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Eeb’s “Relatively Small” Social Gathering

Eebs and I let our testicular fortitude overwhelm logical thought last night when we decided that it would be a night of good times, good people, and cheap beer. It’s a tid difficult to recollect all of last nights happenings, but with the help of incriminating photographical aide I will certainly try for yas. At first it was jus Pinky, Eebs, and I cleanin up shop so we could better accommodate the “relatively small” amount of guests. A fire was lit so feet could be kept toasty, Derek’s services were called upon cause we needed a full-bodied cranium to wipe down the counter with. The Pinkster and I may have gotten a little headstart on the whole beverage race but I could guarantee this little lady right here was in a close second. Jack and Jill made it up the hill and blessed us all with a visit, and even laid some shit down on the ol pong table. Meanwhile, Eebs and Kelly were inside lookin at baby Eebies in ol photo books I’m guessin, but the cool people stayed in el garage. In case you didn’t know, Kairon has a new life partner who gives out supreme neck massages, but has little endurance and tends to take frequent breatheres in lawn chairs (notice his eyes haha). Myself on the other hand loaded up on ginseng and wheatgrass before I arrived so I was wired like a…knot..factory and was takin pics with all kindsa celebrity peeps! I got one with Jessica Biel, Cinderella, Ashlee Simpson, Lindsay Lohan, and even Brad Pitt! Needless to say, I was having a very good time and owe several thanks to my good buddy and our fearless host Eebs himself. Yeh and as I stated earlier Emily was pretty effin effed up, the atmosphere was rather romantic at the foot of the staircase and I was fortunate enough to witness the sacred female on female bonding ritual followed by some explicit nude tongue in cheek sloppy girl on girl action LIVE XXX (NOTE: not for the squeamish or faint of heart) Pinky even peaked his pink little head through the door to spectate such a sacred event, and I made this crazy ass chin face. Oh and did I mention Sum Yung Fuk spilled his/her beer on Matty’s exquisitely tasteful rug, that’s a definate party foul if I do say so myself (and I do). And so the night wore on, ninjas were dropping left and right, I went into chillax mode after the effects of my ginseng and wheatgrass were overwhelmed by the euphoric forces of the aged oats and barley set in. Soon enough the sun was about to come up again and only four of us remained, and so fifty-two cards were brought out and kings was played. Eebs pondered while Ash’ms eyes wandered all the while everything kinda looked like this

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Aint Nothin But a Gangsta Pawwwtyyy

Holy moly a hellova time was had last night too bad Matt Ebert was in D.C. shakin hands with the prez or something…misssinnn outtt bro. Luckily my boys Kai and Jojo could attend so my ride was kind enough to pick those guys up. Of course the dog was ridin along but JoJo dint seem to mind. Got to Kelly’s, she ice cream and other tasty treats waiting, Colleen was doing her homework and no one else was there yet so we drove over to our place for me to buy the bizooze, 3 bags and fitty dollas later we were back and the things were getting warmmm. Em and Ash showed their fancy faces, Ryder was in la casa Rob musta drank a bottle of sav before he came over because he was reakkinggg of it, my boy doug showed and even my cousin Colin came and he was packin heat too as you can tell..Maybe I forgot to mention some people…or a lotta people but hey wha ya gonna do? Hugs were givin out for free while others were charged. No fights, jus some “my man aintcho babies daddy” between Em and Ash hard for me to regulate anything or summon my bouncer powers only because gravity seemed to be kickin my ass..and after that sippa paradise things jus started to get a lil trippy and from there it was all flashes and poses. Good times though, Kelly knows how to lay it down thanks for another action packed eve girl.

So I joined up at the YMCA the other day, kinda shabby but the weights are heavy enough and the price is right. Lotta naked saggy ass in the locker room and the aisles are narrow, you do the math..I’m keepin my boxers on, my junk heavily guraded, those smirks better not be for me…The whole place kinda smells funny, maybe its old guy sweat or maybe it’s young guy sweat, either way its pretty haggard.. Nice to workout somewhere besides the school though although they’re about the same in terms of everything, cept the weight room at school smells more like dust than geiser/youngster sweat.

Check this thing out that Kai put together in his calculus class. Pretty attractive if I do say so myself hes got the talent, hes got notion hes got what it takes to satisfy every emoootionnn hes the sneaky little ninja that cuts num chucks your mind, hes got style hes got grace and hes also very kind.

So as for the site, I’ve been promisin and deliverin a little, hopefully that will change soon, but maybe it won’t, seems like all the biggie sites that were around when I started the game and downsizing and goin the way of the blog, don’t know whether to stand strong or cave lika lilll bitchhh..Either way imma try to stay above the rest and deliver what I got better than anybody else, till than, you gotta go sign my guestbook

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Punk In Drublic

Smornin I woke up stinkin cause I was out last night drinkin, with my boys and girls rockin the strings with Matt, two 40z later and the sound was soundin fat. Eebs picked me up, and we got Kairon and JoJo in the mix too. Hit up the bungalo to buy drink, me and Eebs put on our game faces and tried to act of age, came out with 6 40z and one of these for me. Miss zimmerman arrived when we did at Kelly’s pad. Oh and did I mention we brought our guitars and quickly got to rockin, was different having such a large female audience, oh and the spread was exquisite, thanks for a good time Kelly and Co.

Sorry this is a really short post :P, drop me a comment like it’s hot, ( but we both know its not )

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The Haps You Ask?

Party at Megs last night, was well, powerful well till the coppers came and sent us runnin. Meg is a true player, this I know for a fact, deciding to never let Leo hit me witha pillow again…thassa pact baby. Saw some old faces and even Jamie showed up! Boy howdy! Than I came home. Leo / Usher spent the night, and we went to his gym in the mornin, had ourselves a time with his personal trainer.

Missin that Sugah girl, ill tell ya that right now. I got lonely during the night and the sleeping Theo seemed like a satisfactory piece of ass, look what I did to him. Its ok, we made up after we made out. Jus playin yall. The ginourmous gaping hole in his boxers is 100% real though. Leo went home to tend to his wounded undies, and I bid him farewell.

Oh my mom had surgery on her hand and now it looks like this.

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