Month: April 2004

As Told By Stephan Romeyn

Why should we abide by these authorities?
When we could just as easily go ridin on our enemies
Adults waitin to see the change in me,
That change they be callin maturity,
They say I don’t have it because they see in me this fury,
That no one can tame not even a jury,
If I die at a age that’s early,
I promise ill bring the whole world with me
Even when I’m buried this fury will still be lurking

Brotha Cant Ball

How the hell can a dude like 4 inches shorter than me dunk of the g’damn school hoops?! I can’t barely touch rim! Not right…not right at all. Hers my artist rendition of what went down.

Nuff bout the ballin, hows bout he heatness? The hotness I mean, can’t even think meng, got my ass cookin in this chair, and in case u dint know, melted ass on leather doesn’t smell good. Heard its gonna be this hot and hotter the whole week. Yessir, I do lika lil toastyness to counteract the normal fogfest we got round these here parts but, this shizziz hot. And while everyones gettin all tan (and pink), im jus kinda…wull its a merger of freckles.

Wull imma getta icepack to stick on my ass, wull see what happends, till than, ‘member that transformers are more than what meets the eye:

Ring, Ring, Bling, Bling

Thats right ya little jerks, Brady’s gotta new phone. Pake a Teak at this bee-yoot, its pretty bitchin, gotta nice lil color screen, and its soooooo smallll (in relation to a giant hand). Miss Harbison had this reguarding the new mobile. Yep Yep, same number too. Yep yep…

Chillin in English, mindin my own buidness, than I hear some chuckles from Chuck, and some giggles from Stowe, I have no idea whats goin on so I jus bury my head in my binder so T-Money (teacher) is none the wiser. Anyhoo they keep on laughin even after this and im thinkin to myself “what the ass?” Look at my binder, and
BAMMM I got hosed tommy…:(

Collective Flow

So ya know Leo is the pimp shit, lovin it harder than Joe Joe loves his cake. We threw this together, all the good parts come from him, hes finally cuttin loose all the thinkin, and got a lil help from his buddy “drinkin.” Yessuh yessuh, rumble young meng rumble.

now the days have come and gone,
with u it seems like the time stands still.
but father time has passed on us,
passed and gone away
away like the songs of tommorow
gone with words of today
cold with the thought of now
Theo: hot with the tought of tommorow

I run shit in conditioning, we hadta run around some stuff, up some stuff, down some stuff, and fuckin stuffed the competition, after I lapped dem beeches. Yeh bia. Damn right im better than yours.

Got home did the nap thing again, lovin it. Very much so, rocks hard, jus like Pepper, Pepper dude..look em up. Than I hear some pink bird rappin at my chamber door, you’d think that’d be kinda freaky, chillin in the magic maker one sec, than lookin up at two beedy eyes in my window :P. But I knew it was only Pinky and nothing more, and his Lenore. Heres a pic I took of the pinkest pinkies.

Know what I noticed? If im listening to music on my computer and I have the oppurtunity to change the song at will, I do. For example, maybe I jus like the hook for “Metallica – And Justice for All,” I’ll jus listen to the first 38 seconds or whatever of it, and go to the next song. Its like musical ADD. Other than that, I think im in the same boat as Pinky with the whole opposite of ADD, sittin, doin the same shit for hours. mmm hmmm Jussa thought stupid.

And why the ass not:

and den:
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