Month: May 2005

We Got 6 On It

This will be the last post that I, Nick Brady, Junior at Aragon High School, will throw at ya. I’ts true, i’ts true, summer is again upon us, keep an eye on the bonfire, Pinky’s off probation, keep an eye on your woman, Cahill’s a free agent, keep checkin NBHQ.NET for summer-time follies. Better watch out though, cause next year, the NBHCrew will be seniors, and the school is ours! Bitches. So the first thing I gotta give to you guys is a lil video I put together commemorating a school-year’s worth of g’times, fiestas and all :

Download the Divx version here ( 25.1 mb ) or get the Windows Media Player Version ( 17.9 ). Note : If the video does not play, install these codecs first, if that doesn’t work, go get a new computer, yours is broken.

Seriously though, check out the video. Not much else in the way of happenings…“Turtle squad” struck again last night when they coaxed me into eating a penny infested cookie, yes you heard me right, I bit down, and to my suprise felt my grill clank on a hunk of fuckin copper, well done ladies…well done. Other than that…I strummed my 6-string Stevie Wonder style, while Pinky and Tina waltzed

I brought my camera to school last Thursday, and plan on bringing it for the last few days of school ( school gets out Thursday, June 2nd ), and in doing so, I captured my homie Josh, looking quite civilized. In the weight room, Jordan put up some mad weight, neck beard and all. A bunch of us tried to show off and curl the 45 plates, Carlos couldn’t quite pull it off. Pat made it look easy, I hit it, and Whipple came damn close and almost shit out his intestines. See the rest of the pics here.

So I got called to do another video game survey, one of those gigs that pays a hundred bucks while some paid suits feel you up for your opinion. My problem is that I don’t have an opinion cause I don’t spend my free time sweatin over a joystick into all hours of the night poppin Jolt shots and Red Bull, I’m postin bullcrap for you bias to read instead. Anyway, for the second time in a row, they didn’t need to use me, which is cool because I can only lie so hard for so long, and two hours of bee essing my opinion might not have gottan me the hun bills in my pocket. Long story : short, my pops and I took some rads shots, like this one of me pinching a street light. Heres jus a few of the ones I took, you can check all of em and more out here.

Well thats pretty much it for now, sorry this post is a little watery aside from the kickass video. Gotta go study for my weightlifting final and shit, I will take many pics this week, so try to dress as cool as this smooth operator, ok? Oh and, I have begun the preliminary stages of developing a new layout for NBHQ, I don’t think it’ll be anything fancy, a lot like this layout, jus different theme, gotta busy summer ahead ;).

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Weather is Sweet, Make You Wanna Move Your Dancing Feet

Well, well, well, thought I was gonna leave ya’ll high and dry, postless and weeping! Ya’ll thought wrong and clever and covertly I deliver, while you are all dreaming and sleeping. Luau dance last night, symbolizing another year of high school coming to an end. Encouraging students to celebrate their last hoorah accordingly and “emphase butt to crotch, or crotch to crotch” dancing skills while gettin our “grope” on knowing full well that “hands should remain off the floor during dancing.”

Miss Ashley was kind enough to offer her abode as a beautification location and even supplied us all with mouth-watering, sausage ( jus what Eebs ordered ). Though it was far from a sausage-fest, lassies out the ass! Why heck! I dun even got me summa dem ladyfolk to dun do my dew so I don’t look like no foo. Meg looked constipated, but dashing nonetheless, Ryder musta rode in on the pretty train cause she looked nice, Natalie, shown here soon before she kept shit fresh with Sugar-Free Orbitz gum. Don’t think we didn’t pose though, cause we did, I’m talkin a lot, like…amultidude of pose shots. I posed with that Meg girl, I posed with my boy Eebs, posin everywhere…

Dusk was soon upon us and we began our short stroll up to the school, taking bitchin pics along the way, of course. Eebs and I employed our sheer size and imposing demeanor to power our way to the front of the line, ensuring our female company wouldn’t have to wait so long thus having more time to shake what they mommas gave em. The line was were it was at anyway lotta familiar faces, you know im down with NPC, ( cause you know me ), my boys : John & JoJo, oh and, you remember the rumors about this guy at that one dance? — There true. Damn Greeks.

After shootin the shit with my buds and buddettes for some quick minutes, we made it inside the outside, caught up with my comrade Cahill and his gal, Joyce, spotted Pinky’s girl, and even took a second pic that would put picasso to shame. Hella heads last were there I do declare, Carlos rated quite high on the pimp-o-meter, as did my boy, Fej. The setting sun made for some pretty righteous shots. Twas a nice dance indeed, I dig Luaus, and pigs, and hot straight-haired girls ;). I gotta say, it was a good dance, and I have a confession…JoJo emptied his piss gun on your lawn, sorry bias.

So I was gonnna make a whole post about this some days ago but lazyness got the best of me and here I am stuffin your little faces with it here and now. So CSM / College of San Mateo, hosted a free lil concert open to anyone who could afford the price of a ticket. They call it the Electronic Music Show cause it was kinda like a presentation of all the final projects of students enrolled in Electronic Music 101, which is cool, cause, I like things. Of course I invited miss Nat Queen Cole, and yes she is the same girl whose cholar bone I busted :S. The real reason I went was to go see Carlos’s band, Extinction or somethin, I wanted to get those guys on film. Instead, I ended up filmin a bittle lit of a bunch of the acts and I share the video with you now :

Oh, remember how I said I ran the Bay to Breakers? Well, in case there are any skeptics, check out the proof. These pics were takin with the cameras mounted at the 6 and 7 mile marker along with the finish line. Heres one more of me tryin to rep the NBHQ beater as hard as I can, and I do think those people behind me are nekked. thats my pops. This is a duck-billed platypus and thats a naked ass bear.

My pools heated, Pinky brought his sunburned ass neck over. He had the new Star Wars flick on DVD, so we watched that, I thought it was lotsa awesome. Although I’m not as big of fan as Sanchez here I made the nastiest smoothie ever, strawberries and milk…you’d think that be like…a milkshake or somethin right? Well no one told me it jus turned into chunky pink liquid ass. Ya live and learn. Anyway, one of Pinky’s many hidden talents is his insane ability to beatbox, like no one else that I know, so we made lil flick to showoff his skills :

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Bay To Breakers : 2005

Woke up, got up near 7 O’clock threw on my runnin attire and BART’ed and MUNI’ed into the city con mi padre. For those unfamiliar with BART Train, MUNI Bus, and other archaic forms of public transportation lemme lay it down for ya illigits right quick : You have a tedious game of “tug-the-dollar” with the ticket machine till it shits out a lil blue ticket that grants you access to the BART train. I’ve never met this BART guy before, but I hope he knows people piss in his train and fart in his seats. As for Mr. Muni, he must be aware that some of his riders reek of P’tuli. Anyway, enough digression…We got off BART at a quarter after 8:00, which meant that we were 10 minutes late, years from the start line, and the Kenyans were prolly already halfway finished.

One of the coolest things about Bay To Breakers is the fatty tortilla fight ( video 7 mb ). This year I was sure to come prepared, oh and notice the bitchin NBHQ beater, custom made by my pops. Yeh thats right, my pops, slash running buddy, slash temp photographer ( he took all the pics this year, so if they suck it’s his fault ). After my 50 tortillas were hurled into the sea of runners like stones in a big smelly pond, I tried to penetrate the masses, and believe me when I say there was an assload of people, and by assload, I mean assload!, 60,000 easy. Everyone has bib numbers with mad digits, I was 39,361 and my pops was 39,362, the Kenyans had numbers 1-7…fancy that.

8:45 – we cross the starting line, tens of thousands of people in front of me, and tens of thousands behind me, including my dad ;). The first mile or so is really a crawl cause of all the drunkin staggering irish and slow batches that jus get in the way of me, Mister Speedy Gon-fucking-zales. Speakin of which, peep this broad throwin up the M-E-X, in yo face! Pope was there, he really is a down to earth guy, which is comforting to know cause…pope on a rope, thats why. Heres a guy on stilts, how bout that eh? Once again, my dad took these so… ;P. Once I broke through the “Human Wall” and got to the second mile or so I was makin some damn good time, passin bias up with the quickness, powered up Hayes Hill and carefully even ran down it, ( thank you to Eebs for the downstair training ). Mile 5 : I ran paste the buffalo in Golden Gate Park, thought I was trippin out after I saw a group of people in dead fish costumes dancing in unison. Gravity starts to push a little harder at Mile 6 and you can cook an egg on my tits, or hatch one in my armpit only to die by the fumes. After I saw the 7 mile mark I sprinted it, realizing that the Kenyans had probably finished half an hour ago and my dad was prolly callin a cab by now. And so I finished, came in 9855th place ( checked online ) with a time of like 1:50, but ya know…we dint really start till like 40 mins into the race…either way, my dad beat me last year, and this time round I beat him by half an hour and he got 19220th place. The student has become the teacher old man…

Went to Footstock afterwards, lookin to meet up with my LONG LONG lost dad, and grab some meat on a stick. Twas an eversweet reunuion indeed, poppa recollected seein some naked people and gettin the camera out to exploit and capture the beauty! He got himself a kick out of it, aint nothin but an old meng thang.

Kisses my stompers for gettin me through such a trek with minimal blistering, and picked some ORANGE flowers sweet like someone I know ;). Got on Mr. MUNI’s bus and headed home, to deliver some flowers ;).

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Lady Dons Go Out Strong

I’ve always been a fan of the ball of base. Chewin seeds, watching intently as the batter clicks his heels, blows a bubble, kicks the dust off the plate, winks at the ump, blows a kiss at the first baseman, backs out of the box, than takes a minute to tie his cleats, takes a few practice swings and repeats. Plus, what other sport has a seventh inning stretch? If that does’t wet your chops than I’m sure a sit in at an Aragon Varsity Softball game will do you right.

Friday night was the biggest game of the season, our ladies squared off against the cattle from Hillsdale. Spectators galore, crowd goin wild cheerin for Aragon High School? Or ASHley? You decide. Either way, Meg added exclamation to the proclamation and hollered hardcore. I don’t know what inning it was because Mr. Chateloupe (of Chanteloupe field) forgot to pay his PG&E, but Ash’ms herself belted that soft lil sphere into deep right and ran around a buncha bases, all the way home, sav to say the least. This guy immediately got on the horn, probably to inform everyone in town about Ashley’s monsterous HOME RUN. Meg and Emily took a quick break from the intense cheering to pose for a quickie, and…if you look closer you’ll notice a Hillsdale Knight Varsity softball players waste size amount of of familiar faces. Hellova Night.

Welp, got Bay to Breakers in the mornin, gotta get my rest if I wanna beat me a Kenyan tommorow. Lookin forward to seein a buncha old, sweaty, naked dudes runnin around me and maybe I’ll run into this cool cat again. I can only hope tonight and cringe tommorow.

Fixed the news sizing / alignment issues and also tidied up the comments form so it looks all nice and clean, hopefully encouraging some of you mutes to spit some ish on NBHQ. So why dontcha try it out after you munch of some links:

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