Month: November 2004

“Ougtta Be Ashamed”

These were the words spat back at my bud Tom who I stood with at lunch with today to protest the presence of the Army at my school. Now listen im no treehugger or anything I jus don’t like these recruitment jerkoffs tryin to pull a fast one on my friends and haul em back to Iraq. I’m not down for that so I tucked my balls in and stand with oddball crowd that are opposed to the war and the army. Than there are the other guys, the guys and girls that spell “Loser” with a fuckin U that have their own Bush shrine outside their trailer, whatever. Fuck Bush. Im still for this guy.

So I got some pics back from safeway, some back my birthday party in August, and some were some homecoming the other night. Why jus look! Heres one of
Me and Ruff, and why heres another of Randy himself! Than heres some more of Me and Kelsie posing in front of her house before homecoming, heres one more.

Now jus to let you know about the site… I am aware the dropdown menu doesn’t work in all browsers, such as anything under Internet Explorer 6.0 and Netscape based browsers, this is because the iFrame that the news is loaded in blocks visibility. To correct this I have to implement a new dropdown script, which might take me a while to code. Unless someone can find me a crack / serial for DHTML Menu Builder v4.9.010 Retail it’s prolly gonna take me a few days. Besides that I plan on updating the babes section with at least 40 new womens, and I plan on rebuilding the Photographs section, the Radio is functional with a lot of new tracks but it looks like hell, I plan on fixing that too. So jus lemme work on those things and soon enough NBHQ will be goin strong.

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All I Know is Everything

First of all, its 9:27 PM and my momma jus made din din for herself, rice with something, fills this whole place with a fart-like aroma that tugs at each one of my nose hairs, damn thats vile and I’m not even the one who has to eat it. Second of all, my good companion Cahill got hisself a FOUR DAY SUSPENTION for getting caught changing his grade, my grade, and Shell Fish’s grade in our english class, me and Shell were careful not to divulge to anyone that Cahill did it, but he balled it out and confessed. Aint thatta bitch, I hope his parents don’t chew his ass too hard, cause he needs that ass for women fishing. Keep yer head up Kay-Hizz.

Did I mention I got my student ID card today, looks jus as normal as the other two but I think the flash scared my hair into a frantic state. Who knows… I can’t sleep, my mind keeps racing around and I think about everything too much, and I don’t mean that in a profound wannabe EMO way at all, I jus miss slumber. It’s like im theres a constant debate in my head and I’m contemplating the differently between logic and moral, and how to cope with hate and anger, and love and hugs. Either way not a single drop of drool has touched my pillow for some time now, and i miss waking up to the smell of my own oral secretions.

You notice how Jay-Z has been mixing his Black Album tunes with what seems to be every artist lately? Well there was the Grey Album where DJ Dangermouse mixed JAY-Z lyrics with Beatles tunes and that was bitchin as all get out. Than I see Jay himself bouncin around on a stage with Linkin Park and that was the shit to say the least, and now, which I’m sure almost no one knows about cept for me and Pinky theres the Double Black Album which is Jay-Z and Metallica, good god it’s awesome, I haven’t found a full download link yet but you can click here for a little audio sample, which is assloads better than nothing. Enjoy.

Come Closer
Design your own Superhero
My Superhero
Some weirdass…text
Star Wars Episode 3 Trailer ( For Pinky )
Buy one of my friend’s computers

Nod Your Head To This :

Down by the bay, where the watermelons grow, back to my home I dare not go is where I went with Kels yesterday. It was a pretty smashing marsh, Kelsie counted dead crabs while I sank into quicksand. Sugah was sure to take a buncha pics of the place, so I share some with you now : 12. Anyway, we played hunter, I won but got mud on my tootsies. She took a pic of my backside and one more of my sideside. Oh and did I mention I sank into quicksand?check out my monster tracks. By the way, theres nothin more romantic to a woman than slippin and glurpin around in a mudswamp next to our county’s landfill, jus look at the evidence, ya know she loved it.

So apparently my former best friend Russel Jones, also known as Ol Dirty Bastard, fell victim to an untimely death at the age of 35. The press said he jus up and dropped it like he was hot right in front of his home. We’ll miss ya Russ!

Oh and Scott Peterson…GUILTY BEEHATCH, no shit it only took the jury three shakes past the hip to come up with a verdict, ya blokes!

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Here it is

Heres the new layout, hope ya dig it.. I jus realized that the dropdown menu I have is shitty and I plan on implementing a new one as a first priority Oh and by the way you gotta refresh the site a buncha times to see all the cool shit that changes everytime you do like the banner and title of the page itself. In case you didn’t happen to know, you can refresh any web page by pressing “F5” on your keyboard.

Now to bring you all up to speed on the haps.. The homecoming dance was last night, and I went a pretty flippin hot babe. She looked good in the backseat, she looked great when she posed, she looked superb in mid-air, she would look good with a fox on a box I tell you what! So that was grid.

Anyway I gotta go to bed cause my lids are heavy but take your time exploring all the cool new little features on this new layout. Keep in mind that I rushed it last minute jus to get it online for you guys. So you can look forward to even more cool stuff coming soon, remember to refresh. And if you want your picture on the main banner or if you know of a better drop down script, please e-mail me at [email protected], thanks bitches.

P.S. Go give Dan a kind word, he jus broke up with his girl who he’d been with for more than 2 years, hes gotta be in rough shape.

P.P.S. Expect a juicy post tommorow filled with shit on ODB’s death, Scott Peterson, and possibly more celeb bosom? That seems to be what the masses cry for.

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