Month: October 2005

NBHQ Needs Your Guidance

lisha Dear Bitches,
I need your expert opinion on whether to continue using the current photo gallery script or a new, redesigned script.

Heres the brief pros and cons of each script :

Current Gallery
– Simple
– Any old ape could navigate through it
– Doesn’t rely on databases so it can sometimes load faster, but lacks in organization

– EXTREMELY buggy, and unreliable, often fucks up entire batches of image files that takes hella long to fix.
– Not well supported
– Hard to customize
– Lacking in Bitchin Features

New Gallery
– Features a assload of bitchin features, as seen here
– Fully Customizeable
– User System, searching,
– Run on MySQL database, which means its way more secure and it wont fuck up like the current one.

– Might be hard for an imbecile to navigate

So what I need is some feedback, whether it be a comment or an e-mail to brady[AT], letting me know which gallery stays, or if you have any questions.

I’ll make a REAL post soon about Brett’s Birthday bash and the other 2 parties I plan on attending in the next couple of days.

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