Month: August 2004

Almost Up

Got a new box that’ll rock yer socks. Intel P4 3.0 Ghz 800FSB, 1MB L2 Cache, with the hyperthreading dealio, got a new board to go with it, new case. New lights and stuff, lookin pretty spiffy. G’damn it was a bitch and a half tryin to get the damn thing up, and now thats its semi-functional, it doe’s this thing where it restarts for no froogin reason, and its drivin my nuts batty to the point where I almost wanna bat my nuts, jus playin yall. But once I fix that (which you know I will cause im solid like that,) all will be flowin. I gotta lotta bitchin gifts this year, that I’m very thankful for. I’ll give ya a full statement when im all up and runnin.

And Don’t forget about the new layout that im workin on sorta… :P. Jus buy a shirt man.

Weak End

Nothing to say, everything to dream
whirls of bright, busting at the seams
all of an idea, half the wrong
once sung lyrics, twice the song

Can’t handle my wicked flow? Than ya betta check yaself birches. Thanks for wishing happy birthday, thanks for signing my guestbook, and thanks for puttin up with my lack of updates, which will change as soon as I get my computer back up. You may be victim to an onslaught of photos that I’ve takin in the past few weeks, or maybe I may find that all you victims may not be able to fully comprehend the bitchin-esse nature of our style. Guess ya gotta wait and find out…

Updates will come so soon baby…soo soon

I am BORN!

Its my birthday. I am still computerless, therefore you are still newsless, and in the dark, but jus to show you that im not totally dead and that I’m not bullplopping you about a new layout, heres a sneaky deak peek at the new layout keep in mind, I’m not even close to being half way done, and I could scratch that whole theme and go in a whole different direction. Anyway im off to din din.

Weak Sauce

I had a whole kickass post that was lookin pretty hot, anyway I’m done doing any typin on computer of my mutha, its a pile. Turns out my damn motherboard got a little too hot and bothered and decided to take up the bad habit of smoking. Go figure, so that renders me computerless for a week or so, hopin to get a new box in the near future anyway. Maybe its a good thing, oh and the new layout should be done by early September.

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