Month: April 2004

We can play the guitar lika mutha fuckin riot

Lovin, is what I got meng. G’weekend, g’drives’ g’jammin, g’times mayonaiseeee. Eebs is a true pimp, tearin shit up at el promo, ( click here for pics of eebs crrraazzy night! ). So while Eebs cuttin rug in city hall in the latter hours of the eve, I’m freakin wiff mai magic makah. But its coo, she lets me do all the work. Har har har.

Met up Bobs and the Kizz last night, hit the humps lika billhilly wiffa belt, heard it was rainin soda cans offa el camino the other night, hmmm.. I was thorougly entrhalled by Kizz’z breaktaking vocal performance of “Enter Sandman”, in that nipple on wheels we call the Volkswagon Bug. G’shit though fellas. To Bobs: hope u dint get in too much trouble for snappin the tit offa the door man, if u need help puttin it back on, ill help ya.

Family came over for my zias birfday, went to a old school ice scream place cabuz my zia hazza sore toof. So this place, not only a badass joint for a bittle litta ice scream but a great place for the candy, the cool stuff, the shiz u wont find jus anywhere. Allison bought a buncha stuff, cool stuff. Yeah and I went upstairs to use the can and I saw that the whole friggin attic was chuck full wiff weird ass candy, boxes worth! Whoa nelly. Almost stole some bologna, remembered we had gummie gizzards at home.

Latest bitchin pic : here

On a darker note, my brotha dawkness closed deh book on his baby, and is lookin for a thick young lady to pull, he enjoy long walks from police, household appliances, and does enjoy slappin pizza around every so often. No joke ladies, heeza catch, message him on AIM: Gfunkt77, yessuh..

And fuckin CHILL!…and eat somma dese:

Ode to Eberto

So like I said before, or dint say, Ebert be spendin the weekend wiff yours truly. He can play the guitar lika mutha fuckin goose, had ourselves a solid jam session in the eve. G’times, hes gotta fresh look on the music scene, knows whats good (Pepper, Ben Harper, and the other guys), and what blows dogs for quarters (Dave Mathews).

Watched Kill Bill last night, that flick is crazy meng, start to finish..crazyness..Uma…crazy..Crazy how Eeb’s got more flicks on his computer than Kizz has gay jokes. (that 213)

Havent posted in a few days, not a whole lot on the haps, star testing all week, fuck muffins daily, ghetto ass school. Got too much shit to do this weekend, so I’ll prolly end up doing it all late Sunday. Thinkin bout makin a new layout again, kinda punk rawk influenced, kinda grunge, kinda different than anything I’ve put together before. If you guys want me to keep this blue sex for a while jus pinch offa comment for me.

So like I was sayin above, Pepper = the shit. Pepper – Back Home is one of the tunes that caught my ear (which is hard to do), ill put it on the radio asap. Till than you’ll jus hafta take my word for it.

Till than..keep on keepin:

Are u tired or lit?

Real real tired this morning, the kinda tired where your face slips off the desk because your face is floating in your own drool. People kept askin me if I was baked cause I kept having the dream where u fall offa cliff or sometin, and my leg would hella twitch and I wake up with my head near the floor and my teacher sticking 12 inches of ruler up my nosehole. Usually its all bueno to sleep a bittle lit in class when your compact and unnoticeable, but I was prolly snorin lika mutha. Anyhoo, did I mention this is the second time typing this gdam post…cause I accidently exit’d out of it :P.

And did I also mention star testing is lame..mucho lamo? Indizzle. But its not all bad, ya know the school thinks they can make up for exposing us to hours upon hours of excruciating mental anguish by decking the halls with bells and holly…and muffins and shit. (and by shit I mean more muffins). Anyway, one of those chics was like, “hey cracka ass, you want summa dis muffin right herr”? and I gave er one of those half asleep responces, “fuck muffins”

Still real tired..I wish powernapping was a sport, and I wish we could play doubles :D.

Razorblade Romance

Cruisin down the street in my ’64, jockin the bitches, slappin the hoes, I went 2 the park to get the scoop, with my mac 10, on the sida my hoop..spottin spottin the game runnin round left n right , its so groovin, its outta sight. Flow shoes dunna good eh? Werd..

Ya know whats re – god – damn – diculous? Stizzar testing, I don’t even like tests without stars, why do me and you hafta take this shinanigans? No good can come from this, less your the intellectually superior race. Just kidding, I got much love for the Asian Invasion! Alrighttt…

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