitload of goers in attendance. Everyone from Mos Def, the main Marcus, to my newest buddy was there, fuck, J-boy even came with his boy Keg, root beer of course. Nothin like good ol keg juice to get things movin, and movin, and humpin. Hip hop anonymous was outside, spittin with the keg, Pinkylayin the beat, orally of course. Pool was played on the same table women danced upon, how’s that for a good time?

Thizz hour; we circled the surface of billiards, it began with with a face like he smelled some piss, an expression than passed on to Eebs, and finally onto yours truly. By Thizz hour, everyone had just about drowned their livers in sweet, sweet brew juice, causing unprovoked protruding of the tongue, followed by further humping.

So, me, Laus & Pinky were in charge of sifting out the riff-raff and randoms that had slipped in under the radar, kinda hard when theres a fuckload of people. I did what any jolly green giant would do and grabbed the nearest elongated cucumber and came out a-swingin. As enforcing as me and my cucumber might have seemed, my tiny, tiny balls prevented me from sayin a damn thing to this guy, but then again Pinky ate and shit out this guy; we big, we bad.

I made some new fans that night, hell I even scored a pic with this cool chic, and of course, I said hey to my number one fan himself and six foot sixteen twin. Thank you for my time Brendon Beck, thank you.

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Hip Hop Sesh #3


Homecoming Week Comes to An End

I went to the last homecoming dance I will ever attend as a student of Aragon High School, and it was good. It was real good. Aside from not being able to hear a damn track bein played, and some overactive sweat glands I had myself a time; I mean, for shits sake, look who I got to go with. Look my momma went with. I definately should’ve taken way more shots but I had my hands full. Everyone came lookin extra sharp, Fejj eats style for breakfast, the Crawford bros looked like they smelled some piss, and dawkness was as black as he ever was. Michelle stepped on a staple with her bare foot, so I’m sure that was not particularly enjoyable.

Mike Clink was kind enough to drop an invite my way for a afterparty at the Marriot. I had heard whispers of the <100 lb Danny yakkin out of his nose after his introduction to smirnoff twist, so of course I was more than intrigued. The whispers proved true, Dannyboy was indeed, fucked the fuck up, which didn’t shock me cause D-boy is a wee lad, but what he lacks in height he makes up for in stature. Twas a chill afterspot indeed. Big ups to Mike.

Pre-homecoming party was hosted by none other than my main dude Thomas, and god damn we had ourselves a rumpus, singin sweet cheers, readin fuckin stories, and brewin orange in a pot. I pulled a Brady and went and picked Jill up, a nasty habit for someone who has a nastier habit of dropping people. Jared is a tease. There was one room in particular that would put Smokey the Bear into a fit, and it wasn’t from marshmallow schmokin but for the most part we all got our kicks off of the liquids flowin round the pad mixed with the eversweet strum of Eeb’s fight riffs it was enough to put Jill to bed. Anyway.

Rally Day. Twas a cold and crispy day, but due to my uncanny ability to perspire in sub-zero temperatures I handed over my table cloth sized sweater to the E+A team, it fit both of them. Most of my buds and I played it ‘G’ and stayed for both rallies mostly because we so impressed by the advanced choreography from the first one. Brotha Rich showed which made the whole damn thing way more bitchin, gotta love the OH SIX class and the brothers and this guy and why not Laustoo. And no, I didn’t forget the ladies the booty sammiches keep gettin bigger and bigger, fine by me. I think our friend would agree

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