Month: February 2005

Guy Time

I been goin to Pinky’s after school a buncha times this week, the times? They were a-rad! If anyone asked me what I do when im chillin with P-Boy I prolly wouldn’t know how to respond other than “we were jus dickin around downtown”…so I guess that means I do know.. 😛 If I wanted to get into the details I’d prolly mention about how we take snapshots with cool anti-bush guys, I’ll be orderin up some jo, window shopping / statue molesting. We chill at the park, so Pinky could light one up, met up with some peoples, they took more pictures of us than we did of them. So basically I was jus put the moves on Pinky the whole time while we were making shitty poses while the peoples took our pitcha, I think this one looks pretty coo. So after everyone smoked their handfulls of cigarettes and blew it all in my face we headed back to Pinky’s, and on the way back, we spotted this dumbass plate..Anyway by the time we got back to his place it was gettin kinda late and I left so he could sleep on his hottub/bed. And that was the end of that chapter.

I brought my camera to school on Friday, and got some shit some the teacher when he saw all the flashes goin off, sayin how minors can’t shots of minors or something? To which I proclaim: “What the puck ever.” And with that, I snapped sommore and took some pics of Tony and Ana, and rockin the lowrider beanie, why heck! I even managed to get a shot of Jeff. And here stands Alex lookin lika cool cat once again, and speaking of chill felines, how bout Eebs sportin the NBHQ shirt for the rally we had that day. Oh and the rally? Easily the weakest fifty eight minutes of my life! Losely based on the great Napoleon Dynamite which I’m sure half the school didn’t even see so it prolly made no sense. All our speakers are blown to hell and no one could hear any of the lines cause there was so much feedback from the mics, the bball players missed their dunks and I even heard a cheerleader fell on her ass! HAH! Don pride bitches.

So I guess thats all for now, too bad I forgot to put in that photo of Senior Seydel, or even that delightful snapshot of San Juan himself! And tell me why I neglected to include this stunning side profile of Emily, and by the way whos sun glasses are those?? 😛

Crazy photography
Builda City
Iced Cars
Tree pissed at bird

Eat Up Fiends

Havent said much inna few days eh? Now I know you fiends pump this shit in intravenously so I guess i’ll share the petty details of a typical “HAPPENIN” Friday at Aragon High School. Well first period I have science, or physics…or something like that where we do labs and stuff, not much to do so we got Ana to lick a battery that was pretty funny, notice how hard shes gripping the pencil, hah! Than good time party boys third period when we pretend like we know what the hell the variable capacitance of the integrated circuit on the solderless breadboard is…While some get frustrated, others throw up the shock and salute. Some find a good book and fancy showin pictures to the illiterate. All the while Leonard ( my boy from Fiji ) is sittin there chillin, and bigass Evan who’s roughly six foot fifteen points those massive middle fingers to the ceiling that isn’t far away. But the photo that takes the cake, the donut, and probably more than I can list, is this bad boy right here, click it. Oh and heres of a very cute couple.

Lunch was cool cause Kai was eatin his lil dumplings and we glared at the shitdipper freshman who showed blatent disreguard for caution tape and lock up there shit inna flippin danger zone! these guys enjoyed it.

We had an assembly with Reveran Kyles, the guy who was with Martin Luther King Jr. when he was shot down and killed, hes in the famous shot of the guys pointing towards the fleeing assailent. He gave a killer speech, I watched it twice, makes me wish I was a brotha.. I took his picture with Danielle, San Juan, and even one of me and him. Cool guy…Leo dug it

So how bout the game eh? I gotta say that the bowl was a little bit of a bummer, no booby flops, no Ashlee Simpson shitups, and Ruff won 300 bucks… I don’t know though, I think my uncle did ok. The commercials were cool, I liked the funny ones..Well thats all I gotta say…shut up…comment

Cant stop laughing at this
Can you lick your elbow?
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Six Five Ohhhhh Thats Livin

So the other day Randy picked me up from squaragon, and we went cruisin cause it was sucha grand day outside, and pretty shitty inside. We saw our far shares of views, drove across the bridge, chill speed ahead, the water at our side, and if you don’t believe me, heres another shot. Seems like a lotta cats my age are gettin bored with this great city / town we call San Mateo, for all those felines, I would suggest that you get out and go see something like this, or something like this, and trust me, it looks tight. Rollin around in Randys regal onna clear blue Tuesday is a hellova day, and aint that jus right that we finish it up with some delicious fine mexican cuisine from nachos?

The week is a week thats been pretty damn killer, haven’t gone home after school inna while, spittin tapioca pearls at squirrels with Pinky, ( with no intent of harming helpless creatures ). Splittin my fingers open pluckin his rusty guitar strings, eatin all his dads tasty pastries, while listening to his dehumidifier type out a message. It’s the house he lives in man, its the memories, the fact hes gotta move, its the facts the wondering if I’ve got somethin to prove. Oh did I mention I’ve been writing again? At this epidemic of a pace, did I mention, I’ve been spilling again and its because of your curvy face? Call it a revival, a new muse, call it what you will, the only thing, the everything that I know is that I have a lot to spill. I got more pages of words than I really know what to do with, once I come close to being down I might start postin some up here but for now I expect you all to hang at the edge of your seatss. I’ve been listening to a lot of different stuff lately so that might kinda impact my style, for the most part its all Atmosphere and The Beatles, and some Satan-worshipping death metal that Kizz hooked me up with. So I guess I have a writing style its sorta dark angry and timeless :D.

My rooms “a big shittin mess” as my momma would say, haven’t been home to clean it, which is clean in itself. I wanna change my room around, fake people out so they think it’s bigger than it is, maybe take down some of these posters that I’ve had on my wall since middle school. It’d be nice to change a lotta stuff boot this house, I don’t like having a fat guy live upstairs, hearing the damn ceiling buckle every time he migrates to the crapper is something a little disconcerning. All I can do is retaliate with a cute little woofer and some beat to my bass..

So its February now, January was a pretty good month for NBHQ, about 15,000 different people visiting, a little over a million hits and about 70 gigs of data served and received which is a real assload. I was checkin out the stats, lookin at what words and phrases people type into search engines when NBHQ.NET is returned and heres what I came up with:

free animals xxx
free xxx stocking picks
animals fuckin xxx
why female barn owls wingspan bigger male barn owls wingspan
animal fuckers
grunge hats
spiderman tribal pics
i need to buy a house for me and my dogs
san mateo and brady
funny video bear and treadmill
mare s urine in lipstick
lush burger
funny gross shit
phobia of peanut butter sticking to the ruff of your mouth
fat girls in party hats
shit house babes
some very very very scary girls and boys

Now thats some crazy shit, and you guys, whoever is typin this stuff in…you some weird guys and gals thats all I gotta stay… 😛 Now im flippin exhausted, and I need to go hit my shower as hard as I can and dry off thouroughly afterward 😉 Oh by the way, last month posts, along with all the other posts every made can be found here, that is all..

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