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Scotty Dont!

Live no more that is, as the jury voted that he be be put to death on the 17th I believe. Take a look at the crowds reaction! I don’t know man, what would you do if you were on that jury? I’d shoot for the life sentence, cause a lifetime of guilt jus seems just for sucha horrific crime. But I cause the death penalty is kinda like the fast lane version of the life sentence. Whatever meng, I wouldn’t be laughin if I were the guy, thats fer damn sher:

Heres a log of me and Pinky commentating over the issue at hand:
[22:26] Stephan: why in fucks name is he smiling
[22:26] KING nicky KID: seriously
[22:26] KING nicky KID: fuckin asshole
[22:27] Stephan: dude
[22:27] Stephan: the last time cali killed somone was in 78
[22:27] Stephan: death now is just like lif
[22:28] Stephan: sept for less privliges in the prison
[22:28] KING nicky KID: i think life in prison would be way worse
[22:28] KING nicky KID: fuckin
[22:28] KING nicky KID: scottys asshole would be in constand danger
[22:28] KING nicky KID: cause
[22:28] KING nicky KID: hes the asshole who killed a god damn fetu
[22:28] KING nicky KID: s
[22:28] KING nicky KID: with malice intentions
[22:28] KING nicky KID: abortion is diff
[22:28] KING nicky KID: cause
[22:28] KING nicky KID: theree gods
[22:28] KING nicky KID: seriously
[22:28] KING nicky KID: if i get rich
[22:28] KING nicky KID: imma donate to planned parenthood
[22:29] KING nicky KID: but not that much
[22:29] KING nicky KID: cause ill be greedy
[22:29] KING nicky KID: and rich
[22:29] Stephan: yes
[22:29] Stephan: yes you will
[22:30] Stephan: but dude
[22:30] Stephan: the deatth penalty is just like life in prison
[22:31] Stephan: well actually i think life would be worse
[22:31] Stephan: because hed be a bit free-er in the prison
[22:31] Stephan: so it woul dbe like running backwords throw a corn field
[22:31] KING nicky KID: 😛
[22:31] KING nicky KID: that’s a shitty life
[22:32] Stephan: i still think the gaurds will like
[22:32] Stephan: have like little 15 minute “go for it” sessions
[22:32] Stephan: get as many dongs in as possible in fifteen minutes
[22:32] Stephan: lol
[22:32] Stephan: and no one will care if he complains
[22:33] KING nicky KID: oh god that’s gross
[22:33] Stephan: lol
[22:33] Stephan: very possible thoguh
[22:33] KING nicky KID: ey
[22:33] KING nicky KID: imma post this online
[22:33] KING nicky KID: lol

Well Kairon drew that for me about a week ago and I had misplaced it until now, I think it’s pretty straight to tell you the truth, kinda reminds me of Batman.

That’s all I have to say, heres a couple of links:

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Bada Bing

Tremendous is my word of the day, my dad was late pickin me up to go runnin which was cool cause I got squeeze in a few more hours of zees. You can click here to check out the pics of the run. We went pretty close to home behind a bunch of hotels and across from an airport. Ran through the ruins of an old drive in movie theatre and across this bridge. Nice run.

On the way back from our run, my pop’s belly tank was runnin on empty and he had to stop at jack in the crack for nourishment, funny thing was how he paid for it. So while he was buyin his .99 crap sammiches, I was next door at the ol donuts and chinee food place countin my pennies for a cuppa coffee in the mean streets of downtown mateo. Anyway this is my expression after tasting that coffee, up until today I didn’t know you could brew ass. Whatever man I still got my nuts.

So remember how I said my computer crapped out last night? Yeh well it din’t talk me long to figure out that the power supply was to blame so I got over to Fry’s and picked up a flippin sweet 430 watt replacement, with dual fans and all that crazy jazz. Got the job done and I’m back online aren’t I?

Well since this week is gonna be dead week, I’m not plannin on doin much aside from makin time for my girl cause she’s gonna be spendin her christmas with her family in West Virginia so I’ll be sugahless this Christmas. Anyway, I’m hot and stinky so imma hit the shower, go and sign my flippin guestbook!

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Thorn in my Hoof

I no longer like my computer, I am tempted to sell it and start on a new one. This box that I got has been nothing but trouble, I’m beginning to adopt Pinky’s theory that all electronics are haunted. I don’t know what the hell is this things problem, a faulty power supply? A CPU that jus doesn’t have the cache to push on? I don’t know and I don’t care, this thing is goin on craigslist as soon as possible, right on time for X-Mas so I can milk all the money out of some new kid on the block lookin for a suitable specimen to play his games on. Whatever, I don’t need all this power, all these lil LED’s, there bliding anyway. My anger comes from an event that took place only a handful of minutes ago when I was workin on a project on womens’ rights, ya know, getting in touch with my feminine side when *BLINK* The sonofabitch shuts off. Notta reboot, ohhhh no, that would be too predictable, instead the thing blatently spreads both cheeks and pinches my face with em. So what the hell am I supposed to do about it? I can only press the damn power button sixy jergin times! So how bout I flip the actual power supply switch off and than back on? Hmmm? Well that did the trick and I was back online thank god for that stupid bastard of a paper clip for saving my work without me control essing him. 10 minutes later, before I could put a period to my sentence, *BLINK*…

Well I got a
today, I think it looks stupid and short, like the guy from that show. I don’t know why im sucha hoe when it comes to my hair and I don’t know why my mom gives a goose aboot it. It was jus startin to grow on me again ( bow to my pun ) and than I gotta go and get it all cut up. Good thing I grow lika damn chia pet.

Oh and also, christmas is here, and it got sap all over my hands! Thats right ya little jerks, I got my very own Christmas tree. Ya see, for years my mom has been goin to the same lot right nexta Ross and Rite Aid n stuff, and every year the same pack of Tongans/Samoan gentlemen run it and think my mom is where it’s at. Now I’m never with her when she does this, but myth has it that she works the charm on these pacific islanders and slips a fat twenty in their sarongs or what not and with one swift contraction of their massive forearms and calfs we gotta tree in our minivan. And that kiddies is how momma claus brings Saint Nick christmas!

Aside from a tree my momma bought me 3 days worth of food, and wow I do enjoy my bite sized miniwheat. I also do enjoy this very much:

I’m Rich Bitch

Remember that video game survey I told you all about yesterday? Well today was the today it was to go down, so my dad and I hopped on BART and tardily locomoted into the heart of the city, keep in mind there was about 30 or 7 stops on the way, but not one interupted my sleep and when I did wake up my dad took this wicked awesome pic of our reflection. Oh and I took this pic with a nice statue. So anyway I got there, and headed 15 stories up into the conference room where I signed in and got my own cute little name tag I could stick on my kashmir turtleneck. There were a buncha dudes sitting around, a mixed bunch to say the least, big nerds little nerds, red nerds, blue nerds, all these nerds shared the desire to get home as soon as possible and unpause their Halo game. I had different interests, while everyone, and I do mean everyone was busy playin video games on their cell phones, I was stuffin my pockets full of pens, the nice black ballpoint ones. Oh and did I mention there were sandwiches? Lots and lots of sandwiches, nice ones, with bread. I ate the sandwiches, I even ate the eggplant one, I had never had eggplant, the eggplant was good, so were the sandwiches, as was the bread. So all the while, everyone was too damn shy to get up and grab a sammich so I was pretty much cleanin house. Yeh my only rival was this mom who came in, a real meat-eaters delight, this big momma had to of had optimal towing capacity, I mean she was heavy. Anyway she was breathin lika uhh…something that exhales more than it would inhale, anyway, no one was sayin anythin till I mouthed “Darth Vader” and that finally gotta rise outta those game heads.

So by that time the people were ushering us inside the table so we could get the show on the road. One by one these guys were promenading into the room, bein read off from a list, than the lady stopped callin names and shut the door, there were still about five of us outside the door. Than she says how they have more than enough people so she paid us and I split. How you like that? A hundred bucks for eating sandwiches and crackin jokes about Lard Vader! Notta bad gig.

I got downstairs in the lobby, suspiciouslly loitered around a bit, made the security guys sweat a little bit. They kept eyein me as if I had an invisible turbin on that only they could see. One of em asked me if I needed help, and I said no. Keep in mind I wasn’t tryin to give these guys trouble or anything. So I was about to reach into my jacket pocket to grab my phone and I sware one of made this frantic leap toward me shakin his head and lookin around, and said “Oh sorry, we can’t be too careful.” In some ways I felt thankful that the fine city of San Francisco was able to protect and serve me, but than again I also felt a little wet from the piss that was soppin up my socks.

My pops and I ventured up the street, and up what seemed like every street in the rain, past the lit buildings, past the “pain” sign all the way to a resturaunt called the “Stinking Rose” which, as all Italians know is a euphamism for the almightly “Garlic.” The cool thing about this place is that they make everything with an Italian-load of garlic, garlic bread, garlic chicken, garlic garlic, and I sware to allah they had garlic ice cream, no joke. They had cool chandaleers that were different at every table, and big gypsy mirrors. The food was good, but I knew by the time I got home I’d be sittin on “The Stinky Toilet.” My heart is gonna burn baby.

Got back to the BART station about 8, felt way later, my dad snapped shots of me reading and other stuff, you can see the whole series by Clicking Here

So that was my day, and now I’m 100 bucks richer, I might spend some on a new host so keep checkin in and tell me if you notice a faster, more spacious NBHQ.

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