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Come Friday

A week is has been…STAR testing, means bubbling for all, and muffins for some… As for myself, when in doubt I went with “C” and felt that the PTA let us down in the muffin department. For shame PTA…for shame…Bring back the chocolate ones, thems were the shit, and get those lousy “air-tasting” ones outta my sight. One numb ass, 145 minutes, and 14,000 or so bubbles later we get to go outside, grab sommore air muffins and come back in to my (still warm) chair.

In other news, my dog is real fat but she makes up for it in personality. This image is real crazy cause it depicts my rapid transformation from human being to E.T. perhaps it could be interpreted as an age progression thing, YOU TELL ME! As I type this, my very favorite tiki reminds me that there is homework to be done… There is yak on my phone but I’ll be sure to clean it before it is put to very good use ;). I’m reading super cool computer books again so that I can achieve the title of grandmaster in our D&D circle and more realistically get my A+ certification this summer so I can work the register at Micky Dees more efficiently.

As you can plainly see, there really aint much good goin on in the hood, nothin bad either, as always Friday will most definately kick a well portioned amount of ass, and this highly anticipated assload will most likely carry over into the weekend. Than maybe I can take sommore damn shots and film sommore crazy S.O.B’s eatin bugs and shit, get this damn thing kickin again.

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Ring, Ring, Bling, Bling

Thats right ya little jerks, Brady’s gotta new phone. Pake a Teak at this bee-yoot, its pretty bitchin, gotta nice lil color screen, and its soooooo smallll (in relation to a giant hand). Miss Harbison had this reguarding the new mobile. Yep Yep, same number too. Yep yep…

Chillin in English, mindin my own buidness, than I hear some chuckles from Chuck, and some giggles from Stowe, I have no idea whats goin on so I jus bury my head in my binder so T-Money (teacher) is none the wiser. Anyhoo they keep on laughin even after this and im thinkin to myself “what the ass?” Look at my binder, and
BAMMM I got hosed tommy…:(