Month: August 2004

Bittles and Kits

I’m goin on vacation, its my birthday August 25th, i’ll be the only 16 year old guy at the whole school who hasn’t riddin on the “menstural cycle” I really hope this year will be different! Anywhoo, I’ll be back Thursday, hopefully Ruff and/or Pinky can fill in for me, but remember kids, I only I can fill these shoes with footmeat. Plus I’m ridin high on 14’s bia. So, try try try to keep it real. By the way I got a new layout in the works, keep blue skies in mind, and the thought of fella homies and G’ettes. For the sake of Allah, sign my guestbook, if you’ve already signed it, than sign it again bitch. To the affiliates that e-mailed me, I’ll have yas up as soon as I can, you can keep e-mailing me if you want, e-mails cool, but be forewarned, if your site blows a dog name chunks for nickels on the dime, than you probably know by now that your wasting your time. So please jus buy my shirt, and wear it to school, and when all the women are clawing at the logo, jus hit em upstyle and tell em how u roll, and whatchu claim…NBHQ bitch…NBHQ, cause none can do like NBH-Q. werd. dust. peace. bia.

This Post Has A Title

Gee golly gosh am I tired… I’ve been doin my triathalon workouts everyday which involves bikin like 16 miles, and I run about 4 miles right after, than I finish it off wiff some laps in the pool. I’m jus tryin to get my triathlete-ness on. Thats been my major haps lately. As for the minor haps, I joined up with my boys from Compton, also known as N.W.A. (Nicky With Attitude). We’ve been kickin it pretty hard up at C-Point and Eazy even let my polish his 10 and kick it wit his bitches, and Dre had up rollin down the street smokin endo, and sippin on gin and juice, we were hella laid back too. Yeh ya know I’ve also done my fair of chillin and gellin with some fellas and G’s from the Easy East Saheed, gerd times.

Yeh and good ol Eebs calls me up asks “Can I Kick it?” I reply “YES YA CAN.” He came by the other day, grilled up a big
hunka fish, I guess I forgot to mention that like most of my buds and buddettes, Eebs is a hellova gourmet chef, who, among “kicking it up a knotch” enjoys rockin the axe, and smokin the stacks, and that aint to brax bia. So anyway, Eebs papi had caught this sucker the day before, gave up a hellova fight, but once again man prevailed over fish, and Mr. Eebs actually snatched the bia out of the water by the fin. Awesome. Yeh so Eebs went to work on the fish outside while I made sure the couch still worked. Yeh so I duwanna talk anymore aboot fish, so heres the before and uh…I guess there no after cause we ate it took quick. Oh and all in the midst of things, I got bubbles in my hair.

So few days after that Eebs and I headed up to the city to pay our homage to the most kickass of streets ever, the Haight and Asbury, cause we wanted to buy stuff, cool stuff… I ended up buyin my girl a hat with that totally badass hibiscus flower on it, I bought myself a hat to wear naked around the house. So anyway, when all was said and done, I came home with all this. Yeah, Haight is the shit, hope to go again soon.

Had Pinky over yesterday, played a lil handball, and very little wiffleball, cause both of us enjoy hittin shit hard with our hands and wiffles, and Pinky always “did it like this, did it like that”, and he finally got a chance to do it with a wiffeball bat. Of course because he smokes about 14 cigs a day he had to be hooked up to his iron lung between innings, but he still had time to pose with MY pimp hat and all that crazy jive. So after our quick lil handball tourney or “intense physical workout” as Pinky put it, he decided to hop in the pool (video), he also thought the ground looked rather amusing or something it coulda jus been cause he was lightheaded from the lack of breathing. Anyway, he really tested his lungs when he tried to swim (video) the length of my pool underwater which is a feet that most four-legged mammals can accomplish, but failed misserably and barked at me to go grab him a pack of newports. And with that he concluded his poolside antics with a elegantly executed dousche twirl.

So today is a new day, and I’ve really done jack shit, I guess the sore is catchin up to me, cause I feel like lead, and my computer seems like its sick in the head. I think its time I take it out back and put it out of its misery, cause its gettin crazy. Monitor starts jigglin, text starts jiggin, and than my dad stopped shakin me…just kiddin. Seriously though its been goin haywire, tried to turn it on this mornin and the system bell made this long ass beep, the kind you hear the heart monitors make when someone flatlines, which could be a shatty omen. Had to work on it, reset the CMOS and BIOS, mess with CPU voltages, but thats the best part of wakin up. But of course I fixed it and that jus catapulted me into a rather sly mood, so I decided to do a lil outside prowling and break into my neighbors garage cause I coulda sworn I saw somma my preciously precious belongings in there but it turns out they’re still in West Virginia ;). Anyway, I actually unscrewed the little keyhole thing on the garage panel and jus rubbed the 2 wires together and SHAZAM, no open-sesame needed. Turns out they dint have any of my shit, so I jus pissed in the corner and went home.

Hope you all have been enjoyin the many updates I’ve been makin to the sections, I wanna beef up all the content as much as I can before school starts. Knaw mean? I’ve also got a new layout in mind for version 7. If you have any suggestions for me, be sure to comment otherwise its gonna be mostly blues and white. Oh oh oh, I almost forgot to mention that I made a new NBHQ Shirt cheaper than ever, (10 bucks), I am commanding everyone to buy one, cause the little profit I make will go to the “Make Brady Richer” foundation, anyway click here to check out the shirt. Please please please buy it, and tell me if you do.

One more thing before I go break into another garage; I’m currently looking for more sites to affiliate with so if your interested please go here and please sign my guestbook, and now I leave you with a little conversation I had with one of my Canadian buds:

P.S. check out the new SOC section and the askme section, oh and I didn’t really pee in my neighbors garage dipshits

Untitled 2: The Return

Haven’t done so much the last few days, my girls outta town again, which frees up a lotta time, I’ve been runnin and bikin everyday. Did I mention I’m plannin on bein a tri-athlete sooner than later so imma try to start that up. I worked a lot on the site today, click around to see what I’ve done, mostly jus design tweaks, I moved a lotta the bigger videos to a faster server.

Rick James died today, so I made this:

and heres that crazy Tyler:

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