Month: October 2004

Fixer Upper

Greets and skeets to my followers, I need you now more than ever to aide me in this time of dilemna…What to do about this layout? I’m starting to despise this layout, and I was wonderin if you guys do too. Some feedback would be nice, so if you have an opinion, jus drop me a comment.

Anyway while your deliberating feast your eyes on some crazy/funny shit:

A Day At School ( Third Person)

A killer awoke before dawn…he put his boots on. He readied himself for the day that lay ahead, and thought of the woman that would take him there. He spent little time asessing himself, and more on rinsing the dreams from his eyes that still remained from his recent slumber. And before the last speck of sleep was purged from his hanging lids he was swiftly carried away. He arrived at his place of education early, giving him just enough time to congregate with a fellow midnight vulture. And with that, the bell tolled once again for him, giving him just enough time to lock lips with his lady. His classes could only occupy his mind so much, and for so long, it wasn’t minutes before he had brandished his camera and began snapping at will, capturing the wind dominator in action, Adam continuing to do the do, and his Comrade Cahill acting a fool.

His daily routine was thrown off during the third period, when the drill sirens wailed, rattling the bones of the school’s skeleton, normally he had no quarell with the fire drill, in fact, he was normally a known endorser of such an event, however on this day it was interupting the pot luck that was supposed to take place during the third period. He had organized the event with his friend and companion Jeff. Either way the firedrill drew more of a turnout anyway, but than again, he and his retinue had far more tasty treats, not to mention P-shaped pretzels. He comforted himself in knowing that his classroom was the only one equipped with more than ten top of the line Windows 3.1 terminals, ten more than any other classroom in the district. However, his room was although thought to be haunted by the ghost of Adam Erlich.

Lunch couldn’t have come sooner for him, he had been jonesn to talk to some more of his companions, like the Infamous Dallas, the X-Factor Chugging Jon, and the Protein – stained Brett. He was unable to take a picture of his left hand chica Shell Fish because she had gone into hiding seconds prior, such a concept still remainds baffling to some

Cough Please

Got to go home early yessaday to get my annual physical, I know I’m not doin any sports this year, but hey ese, gotta keep up with the tune-ups eh? And who am I to pass up a prime ball feel from my soft-handed pediatrician. So I got home at about noon, right before everyone was in a mad dash to fill their noodle bins to the brim with hot wahwah, I was comfortably munching on my nuts before I went to my appointment, in fact I musta had myself one Shaq sized nut load, but boy do they stay with ya. So my physical was already, got all weighed and measured, the lady that did it musta been half-dumbassanese or somethin cause she marked me as 6’1 and 147, so they had to do it like three times, turns out im about 6’4″ 187 el bees bia. 20/15 vision, shitty/shitty hearing, disease-free, bitchin blood pressure, and I have a “cafe loe” on my right testicle, I kid you not. I might be spelling it wrong, but its pronounced “caff-ay-oh-lay” its like a freckle on my sack, and it sounds like something you order with extra whip. Gotta love my Irishness…

Well I had a wonderful weekend, went to Meg’s the other night, she made me spaghetti and let me drink all the milk I wanted, I returned the favor by makin her and the crew an artificially sweetend blended beverage, we all enjoyed it on her waterbed, while we watched one of Matt’s brilliantly colored national geographic tapes, whatta night, and my ladies even had time to pose in the middle of everything! Howza boot that?

Moving on to an entirely different topic, how bout politics? Kerry? Bush? Nader? Mike Ebert? This race seems to be aimed more toward actually getting possible voters out and to the polls, now keep in mind this is coming from a sixteen year-old slacker/highschool student who doesn’t really follow politics so much. Anyway I believe if either major canidate hopes to get any kind of following, they need to shift their focus more toward the younger voters, my generation, and what better way to appeal to the youngins than tigolebitties??

Yeah I got those pics over at CH, hope they don’t sue me :D. Anyway, heres some pics for your enjoyment:

That guy reminds me of my dad.

Dude in a scaryass MJ Halloween mask

Not sure, but she looks like she might be related to me.