Month: September 2005

A Candle Lit Goodbye & A Lighter Note

A long day of painful mourning and grieving ended with a tranquil candle lit ceremony at the local safeway where Nick worked. The atmosphere felt upbeat and laughter resounded througout the crowded parking lot rather than the shedding of tears. There were smiles and smirks and pre-sneeze shots. I’m sure the Baron family appreciated the support from the immense crowd, each holding a candle in remembrance of our friend Nick. It’s inspiring to see the compassion displayed by those we love and care about in this time of grief and sorrow. It’s incredible witnessing the vast sea of supporters, unified by our burning lights, raised, guiding lights for our brother, Nicholas Anthony Barron.

Well as a bunch of you already found out, I had a little get together the other day, I have yet to post about the good times because the days following the festivities were plagued with “less the good times” and I felt it would be inapropiate to speak of during these hard times. Not to say that there are no more hard times ahead because of this tragic event that conspired, but I feel that it’s neccesary to restore a sense of normalcy within my viewers; anyway without any further adieu, ( and big words ) I post about my pawty:

Like a true boss, Cahill was the first to show, takin me for a insane little trip in daddies turbo charged Jetta, up and over the humps at speeds that would make your jowls flap. So, he was deserving of unveiling the monsterous 3-foot long sammiches. Than this ‘G’ comes rapping at my chamber door, rockin his pink lady robe and black and mild hangin from his pursed lips…Fantastic! I guess after that people jus kinda multiplied and began consumption process playin video games with hella crazy graphics, and makin me plates which is cool cause a cracka needa eat. So before you could say “Nick-or-ette,” there was already a schmokin section assembled in the patio, and yes I do enjoy saying “patio.” Brett got comfy with my poodle, JoJo sulked over his broken black and mild while dawkness schmoked his black and black. Ruff enjoyed sniffin a whiff of my dirty pillows and Kai got all up in it. Meanwhile, Pinky was nowhere to be found, a search led us outside where we found him, crouched beside a garage talkin all 6’s and 7’s to a gal pal I’m sure. Weird kid. But as I expected, it was damn crackin, the couch was packed and the love was flowin We then sucked it in and put on our scandilous bikinis and hopped in the wah wah. The chickenfights, the power struggles, the poolside posing twas good times. Brett was made bitch by all, including himself, Ally and Reise’s pieces got hella frisky, Randy musta slept through that. Anyway, a song was sang, candles were blown, and amidst all the hub-bub I raised my arms in excitement only to have both wrists sliced off from the ceiling fan. E+A made my cake look pretty darn disgustering , and so and this looks like a scene out of a german shizzer video, or maybe I’m thinking of something else. Sucked to see everyone leave, but at least we got some fantabulous shots out of it, and this one where i’m looking away, this one of jus the honeys, this more than flattering pic of Meg, the guys and of course, me and the super swimsuit model. The sandwich was good while it lasted.

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