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A Fashion Forward New Years Eve 2009


Being the epitome of fucking fashion that I am, I decided to drastically up my level of chic to celebrate the eve of the new year in powerful style, and pushed the idea to the bro calvary to “follow suit”.  (eh?)  

And so, decked in our jacket/slacks combo we assembled at Mike’s spot for a meat eating good time or in Ally’s case, tasty veggie borger!  I did well to gain acquaintanceship with Sir Slug, the resident pug of the Klink pad.  I invite you to share the lol that I feel from looking at this wondrous image – here, we see the slug pug locked in epic gaze with Laura in what can only be described as rofflefull.  

The night wore on and the grains of 2008’s sand slipped away, we all did well to drain bottles of Fat Tire and I made more sausages disappear than a homosexual who has homosexual intercourse.  (noonprop8).  

A few more Fat Tires later I was getting awfully friendly with hoesafe, much like he was having a good go at my knee some months prior.  

After we were all sufficiently loaded up on animal bits and the average twenty-year olds  idea of premium booze we responsibly piled into the respective cars of sober drivers.  Reassembling at Courtney’s pad and evidently, ROLLIN’ FUCKIN DEEP SON.  

By this time, (11:00pm maybe?)  I was a bit passed standard sauciness and quickly approaching high school drunk.  If you’re wondering what this can look like on my face, allow me to present you with the following photo evidence : Exhibit A, Exhibit B, & Exhibit C. 

As many can atest to I am not a violent dude, nor am I typically overly confrontational and even when I’ve been hittin the medicine hard I like to think I do alright to not be “that guy.”  What I’m getting at is I pick people up.  Always.  All the time.  Always. Kelsey, who looks to be drinking what can only be green bean juice, I picked her up.  Jenny, picked her up twice, possibly relocating a hair or two of hers onto Courtney’s kitchen ceiling.  As for my lovely ass girlfriend…well, this aint that kinda website.  This, I had nothing to fucking do with.  

Cute-as-a-button girls are not the only potential prey, hoesafe got some manlove from yours truly too.  He didn’t like that.  Not.  One. Bit.  And the rest of the night he hid.  

Happy New Year – here’s the rest of the pics.